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Amanda Bryant Parents: Kelli Horger And David Bryant

Meet the parents of Amanda Bryant we know as Kelli Horger and David Bryant. Who are they? What do they do for a living? Are they still together?

Tag along this piece and this piece unfolds all the details.

Moonshiners: Who Are Amanda Bryant Parents?

Moonshiners Amanda Bryant was born to Kelli Horger and David Bryant. Born in 1989, Amanda is 34 years old.

Amanda learned everything she knew from books she could get her hands on, indicating that she is self-taught. The show’s runner-up, Frank Hicks, added, “She was fully self-taught. She only knew about distillation from what she had read in books.” Amanda is excellent not just in distillation but also in restaurant and hospitality. She also dabbled in roofing and stone masonry.

Amanda Bryant competed in Moonshiners: Master Distiller and was crowned the winner of the show. The premise of the show plots three whiskey makers against each other in a contest— a professional, a hobbyist, and a moonshiner. Each participant prepares a batch of whiskey with a similar concept, which is judged by a panel of three experts. And from there they name the master distiller.

Filming of ‘Moonshiners: Master Distiller’ took place in Sevierville, Tenn., over the summer.

Amanda went head-to-head as America’s top distiller in the booze-making competition. She was one of the three distillers showing off her skills in front of three judges and winning the show.

Along the way, Amanda also got to learn about the booze-making process from the masters’ Mark Rogers and his cousin Huck. One of the competitors, Frank Hicks also competed on the show and shared his impression of Amanda with Marion Co Herald. Frank, a 5th generation moonshiner shared that he met Amanda, the hobbyist, at the hotel the first night they arrived for filming the show.

He shared, “I met Amanda and we hit it off. She was like a long-lost little sister. We became friends right off the bat.”

Frank also added, “End the end, I taught her what she needed to know to beat me.” About coming second, he said, “It’s okay. “I may have come in second, but I didn’t lose… I was able to teach a new friend new things I was able to give her some of my knowledge and that was rewarding enough.”

Amanda was a fan favorite on ‘Moonshiners: Master Distiller’ and later appeared in ‘Moonshiners’ Season 13.

Meet Kelli Horger, Amanda Bryant Mother

Amanda Bryant was born to her mother Kelli Horger. She is a proud mom who appeared on Facebook in June 2022 and wrote, “So proud of Amanda – Shooting for the stars and living her dreams!! Shine on!!”

Moreover, Kelli attended Pennsbury Senior High School and studied Nursing at Frankford Hospital School of Nursing. Kelli worked as a Trauma Nurse at Frankford Hospital-Torresdale and RN Case Manager at Blue Mountain Health System Gnaden Huetten Campus.

Now, she is working at Auspicious Baking Company.

Kelli hailed from Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, and currently lives in Pocono Lake, Pennsylvania.

According to her Facebook, she is currently single. Speaking of Facebook, you can find her on the handle (@kelli.horger).

Meet David Bryant, Amanda Bryant Father

Amanda Bryant’s father is named David Bryant. He was the devoted son of Miriam (nee Fisher) and the late “Buddy” loving brother of Joanne, Deborah Adams, and James. Friends and family were asked to make donations to Miriam Bryant Educational Fund.

David was an employee of Bartolomeo Pio Inc. and a member of Otts Tae Kwon Do School.

Sadly, David passed away on 11 February 2004 at the age of 38.

Related FAQs

  • Were Amanda Bryant Parents Married?

No, Amanda Bryant parents were separated at the time of her father’s death.

  • How Many Kids Do Amanda Bryant Parents Have?

Besides Amanda, David and Kelli shared a daughter named Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn is engaged to her fiance and co-owner of Auspicious Baking Company, , it’s their preferred method of baking with love.

Kaitlyn found inspiration in the Gypsy notion of infusing homemade meals with happiness. To be auspicious in the kitchen means to cook with good fortune so that those who eat will succeed. Auspicious has come to describe not only her baking philosophy but also her culinary origins.

Kaitlyn grew up as a chef’s daughter in a relaxed environment. Her father’s demanding workload frequently resulted in quick, low-key meals. She learned the value of slowing down to relish when her father prepared a family feast. The resonant message is that good food takes time.

Kaitlyn began her career in fine dining by working as a busser in high school. There, the pastry chef took her under his wing. Bryant recalls his “looking after the kids” and giving them bread to get through the shift. Bryant worked in the restaurant for numerous years, advancing through the ranks. Moving up to a food runner position allowed her to get closer to the food. She worked her way up from teaching new employees to preparing salads and appetizers before becoming head pastry chef at the age of seventeen.

  • Where Are Amanda Bryant Parents From?

Amanda Bryant’s parents hailed from Pocono Lake, Pennsylvania.

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