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Joose Jskanen Parents: Elina Sarpola And Pekka Jeskanen

TLC’s 7 Little Johnstons, since its premiere in January 2015, has revolved around the Johnstons, the family of seven that lives with dwarfism. Over its course, the series has also introduced other people as the Johnstons’ friends and family. Joose Jeskanen was one of them. He was brought into the family temporarily as a new member in the second half of Season 10 by Trent and Amber.

Joose had come into the scene while there were ongoing speculations that TLC patriarchs might be adopting another child with dwarfism. It was only known later that the family only had plans to host the exchange student in their home for three months. So, when that period ended, Joose Jskanen must have gone back to his parents, who we shall discuss now.

Who Are TLC 7 Little Johnstons Star Joose Jskanen Parents?

Joose Jskanen was introduced in Season 10 of TLC’s 7 Little Johnstons and heavily featured in its next season. “For the next three months, we have an exchange student living with us,” Amber had introduced him first to viewers. She and Trent seemed excited to show him living with the Johnstons.

The teenager had come from Finland. Soon upon his arrival, he was seen comparing the likes of cars and trucks to the ones back home. Back home, Joose was born to his parents Elina Sarpola And Pekka Jeskanen.

Joose was shown again in Seasons 12 and 13. In Season 12, the Johnstons also meet up with Joose’s mother for the first time. And in Season 13, Trent, Amber, Alex, and Emma again embark on a trip to Finland to see Joose and everyone in his family.

Fans since have had a feeling they will be seeing more of the Johnston family’s former foreign exchange student. Meantime: he is already dubbed the “8th member of 7 Little Johnstons”. Also, one need not miss that just in October 2022, Emma from the family when clearing up her and Joose’s dating rumors said they are really only good friends and also like family.

For now, keep reading to know more about his parents.

Meet Pekka Jskanen, Joose Jskanen Father

Joose Jskanen’s father is likely Pekka Jskanen. Per LinkedIn, this man has been a senior advisor at Business Finland in Joensuu City in North Karelia, Finland since February 2015. Here, he also mentioned being a ballroom dance instructor and dance/exercise trainer.

Joose Jskanen’s father as seen in July 2022 (PIC: Facebook)

Formerly, he was a Head of the Department at TE-keskus, the employment and economic development center for North Karelia (May 2006 – Dec 2009) in Joensuu Area, Finland. Later, between 2018 and 2019, he went to Aalto University Executive Education and Professional Development to get himself a Credit Analyst certification in Finance and Financial Management Services.

Speaking of his social media, one could give him a follow on ‘Pekka Jeskanen’ Facebook.

Meet Elina Sarpola, Joose Jskanen Mother

Joose Jskanen’s mother Elina Sarpola can be found on ‘Elina Sarpola’ Facebook and also on Instagram @elinajes.

Although his mother Elina Sarpola was apprehensive about having her son be a part of the program, her familiarity with the Johnstons via the show helped put her worries at ease.

Also, here are a few things we gathered about her career thus far. She has been a data scientist at Productivity Leap since 1 June 2019.

All along, she has also continued working in the AI solution design at Vilja Care, which is an AI-based decision support system for clinicians. Since September 2019, she has been one of the board members at Länsilinjat Oy.

Elina acquires a Master’s Degree in Economics from the University of Helsinki. Long before that, she also attended Ressu High School.

Related FAQs

  • Are Joose Jskanen Parents Still Married?

Joose Jskanen’s parents’ marital status was not quite understood as of May 2023.

  • How Many Kids Do Joose Jskanen Parents Have?

Joose Jskanen’s parents have four kids. Besides Joose, they are Jasmi Jeskanen, Juuli Jeskanen, and Jeetu Jeskanen. Respectively they were of ages 20, 21, and 16, as of 13 November 2022.

Jasmi Jeskanen went to Joensuu Normalikoulu high school and she continued to live in her hometown of Joensuu as of 2023.

Juuli Jeskanen (on IG @yooli.jj) is seemingly an exchange student in South Korea. She also can be found on ‘Juuli Jeskanen’ Facebook.

Then, we have Jeetu Jeskanen. He can be found on IG @jeskanenjeetu and he also has been residing in Joensuu.

As for Joose, he turned 19 years old on 16 May 2023. He can be found on IG @joosejeskanen and there were 28 posts and 20.2K followers here as of 21 May 2023. On his TikTok account (@joosejeskanen) he entertained 37.2K followers, and a few on his ‘Joose Jeskanen’ Facebook.

Joensuu born and bred Joose started summer work at the local “Target” in May of 2023. “Awesome” is how he described his job very recently. This is after he made his debut on the TLC show. Fans have loved him in the series. They could not stop gushing over him and have always been thrilled to get updates from him now and then.

  • Where Do Joose Jskanen Parents Reside?

Joose’s mother Elina Sarpola had been calling Helsinki, Finland’s southern capital, her home, at the time of this writing.

While Joose’s father Pekka seemed to be living in Joensuu in Finland as of 2023.

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