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Wadih Elnajjar Bio, Age, Net Worth, Married, Dubai Bling

Meet Wadih Elnajjar as he just joined the Dubai Bling cast. The Internet tells us that he is just as much a part of the Netflix show’s comradery as everyone else. The real deal we are going to talk about it. So stay tuned.

Wadih Elnajjar On Netflix’s Dubai Bling

Wadih Elnajjar despite not appearing on Netflix’s Dubai Bling as the main character has found enough of fame already. In the series, he can be seen helping Loujain Adada get a waitressing job as he works as a lifestyle director. He is shown as someone with many connections in Dubai.

So, one can expect to see Wadih randomly appear on the Netflix show. From his random appearance especially in the Dubai Bling parties, many suspected that he maybe got cut from the season and kept scenes where he could not be omitted. Anyway, people seemed to love to see him on those few occasions.

How Much Is Wadih Elnajjar Net Worth?

Wadih Elnajjar reportedly had less than $1 million net worth as of December 2023.

An entrepreneur, more than anything, Wadih was a partner at Amaraya Beauty Center, as of the time of this writing. Amaraya is a luxurious beauty brand in Dubai, which on its Instagram @amarayabeautycenter enjoyed 14.3K followers as of 2023.

All along, he was also said to be overseeing affairs as a lifestyle director for RIKAS Hospitality Group. While on LinkedIn, Wadih himself only mentioned his job as head of photography at Circle Advertising and Publishing since November 2003. Also, he marked Notre Dame University – Louaize (NDU) as his education.

Not to miss, just in July 2023, when Wadih appeared for an episode of a podcast called “Masters of Marketing”, to speak about social media and influencer marketing from his eyes, they described him as — the type of content creator who has been in the industry for years, and whose experience, following, and engagement rates are unmatched within the region.​

Wadih Elnajjar Age

Wadih Elnajjar was reportedly born before 1983. So, he should have turned 40 years old at least in 2023.

Is Wadih Elnajjar Married?

On Facebook, Wadih Elnajjar marked his relationship status as ‘single’ at the time of this writing (December 2023). Also, the self-proclaimed singleton described himself as “materialistic but romantic” elsewhere. Marriage though did not seem to have happened to him as of yet.

However, back in 2017, there were rumors about Wadih being engaged to Elissa. So, much so, media outlets even made stories about them where they called the two fiancees. In one, after presuming “the guy” as Elissa’s fiance, they also bashed Wadih for “dressing like a girl”. Later that year, a similar tabloid came up with a “Stop being silly, Elissa is NOT engaged to this metrosexual man!” headline and tried their very best to debunk the rumors. It actually worked it seems because afterward, news outlets started addressing these two as best friends.

Elissa here is none other than the Global awards-winning Lebanese artist/singer. She enjoyed as many as 19.8M followers on her IG @elissazkhand and over 1 Million listeners on her Spotify channel.

In many pictures on Wadih’s social media, he can be seen so close to Elissa naturally raising eyebrows. So, even today, after all of those confirmations of them not likely dating, people are still not ready to believe there is nothing between the two.

Wadih is also especially close with Zeina Khoury. But, even they are said to be not dating.

Wadih Elnajjar Height

Wadih Elnajjar stands above 6’2” in height.

You should know that this year, Wadih made it to the “10 Best-dressed Influencers in the UAE and Abroad on Valentine’s Day” organized by ITP Live, an influencer marketing agency in the Middle East. So, fret not if you find him dressed with a leopard print three-tier cake on his birthday, like he did last time.

It is standard for Wadih to wear the most extravagant outfits and attend the most high-profile parties. He is known among his people in Dubai as a fashion trendsetter. His social media is also proof of that reputation.

For Wadih, self-love is looking powerful. So, on most occasions, he looks just that. He would not even mind going all red, with red boots and red sunglasses matching the red background if that serves his purpose.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Wadih Elnajjar From?

On every social media of his, Wadih Elnajjar describes himself as a Lebanese photographer based in Dubai- UAE.

  • When Is Wadih Elnajjar Birthday?

Wadih Elnajjar’s birthday is on October 18th making him a Libra.

  • Is Wadih Elnajjar On Instagram?

Indeed. Wadih Elnajjar can be found on Insatgram. As of December 2023, his IG account @wadih_elnajjar included 3,276 posts and 339K followers. Here, he features a whole bunch of celebrities, including best friend Zeina Khoury and most of the Dubai Bling cast, even Kris Fade.

Wadih also was followed by 16,898 people on Facebook, 28.3K on TikTok @wadih_elnajjar, and on Twitter @Wadih_Elnajjar.


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