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Ty Ferrell Bio, Age, Family, Net Worth, Farmer Wants A Wife

Ty Ferrell is the cast member of the new season of Farmer Wants A Wife which follows four gorgeous guys as they look for their next great love. The FOX show, hosted by Jennifer Nettles, returned on Thursday, February 8, 2024, with 32 single women, eight of whom Ty met and decided whether or not to trade their city lifestyle for his country lifestyle.

Learn about his age, family, net worth, and more as this article proceeds.

Ty Ferrell On Farmer Wants A Wife Season 2

Ty Ferrell is determined to find love on Farmer Wants a Wife. He is one of the cast members of season 2 of Farmer Wants A Wife. The new season of Farmer Wants A Wife will follow four gorgeous guys, including Ty, as they look for their next big love. The FOX show, hosted by Jennifer Nettles, returns on Thursday, February 8 with 32 single women, eight of whom will meet Ty and decide whether or not to trade their city lifestyle for his country lifestyle.

“I’m looking for someone to be my person, my partner, the good, the bad, and everything that’s in between,” he said in a promo video for the show. “This experience is about me finding somebody.” Ty’s bio says that he “can’t think of a better life for himself, but the one missing piece has been a special person to continue his life’s journey with.”

Most people who appear on Farmer Wants a Wife are fresh to the reality television scene. Some don’t even have a social media following at first, which is why the show is so successful in helping participants find long-term love on the ranch. However, this is not Ty’s first foray into reality television.

Ty and his ex-wife Sarah Ferrell shot a home DIY show pilot in 2014. Then-couple recorded the episode alongside Ty’s mother, to repurpose rescued items from other projects through their family’s company, Ferrell Excavation. It doesn’t appear that the show ever got off, but Sarah did go on to film something else without Ty.

Sarah was approached in 2016 to co-host the FIY home renovation show He Shed She Shed alongside Luke Barr. The show only lasted one season, and Sarah appears to have attempted to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible since then.

Besides their work, the couple also share a 12-year-old daughter named Lennon Tyler. This might imply she’s the ideal companion to assist Ty make difficult decisions on the road and weed out the women who can’t handle farm life. If Ty wishes to keep Lennon separate from the journey, she may only provide moral support for her father.

Ty routinely posts Instagram images and updates on his daughter. And she seemed to appreciate living on the farm just as much as Ty does. They’re a couple, and they come as a set, so anyone Ty chooses on Farmer Wants a Wife should probably understand this is a package deal.

Who Does Ty Ferrell Pick?

We don’t know yet who Ty Ferrell picks, but these are the females who remain in the running. First is Melody, a nurse from Yonkers, New York. Melody was Ty’s pick for the one-on-one date, therefore she’s currently standing out among others.

“I chose farmer Ty because there was something about him that was super masculine,” Melody said at the start of the premiere. “[I’m] ready to saddle up, you know?”

“Her energy is absolutely phenomenal,” he said. Forget that she later had to ask what a silo was because she’d never seen one before in her life (a potential red flag if you’re a farmer). “You don’t sound stupid at all,” Ty told her. “You sound curious.” Yeah, he’s smitten.

There is Brooke an executive assistant from Sarasota, Florida. Then, an event planner Erin from Georgetown, Texas. Megan is a teacher from Nashville, Tennessee.

Moreover, Amy serves as a realtor from Palm Beach, Florida.

Ty Ferrell Age

According to his bio, Ty Ferrell is 42 years old. He was reportedly born in 1981.

Ty Ferrell Family

Ty Ferrell was born to his parents Steve and Frannie Ferrell as Steven Tyler Ferrell. Steve and Frannie have been happily married since 26 December 1976.

Since 1974, Steve has been working as a president at Ferrell Enterprises INC. Meanwhile, Frannie is known for shooting a television pilot with Ty and his ex-wife Sarah. She studied at Sikeston Senior High and Southeast Missouri State University.

Ty has a brother named Chase Ferrell. He turned 34 in September 2023. Chase is working as a Vice President and Operator at Ferrell Enterprises.

More about his family, Ty is the grandson of the late Frank Ferrell and Henrietta Ferrell. Frank was a former Sikeston mayor, city councilman, and business leader who passed away at the age of 87.

His grandmother Henrietta was born October 9, 1918, in Blandville, Ky., the daughter of the late Henry Steinbeck and Sarah Frances Byasee Steinbeck. In the 1950s, she was a pianist at Fellowship Baptist Church. As a certified beautician, she owned and ran Ferrell-Taylor Beauty College on Greer Street in Sikeston.

Henrietta passed away on 18 March 2010.

How Much Is Ty Ferrell Net Worth?

In 2023, Ty Ferrell is estimated to be worth around $700 thousand. He is a professional Team Roper.

Ty also works as a photographer in addition to his farm job. He has his own Instagram page for photography, where he posts professional photos from barrel racing, team roping, rodeos, and other events.

Moreover, Ty also has a photography website where he hosts all of his photographs.

Ty Ferrell Height

Ty Ferrell’s height measures above 6 feet.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Ty Ferrell From?

Ty Ferrell is a native of Sikeston, Missouri.

  • When Is Ty Ferrell Birthday?

Ty Ferrell celebrates his birthday on 19 July.

  • Is Ty Ferrell On Instagram?

Yes, Ty Ferrell is on Instagram (@tyferrell) and Facebook (@ty.ferrell.7).

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