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Tripp Bromley Age, Parents, Height, Job, Love & Translation

Tripp Bromley is the star of Love & Translation in TLC. Tripp may have been particularly thrilled about the TLC show since he likes to converse with people from various cultural backgrounds. He acknowledged that he had never had a genuine relationship with someone from a different culture than himself.

Tripp and his friends also determined, albeit in jest, that a woman of Latino heritage and shorter stature would be his ideal match—a combination that actually appeared to hold the key to the veteran’s heart.

Tripp continued by saying that he thinks girls who are family-oriented are the ones he prefers, and that this is a quality he seems to really want in a relationship. He continued by saying that having been in the military made it difficult to maintain a committed relationship and that he was now looking forward to meeting his true love and, ideally, beginning a new and wonderful chapter in his life.

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Tripp Bromley On TLC’s Love & Translation

Tripp Bromley is the star of TLC’s Love & Translation. Even though Tripp is the oldest male competitor, he still has faith that the show will help him discover the love of his life. The Los Angeles-based personal trainer revealed to Distractify that he had recently experienced a breakup and that he thought the series would be the “perfect opportunity” to find love again.

Shortly before being asked to perform the show, Tripp had navigated a breakup and was ready to pursue love once more. The personal trainer from Los Angeles stated that he thought it would be the “ideal chance” to reintroduce himself after receiving a call from a casting director inviting him to participate.

“For a while, I just wanted to be alone,” Tripp told Distractify. “I wanted to heal from my previous relationship; I had a lot of growth and development to do on my own. And it seems like the perfect time right when I had opened my heart back up, had this opportunity found its way to me.”

The cast of Love & Translation consists of twelve international women from Korea, Brazil, Japan, and other nations, and three American males. TLC’s newest series, which is set in a tropical paradise, delves into a novel dating experiment in which American men seek women to find their true love.

Tripp Bromley Age

According to his bio, Tripp Bromley from TLC’s Love & Translation is 30 years old.

Who Are Tripp Bromley Parents?

Tripp Bromley was born to his parents Phillip Bromley and Jill Bromley. Born in 1963, Jill is 60 years old. Phillip was born in 1962 which makes him 61 years of age.

Phil Bromley is in his 30th season as the video coordinator for the Michigan football program. A four-year letterman (1981-84) as a center at the University of Florida, Bromley started all four seasons for the Gators, earning freshman and sophomore All America honors in 1981 and 1982, and All-Southeastern Conference honors in 1983 and 1984. He was a second-team All-America selection as a senior.

Phil earned his bachelor of science degree in psychology from the University of Florida in 1985 and his master’s in education from Florida in 1988. He served as a graduate assistant at Florida in 1986-87 and joined the Michigan football staff as a graduate assistant for two seasons (1988- 89). Bromley was a volunteer coach for the Wolverines for the spring of 1990 and took over the video coordinator’s position before the start of the 1990 season.

Tripp also has a brother named Alex Bromley and a sister named Christina. After watching countless people over the years try their luck on “The Price is Right,” Saline student Alex got his own chance to “come on down” and compete on the popular CBS game show in 2016.

When he got his chance, he won big – as anyone who saw the episode air on May 5, 2016, already knows. Alex won his “squeeze play” game, spun an 85 on the big wheel to advance to the showcase, and then won his showcase, underbidding by $8,859 while his competitor overbid by $678.

In all, he won $40,386 worth of prizes.

Tripp Bromley Job

The thought of serving in the US Military’s Marine Corps captivated Tripp Bromley. Both his lifestyle and his future profession were greatly influenced by this fascination. He has acknowledged that he is a man who values structure and timeliness, two of the many qualities required of any successful military personnel.

Tripp is also a man who values diversity in culture greatly. He talked about how he has always gotten along better with folks whose roots are different from his own on the TLC series. Additionally, it appears that he dislikes those who make snap judgments about others based on their social media presence or financial standing, something he said is all too common in his hometown. Above all, he holds those with family-centered values in high regard.

It came as no surprise to many that Tripp Bromley chose to enlist in the US Military since he had always had a fascination with the Marine Corps. Having spent four years in the military, he remains proud of his status as a veteran, feeling that his ambitions had come true. Tripp also takes satisfaction in upholding the courage, leadership, and teamwork he acquired while serving in the military.

Tripp made friends in the Marine Corps that he still keeps in touch with today. As a matter of fact, Rhett, a buddy of his who served in the Marine Corps, appeared on the show and tried his best to promote his friend. He made the decision to join the bodybuilding industry after serving in the army, posing as a personal trainer at first.

Tripp even qualifies in the same field from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and he is always delighted to help others while still taking care of his physical appearance. The TLC personality has also acted in shows like Castles in the Air, The Other Realm, and Double Jack.

Tripp Bromley Height

Tripp Bromley stands tall above 6 feet 3 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Tripp Bromley From?

Tripp Bromley hailed from Saline, Michigan. He is now residing in Los Angeles, California.

  • Is Tripp Bromley On Instagram?

Yes, Tripp Bromley is available on Instagram (@tripp_bromley).

  • When Is Tripp Bromley Birthday?

Tripp Bromley’s birthday is not available.

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