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Kahlil Haughton Age, Job, Height, Family, Love & Translation

Kahlil Haughton is the star of TLC’s Love & Transition. He starred in the show along side three other men trying to find love with women from abroad.

How old is he? What is his job? Who are his family members?

Kahlil Haughton On TLC’s Love & Translation

Kahlil Haughton, who appeared on TLC’s Love & Translation, says that he has been “single my entire life” and had reached a point where he was open to finding love. One of the American individuals looking for love on Love and Translation is Kahlil. It turns out to be a difficult experience for everyone when Kahlil and the other two guys arrive on the island without realizing that the female contestants are non-English speaking.

Kahlil told Distractify that the experience taught him that if he could date multiple women who don’t speak the same language as him, “anything’s possible.”

“The fact that you can really connect with someone who doesn’t speak the same language? You can only imagine what it’d be like if you can speak the same language,” he said. “And I mean, is that better or worse? I don’t know. But, like, you just know anything’s possible. There are no excuses for any kind of boundaries, any type of like, anything you just can’t get over. Like, there’s no, there’s no obstacles anymore.”

As you would guess, romantic hopefuls find it challenging to communicate when there is a substantial language barrier. The boys were told to use alternate forms of communication in the first episode of the show. In an exclusive clip from the season’s second episode, one of the bachelors, Kahlil, makes an effort to get in touch with a Brazilian single named Jhenyfer.

Kahlil and Jhenyfer are aware that they speak different languages. But after talking about their potential future for a little while, they discovered they were at odds.

A scene from Sunday’s episode features Kahlil and Jhenypher trying to talk to one other one-on-one while sitting by a lake. They are understanding one another at the beginning of the conversation until Kahlil brings up the prospect of marriage. Kahlil asks Jhenypher if she’s considering marriage while she’s competing, gesturing with his hands. At first, Jhenypher is perplexed as she points to his wedding band finger.

Upon realizing what Kahlil is asking, Jhenypher appears surprised by the prospect and inquires as to whether he is asking about marriage. Yes, Kahlil responds. He then asks Jhenypher again while making the ring motion, “Are you looking for marriage here?” Jhenypher declares that she has no intention of finding a husband through the tournament. Considering that Kahlil and her had only recently met, she also says she’s astonished he brought up marriage.

“I don’t know you,” Jhenypher says to Kahlil.

The camera then pans to Jhenypher confessing that she doesn’t think Kahlil will be her next lover in addition to not seeing wedding bells in their future. In the video, she expresses her opinion that she and Kahlil are not a good fit and that their connection is merely platonic.

“The connection I am feeling with him is the same as the one I felt on the activity of staring into each other’s eyes,” Jhenypher said. “Which is a friend connection and not a love connection.”

“It’s definitely disappointing to think that she doesn’t want marriage or even a kid,” Kahlil admits. “That’s really what I’m here for. I just wish Jhenypher was on the same page as me.”

Kahlil Haughton Age

According to his bio, Kahlil Haughton is 24 years of age.

Kahlil Haughton Family

Kahlil Haughton is the son of Gregory Haughton and Tanya Antonucci. The reality TV star frequently shares social media updates about his family, especially at significant life events like important sporting events, and he is truly pretty close to them. His father is from Jamaica, while his mother, Tanya, is of Caucasian, Chinese, and Trinidadian ancestry.

Tanya calls Great Falls, Virginia her hometown, and Woodway, Texas her current residence. Moreover, Tanya was a Former Accountant II at Weyerhaeuser. She graduated from Virginia Tech and George Mason University.

Gregory studied at Excelsior High School and George Mason University. He was a founder and president at HMG – Haughton Mentoring Group. He was a former faculty at Keiser University.

Kahlil Haughton Job

Kahlil Haughton is working as a sales representative at CUTCO Cutlery. His job began in the company in June 2023.

Kahlil began as an assistant trainer at Youth Performance in 2018. He was also a student-athlete at the University of Oklahoma. He also worked as a fitness specialist at D1 SPORTS TRAINING.

Moreover, Kahlil worked as a team trainer at Whole Foods Market. He was a freelance entertainment writer from 2020 to 2023. Now, in 2023, he works as a talent at Ursula Wiedmann Models & Talent.

Kahlil played sports as a child and attracted the interest of several scouts by the time he graduated from Midway High School. Indeed, Kahlil received offers from numerous universities, including Arkansas State University, Kansas State University, Ohio State University, and many more, thanks to his outstanding performance in sports like basketball.

Naturally, Kahlil had a choice of institutions to attend when his education concluded. In the end, Kahlil chose to attend the University of Oklahoma in 2015, and as a result, he was given a spot on the Oklahoma Sooners, the school’s basketball team. In addition, he plays football with passion.

Kahlil Haughton Height

Kahlil Haughton stands tall at the height above 6 feet 1.5 inches. He weighed 197 lbs.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Kahlil Haughton From?

Kahlil Haughton hailed from Waco, Texas. He is now residing in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Is Kahlil Haughton On Instagram?

Yes, Kahlil Haughton is available on Instagram (@kahlil_haughton) and Facebook (@kahlil.haughton).

  • When Is Kahlil Haughton Birthday?

Kahlil Haughton’s birthday is not available.

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