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Tyler Henry Siblings: Does He Have A Brother Or A Sister?

Holywood Medium Tyler Henry is no stranger to fame. His fame also brought attention to his parents, his fans wanted to know more about them. But, does Tyler Henry have any siblings — a brother or a sister? People have always wondered about that.

Let’s learn about it below in this article along with other information on his family.

Tyler Henry Siblings: Does He Have A Brother Or A Sister?

No, Netflix TV show Life After Death‘s Tyler Henry doesn’t have any siblings. But, the questions from fans on Twitter whether he had any siblings or not, never get old. Like in March 2018 one follower asked him, “Hello Tyler, I’m super curious, do you have siblings or are you an only child?”

Tyler was born on 13 January 1996 to his parents. But, he has addressed not having any siblings on his Twitter account.

In January 2021 post, Tyler wrote, “Thinking about how as a kid I thought “only child” was “lonely child” so when people asked if I had siblings… I just told them I was a lonely child.” Them his followers started sharing about being or having an “only child” as a reply.

One fan also compared his and Charli Travers’s post and claimed that they looked like siblings. The follower tweeted, “weirdly you look like siblings a bit. 🙂 maybe more like kindred spirits”.

Some fans also felt that Tyler’s parents hit jackpot with him that they didn’t need to have another kid.

Who Are Tyler Henry’s Parents?

Tyler Henry was born to his parents David and Theresa Koelewyn. His parents met each other when they were 15 years old and they tied the knots on 24 January 1986. They have been married for 36 years as of March 2022.

He is very close to both of his parents and often features them on his social media platforms. On Father’s 2017, Tyler talked about spending a special weekend with his father, who provided him with “great support and encouragement” for him to showcase Tyler’s talents.

David is currently 58 years old and works as a Tile Contractor at Central Valley Tile Inc. On the company’s Facebook page, he has stated, “We install all aspects of tile and stone, residential, commercial, new or remodels. We are fully insured with General Liability and Worker’s Compensation Insurance. We maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).”

According to BuildZoom, both David and his wife Theresa have been listed as employees in Central Valley Tile Inc. Moreover, the outlet also revealed that he holds the position of RMO/CEO/President in the business. In May 2010, David announced the 20th anniversary of the company on the company’s blog. He wrote, “We are happy to announce that Central Valley Tile Inc. is celebrating its 20th anniversary in business in the central valley of California!”

David is not on social media but has appeared on his wife and son’s Instagram frequently.

Meanwhile, Tyler’s mother turned 58 years old in 2022. She is currently assisting her son with Tyler’s chauffer appointments since his fame grew. She tweeted in 2017, “Another fun day of filming with Tyler. I think I better keep my day job. Still laughing!”. She had also worked on her husband’s business as an officer.

What More Do We Know About Tyler Henry Family?

Tyler Henry and his mother recently appeared on Netflix’s Life After Death With Tyler Henry. There, they stated that his mother discovered that she came from a whole different family and she might’ve been kidnapped.

Theresa was raised by a convicted woman named Stella Guidry. She was relieved to know that Stella who served 30 years in prison wasn’t her mother. She described Stella as “everything bad a person can be” because she abused her children. Theresa had doubts about her family because she was the only White member whereas she grew up in a primarily Black family.

So, in the show, the mother-son team made it a mission to discover and track down Theresa’s biological parents that she does in New Orleans. She meets her cousins and siblings and finds out that her biological father Joe Cowart was never on the family picture.

Her mother and grandmother tried but failed to raise her because of their financial situation. So, they gave her away so that she could have a better life with a second family. Theresa also discovers that it was never easy for her mom to give them away and had a breakdown.

Learning all of this provided some type of closure to Tyler’s mom at the end of it.

Currently, Tyler’s family has been living in Hanford, CA.

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