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Trevor St Agathe Bio, Job, Age, Height, Parents, sMothered

Meet Trevor St Agathe, one of the stars on TLC’s sMothered. Who is he? What does he do for a living? Who are his parents?

Read all about him here as you scroll down this article.

Trevor St Agathe On sMothered

One of the cast members of the well-liked TLC program Mothered is Trevor St Agathe. The well-liked reality program returned for a fifth season jam-packed with tension and codependency. with very few boundaries, as usual. He appeared on the show with his mother-in-law India.

India wants to use her son-in-law Trevor’s teeth as a model for her dentures so that they have the same grin because they are very close. Trevor is the spouse of her daughter DeLeesa. DeLeesa appears to be over India’s two years of cohabitation with Trevor, as she observes India using a Q-tip and saliva to wipe Trevor’s ears.

Trevor wouldn’t hesitate to call himself a mama’s boy. “[We do] everything,” said Trevor. “Going to the movies, going to bingo, going out to eat, we match [clothes]. We get haircuts together. We don’t even think about it, it’s second nature — like, ‘I’m going to go get a haircut — Ma, are you coming?’ ”

TLC’s show isn’t his first TV show stint as he previously appeared on season 4 of The Circle.

Trevor St Agathe Wife

Trevor St Agathe has been married to his wife Deleesa St Agathe since June 2018. The married couple’s paths crossed in 2007 when they were in college. A year later they became a couple.

“And by no means would I call us college sweethearts nor would I say we’ve had a perfect relationship. But hear me when I say God just wants us together, I mean that,” Trevor added in parts. “We both had hopes of going to different universities that we were accepted to. Him Georgia State, Me, Temple University. I even submitted transfer papers at one point and decided to not go through with it when I got my second acceptance letter. We both made difficult decisions which led us to end up graduating here.”

Deleesa thanked Buffalo State University for introducing her to her husband.

Their fourth-anniversary post read, ““4” EVER How it started vs. How it’s going To my wife of 4 amazing years…I love you, I appreciate you, I believe in you, I believe in us, I pray with you, and I pray for you. Thank you for this incredible life! Happy Anniversary @leesaunique.”

Deleesa is a reality star who won The Circle season 2. However, she announced the end of her seemingly blissful marriage. Though she planned on sharing her $100K with her husband and daughter, the news of the break up surprised everyone. Despite receiving a $100,000 award, DeLeesa seemed unsatisfied and concealed the reason for her divorce behind a paywall. The mother posted a happy collection of pictures of herself and her two darling daughters on her Instagram account, @leesaunique. Trevor was conspicuously absent from the pictures, but DeLeesa clarified everything in the comments.

“A lot of you guys been asking where’s my husband Trevor❓Yes, we broke up. 💔❤️‍🩹😔😢 To find out what really happened go to to find out,” she captioned the images.

Reddit users who subscribed provided information about what DaLeesa revealed.

Total clickbait. She’s like saying she wants to give the deets Bc she values her fans. Then she gives this super vague story about how they were going through all kinds of stuff (no details). Then she says they spent time apart to reevaluate and ‘unfortunately, we decided to…’ Trevor pops up from behind the couch like STAY TOGETHER,” one frustrated fan dished.

Alright so…I took one for the team and can confirm that they did not in fact break up. They went through a rough patch but they are still very much together. Trevor even made an appearance in the video she posted towards the end,” one commenter confirmed.

In 2023, ‘Disgusted’ by his closeness to her mother, Trevor’s wife DeLeesa issued an ultimatum to her husband. India and Trevor have fought to maintain their marriage ever since she moved in with them two years ago. DeLeesa thought there was a rift in her marriage because of her mother India’s and her husband Trevor’s closeness.

In the trailer, Trevor did, however, remark, “My wife finds it difficult to accept my relationship with my mom because it’s not my mom.” Their relationship was clarified when India said, “I am his mother-in-law.” Trevor’s wife was obviously disturbed by her husband’s close friendship with her mother.

The married couple shares three children named Toni Abella (1 September 2019), Tessa Raine (2 August 2023), and Torisky Saint (born on 29 May 2021).

Trevor St Agathe Age

In April 2023, Trevor St Agathe turned 37 years old. 1986 is his birth year.

Who Are Trevor St Agathe Parents?

Trevor St Agathe Sr. and Cheryl St Agathe are the parents of Trevor St Agathe. On Father’s Day 2020, Trevor wished his dad, “Happy Father’s Day to my two dads! Hoping I can be just as good a father to Toni as you guys have been!”

Trevor Sr. is available on Instagram (@trevorst.agathesr).

Meanwhile, on Mother’s Day Trevor wished his mom, ““Hey mama, I wanna scream so loud for you. Cause I’m so proud of you, let me tell you what I’m about to do!” Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing mother! Love you, Mom!”

Whereas, on Mother’s birthday in 2019, Trevor wished her mom, “For the 30th time, I’m wishing my mother a happy 30th birthday! 😂😂😂 I love you, Mom! #birthday #mother #love #hero #foreveryoung #happybirthday #mommy #family #mom #60 #60thbirthday #iloveyou.”

Sharing about his grandfather, Trevor said, “Today was my first Father’s Day as a dad, but it was also the first one without my Grandfather, who passed away earlier this week. Happy Father’s Day Grandpa! I love you, miss you, and will take you with me everywhere I go. Rest In Peace old buddy…”

Trevor St Agathe Job

Trevor St Agathe has a job working as a Performance Specialist at P3 Peak Performance Project. He began the job at the company in August 2023.

Trevor works as a Real Estate Agent/Salesperson at Keller Williams Peachtree Road. You can find his realtor profile here. He announced joining Keller Williams Peachtree Road in July 2023 via an IG post.

Furthermore, Tevor also works at Toronto Maple Leafs – Toronto Marlies as a strength and conditioning coach. His former job includes working as a former Strength and Conditioning Coach at Brooklyn Nets from 2013 to 2016.

Regarding his academic qualifications, Trevor studied M.S. in Sports and Health Science with a concentration in Exercise Science at LIU Brooklyn in 2014.

Trevor St Agathe Height

Trevor St Agathe’s height measures under 5’9”.

Related FAQs

  • Is Trevor St Agathe On Instagram?

Yes, Trevor St Agathe is available on Instagram (@trev_saint), Facebook (@trevor.agathe), and Threads (@trev_saint).

  • When Is Trevor St Agathe Birthday?

Trevor St Agathe celebrates his birthday on 19 April.

  • Where Is Trevor St Agathe From?

Trevor St Agathe is residing in Atlanta, Georgia. He hailed from Brooklyn, New York.

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