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Trent Johnston Parents: Pete And Mary Alice Johnston

Meet Pete and Mary Alice Johnston, the parents of TLC’s reality star Trent Johnston. Learn about them in detail as this article proceeds.

Scroll down to learn more as it attempts to cover it all.

7 Little Johnstons: Who Are Trent Johnston Parents?

7 Little Johnstons star Trent Johnston is the son of Peter Johnston and Mary Alice Johnston. On Peter and Mary’s anniversary in December 2022, Heidi wished his parents: “On this day 49 years ago these two love birds tied the knot!!  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Mom & Dad!🕊.”

Trent was born on 17 March 1976 and he is 47 years old. Star of TLC’s hit show Seven Little Johnstons, the show follows patriarch Trent Johnston, his wife Amber, and their five children: two biological (Jonah, Elizabeth),  and (Anna, Alex, and Emma) are adopted.

Anna’s from Russia, Alex is from South Korea, and Emma is from China. Amber, Trent, and their five children all have achondroplasia.

“Our family was created not only by birth but also by adoption,” Amber shared in a video with TLC. “And Trent and I are extremely proud of that.” In the same clip, Trent explained that there were “many complications” when it came to Jonah’s birth, and giving birth as a person with dwarfism comes with higher risks.

“Then we had Elizabeth,” Trent continued. “And when Amber delivered Elizabeth, Elizabeth was a very big girl, and it took quite a toll on Amber’s body.” He then said that Amber had a 25% chance of having a child who would die at birth. “Twenty-five percent chance of your child not surviving? That’s very big to us.”

Jonah and Elizabeth Johnston will appear frequently in Season 13 of 7 Little Johnstons. The oldest child of Amber and Trent Johnston, Jonah had trouble adjusting to life at home. When Jonah was 21 years old, he started dating Ashley, who the Johnston parents didn’t like. They also provided him with a deadline for leaving their house.

Distractify claims that Jonah previously experienced a health concern brought on by Delta 8. Jonah seems to be doing well in 2023. Jonah is seen clutching a diploma for passing finance manager training in March 2023 on the official 7 Little Johnstons Instagram feed.

Elizabeth, who is well-known for her connection with Brice Bolden, chose to go to nursing school after graduating from high school. Elizabeth and Brice began dating in 2019. Together with her sister Anna, she left Trent and Amber’s house in 2020. Elizabeth has over 350,000 followers on Instagram and is highly active there.

Meet Pete Johnston, Trent Johnston Dad

Trent Johnston’s father is named Pete “Poppy” Johnson. He posted pictures of his father on his 88th birthday on his IG in September 2022.

Trent wrote, “This legend is 88 today!! #ourpoppy @trentjohnston7lj.” Fans of the shows also wished Poppy his birthday. One fan from the UK commented, “Well he’s the youngest-looking 88 I’ve ever seen. Good for him. May you get many more years together? I lost mine when I was 32 along with my mum at 34. So treasure them, Trent. Love from me in the U.K. 😘❤”

Trent had planned a party at his house for Father’s Day and had made arrangements for a car service to pick up and transport his parents there. The exclusive clip, however, indicates that they were unable to make it.

Trent phones his sister Heidi after not hearing from the car service regarding their arrival and regrettably discovers that they are not arriving. Poppy now uses a wheelchair and is dependent on Trent’s mother to get him dressed and ready for the day because his health has gotten worse over the years.

Trent talks about how hard it is for his dad to get around these days and tells the camera, “We don’t know how many more Father’s Days we’re gonna get with my dad, and it’s too much of a struggle.”

He goes on to say, “It’s too hard on him when we go get him and try to get him out of his wheelchair and put him in the car, then load the wheelchair. We only live about an hour away from them, but over the years, it’s gotten harder and harder for my dad to travel and to get around.”

Meet Mary Alice Johnston, Trent Johnston Mom

Mary Alice Maddox Johnston is the mom of Trent Johnston. She reached age 77 in August 2022.

Mary attended and graduated from George Washington High in 1964. She was a former Paraprofessional at Henry County Schools. In May 2010, Heidi shared on her Facebook that they were celebrating their mom’s retirement after 28 years of working at Henry County School System at Fairview Elementary.

Related FAQs

  • Are Trent Johnston Parents Still Married?

Yes, Trent Johnston’s parents are still married. They have been married for more than 49 years as of 2023.

  • How Many Kids Do Trent Johnston Parents Have?

Peter and Mary Johnston have two kids altogether. The other child is Trent’s sister Heidi.

  • Where Do Trent Johnston Parents Reside?

Trent Johnston’s parents reside in Ellenwood, Georgia.

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