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Vanessa Kirby Mum: Who Is Jane Kirby? Her Age, Job

Mission: Impossible 7 actor, Vanessa Kirby agrees that she was “socially and financially privileged” as a child. But her mother, Jane Kirby didn’t grow up the same.

So, who is Jane Kirby? Let’s get to know all about her as this article proceeds.

Meet Jane Kirby, Actress Vanessa Kirby Mum

Jane Kirby is Vanessa Kirby’s loving mother who comes from humble beginnings. Losing her parents at a young age, Jane moved to Paris, all by herself, “with only enough money for one baked potato a day”. However, she soon turned her life around and was able to raise her three kids including Vanessa in Wimbledon, south London.

In fact, she was also able to send all three of her children to the private Lady Eleanor Holles School, where Vanessa was bullied. “I was quite badly bullied for a few years and I became self-conscious about everything I did in relation to the bullies,” Vanessa recalled.

But that’s all in the past now. Vanessa isn’t remotely bitter about the bullying and describes her childhood as very happy. Also, she’s glad that her mother was always there to give her “annoying advice like mothers do.”

“She is always telling me to speak slower and louder. And don’t swear which I’m trying to get better at,” Vanessa shared.

However, the actor does regret that she suffered from giardia as a child which went undiagnosed for a long time and made her feel permanently nauseous. “All these nightmare injections, pills up the bum, all of it. Prodded around from age nine to 11,” she explained.

Trivia: Vanessa’s teachers knew she was being bullied by other girls, but they kept quiet. “A teacher said to my mum on my very last day of school: ‘She survived it. She’s done it,’ which means they knew it was happening,” the actor shared.

Is Jane Kirby Still Married To Vanessa Kirby Dad?

Jane Kirby is likely still married to Vanessa Kirby’s dad Roger Kirby. The lovely couple was last seen together house hunting with Vanessa in March 2021 in De Beauvoir Town in London. Reportedly, the trio viewed the $2.4 million (£1.75 million) house with tall windows, and a low brick wall and hedges.

Her husband, Roger is one of the world’s leading prostate surgeons and founder of The Prostate Centre, the UK’s leading independent center for the care and treatment of prostate-related health issues. He has specialized in the prostate throughout his career and has personally undertaken over 2000 radical prostatectomy operations, using the da Vinci robot during the last 800 or so procedures.

At The Prostate Centre, Roger tends to problems like prostate cancer, enlarged prostate, poor urinary flow, raised PSA, painful prostate, and many more. “Over 75% of patients who go to The Prostate Centre do not need an operation: it offers a wide range of treatment strategies and involves the patient in the thought process,” he claimed.

Also, Roger is the founder/editor of the journal Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases, as well as associate editor of the British Journal of Urology International

But though a renowned surgeon, Roger thinks of himself as more of an actor. “[My father] is totally obsessed with Shakespeare,” Vanessa explained. “His glory moment was playing Mark Antony in Julius Caesar at Uni.”

Ironically, the prostate surgeon developed prostate cancer in 2012. As the reports, he was already in Gleason 7 (a grading system particular to prostate cancer), and his colleagues operated on him quickly.

Today, as of 2023, Roger’s alive and well at the age of 72.

Find Roger on Twitter @RogerKirby12.

Trivia: Jane’s father-in-law, Roger’s father died of a stroke following heart failure at the age of 49.

Jane Kirby Age

Jane Kirby was 72 years of age in 2023.

This means she had Vanessa when she was 37.

Where Is Jane Kirby From?

Jane Kirby hails from Wimbledon, South London.

Her daughter, Vanessa recently moved to her own place in Hackney — after years of flat-sharing — to be close to her.

“I just thought, if I’m going to live by myself, I need to be five minutes’ walk from everyone. I love a big community, everyone over all the time, cooking not very well, always the same thing, usually a lasagne. It is so normalizing in every single way,” the actor explained.

Jane Kirby Job

Jane Kirby is a former magazine editor who co-founded Country Living, an American lifestyle and home magazine published by the Hearst Corporation since 1978. And now that she’s retired, she looks after her husband Roger’s practice’s corporate affairs as its director.

On the other hand, Jane’s daughter is a professional actor who started her career in 2019 as “Jane” in Love/Loss. Thereafter, she landed roles in several TV shows such as The Hour (2011), Great Expectations (2011), Labyrinth (2012), and The Frankenstein Chronicles (2015), before finally praying Princess Margaret in the Netflix series The Crown from 2016 to 2018. It was only after this that Vanessa gained the international limelight — which also helped her land a role in the Mission: Impossible franchise.

Related FAQs

  • Is Jane Kirby On Instagram?

Jane wasn’t on Instagram or any other social media.

But here’s her daughter’s IG @vanessa__kirby.

  • When Is Jane Kirby Birthday?

Jane receives her birthday wishes in April and is of the Aries or Taurus zodiac.

  • What Is Jane Kirby Maiden Name?

Jane didn’t reveal her maiden name.

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