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Tory Lanez Mother: Who Is Luella Peterson? Her Age, Job

Meet Luella Peterson, mother of Tory Lanez. In 2022, when he was on trial for the 2020 shooting, his dad and his stepmom were with him. However, his mother was nowhere to be found. So, where is she? Is she still alive? What job did she do?

These are some of the questions we’ll be answering below in this piece. So, tag along and learn more about Tory Lanez’s mother Luella.

Meet Luella Peterson, Tory Lanez Mother

Tory Lanez is one of six children born to Luella Peterson and her husband Sonstar Peterson. He was very close to his mom and spoke about her on various occasions. He shared that losing his mom so early caused him to become a problem child. In his interview, he also noted how he channeled his emotions into music.

In addition to Tory, the other child of Luella is Destiny Peterson who is also a singer her husband named her seven names “Destiny, Melech, Liberty, Candace, Makedah, Cassia, and Sarah”. Her oldest daughter is likely Zoe Peterson Owi and then followed by her son Y’Shua Elijah.

There are also other two boys who go by the name (Yoko Gold, H.W. Sos,) one of whom is Wolfgang Gatsbyan Peterson.

In 2022, the jury found Tory guilty of all three charges in the 2020 shooting of rapper Megan Thee Stallion. While his dad and his stepmother were with him throughout the session, the ruckus his family caused turned the heads of his fans toward his family members.

Is Luella Peterson Still Alive?

No, Luella Peterson passed away a while back. The cause of her death is reportedly anemia. During an interview with Power 95.3, Tory spoke about his mom as he said, “She had anemia and basically you know it caused her to get another disease that like only like 4 out of 1 million get a year.”

He added, “It’s like a very rare disease that doesn’t happen to everybody.”

“when she died I basically just kind of became like a problem child. I had mad problems at home, I was in school getting suspended, I got I have like a hundred and something suspensions on my record,” Tory continued. “I’ve been expelled from every school from sixth grade up until I dropped out at like 11. I’ve been expelled from everything. They sent me alternative schools, boot camps, boarding school, they sent me upstate.”

Tory was reportedly 11 years old when his mom died. In 2016, he spoke to Guardian and shared about his mother in the interview.

“My mom died when I was 11 years old,” Tory shared in the midst of promoting his album in Chicago. “At the time I was being very bad because I didn’t know how to express myself. Music gave me an outlet to express myself and channel that anger.”

Was Luella Peterson Still Married To Tory Lanez’s Father?

Luella Peterson was married to Tory Lanez’s dad Sonstar Peterson till her death. After that Sonstar married secretly without telling his siblings.

One by one, they all left the family because they didn’t get along with their stepmother, leaving only Lanez, his father, and his stepmother. In addition, Lanez’s relationship with his stepmother was tense, which caused him to move around a lot and effectively become homeless.

Sonstar married his wife Wonder Peterson on 26 June 2011. In the lengthy post from 2019, Sonstar shared about his marriage by writing, “In January 2011 we were introduced. You were in Kenya Africa and me in Canada North America. Our first conversation began with hello, and 8 hrs later we said, “let’s talk tomorrow and that lasted 6hrs. It was that day I knew for sure that I would marry you. 3 months later I flew to Nairobi to meet your family. I have never forgotten what your mom said. “My daughter has a kind and beautiful heart. She continues to be soooooo right. 3 months after that your father and mother gave me your hand in marriage. 6 months from the day we met. When it’s right, it’s just right.”

He added, “Today is my birthday and our 8th anniversary. My birthday always serves to remind me how much God loves and favors me. He gave me his best; my “One in a Million You.” I will always love you, honor you, and cherish you. fight with you and for you, and protect you from the cold and the rain.”

Sonstar and Wonder share two children together: a daughter named Teyhani and a son named Seraphim.

Luella Peterson Age At The Time Of Her Death

Luella Peterson was likely in her 40s when she passed away circa 2003. But every year she celebrated her birthday on 28 September.

Luella Peterson Job

There is no information related to Luella Peterson’s job and what she did for a living when she was alive. But, being a mother of six children, she was likely a stay-at-home mom.

Related FAQs

  • What Was Luella Peterson Nationality?

Luella Peterson was born on Dutch-Carribean island Curaçao. She later immigrated to Canada where she met her husband.

  • Was Luella Peterson On Instagram?

No, Luella Peterson was never on any social media.

  • What Was Luella Peterson Maiden Name?

The maiden name of Luella Peterson isn’t public yet.

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