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Trevor Colhoun Bio, Net Worth, Family, Age, Meghan King

Meghan King dated Trevor Colhoun after her split from President Biden’s nephew, Cuffe Biden Owens. And her new boyfriend wasn’t any less well-heeled than her previous one. Infact, given that Trevor’s an heir to the John Deere tractor fortune, he might even be richer.

So, what’s Meghan’s new boyfriend’s net worth? And who is his family? Find answers as this Trevor Colhoun Bio proceeds. 

Meet Trevor Colhoun, Meghan King Boyfriend

Trevor Colhoun first met Meghan King the old-fashioned way — through mutual friends. But it wasn’t until April 2022 that the two officially started dating each other. It was also right around the time Meghan revealed that her short-lived marriage to Cuffe Biden Owens was set to be annulled.

For those who don’t know, the Real Housewives of Orange County alum and President Biden’s nephew split just two months after tying the knot in December 2021. After the separation, Meghan shared that her matrimony with Owens resembled an arranged marriage.

“He said all the right things and the families were a good, good fit,” the star said before adding, “And he seemed to grow up similarly to me and it was almost like an arranged marriage. I felt like, except we chose one another.”

But this wasn’t Meghan’s first marriage to be annulled, nor her second. Yes, the star has been married thrice!

Previously, she was married to Jim Edmonds, a retired baseball player, in October 2014. The duo was explicit on RHOC and fans even watched the two go through IVF to welcome their daughter, Aspen. Sadly, in June 2019, Jim allegedly cheated on Meghan and the duo broke off after sharing three children — Aspen, Hayes, and Hart.

As for Meghan’s first marriage, she was married to Brad McDill. However, the star doesn’t count her first marriage as her “first.” She claimed she was only 22 then. “So I feel like that one didn’t count, you know, that was like a practice,” she explained.

Trevor Colhoun Ex-Wife

Trevor Colhoun married his ex-wife Cecile Villere back in 2008.

Fast-forward to October 2021, the two then filed for divorce which was finalized in April 2022, after the second filing in March.

As for their kids, the duo shares two — Trevor Colhoun Jr and Blaise Colhoun.

Talking about Trevor’s ex-wife, Cecile is a Southern Methodist University graduate who lived in her hometown  New Orleans, Louisiana. She turned 40 in November 2021 and was in a relationship with Biggs Powell then.

Here’s her FB @cececolhoun and Twitter @verucasalted.

Trevor Colhoun Job

Trevor is the CEO and co-founder of Trusted Provider Network, a professional networking tool specifically designed for licensed clinicians and vetted treatment providers to confidently navigate patient behavioral health.

Also, as of 2022, he was a managing partner of Humilis Holdings (since Jan 2007), a board director of StorCentric (since August 2018), a board member of Saros LLC (since September 2016), and a managing member of Humilis Holdings Capital Management Company LLC (ever since June 2008).

Besides that, he worked as a board member at Salon Media Group, Inc. for almost 4 years, as an executive chairman at Nexsan for almost 2 years, and the vice president at Piper Jaffray for 4 years.

In 2013, Trevor also went on to become the co-founder and managing partner of Spear Point Capital Management LLC. But he withdrew 5 ½ years later.

Overall, Trevor’s jobs and investments revolve around restructurings and turnarounds of both public and private companies and philanthropic activities.

As for Trevor’s education, he attended Millbrook School from 1992 to 1995. A year later, he then joined the University of Oregon and graduated in 1999. And fast forward to 2006, he took a year-long master’s course for real estate development at New York University.

How Much Is Trevor Colhoun Net Worth?

Trevor Colhoun flaunted a net worth of above $25 million in 2022. And it’s all thanks to his own investments.

However, given that he is a descendant of John Deere — the founder of the agricultural machinery company Deere & Company, often recognized for inventing the steel plow — Trevor indeed had some help kickstarting his career.

Trevor Colhoun Age

Trevor Colhoun was 45 years of age in 2022.

He is 8 years older than his girlfriend Meghan King who was born on September 26, 1984.

Trevor Colhoun Family

Trevor Colhoun comes from a family of at least four. Sadly, his parents have long divorced.

Also, his father Richard N. Colhoun Jr (who was remarried)  passed away in 1998 at the age of 50. He was working as a sales manager at  Landmark Vineyards then.

As for Trevor’s mother, Elizabeth Colhoun, she was alive and doing well at the age of 70 in 2022. Previously, she was employed at Random Farm LLC.

Talking about Trevor’s siblings, he has a 3-year-older brother named Ian D Colhoun who lived in  Thousand Oaks, California.

Trivia: Trevor’s grandfather Richard Newbold Colhoun died on June 22, 2003, at the age of 80. He owned and managed more than 20 companies from importing baler twine from Germany to distributing Toro products.

Is Trevor Colhoun On Instagram?

No, he wasn’t on Instagram.

But find him on Facebook @tcolhoun and Twitter @trevorcolhoun.

Trevor Colhoun Height

Trevor stands tall at a height above 6 feet (183 cm).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Trevor Colhoun Birthday?

Trevor receives his birthday wishes in February.

  • Where Is Trevor Colhoun From?

Trevor hails from Connecticut. But as of 2022, he resided in New Orleans, LA.

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