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Venita Aspen Bio, Net Worth, Family, Southern Charm

Bravo released its first trailer for Southern Charm Season and here we are wondering about its cast members. As anticipated, this season’s main cast includes returning stars Leva Bonaparte, Craig Conover, Kathryn Dennis, Austen Kroll, Madison LeCroy, and Shep Rose. Also returning to the main cast after taking a season off, is Naomie Olindo. And joining them all are newcomers Venita Aspen, Chleb Ravenell, and Taylor Ann Green.

The reality television series based in Charleston is releasing for the year on 23 June 2022. And before that here’s a tell-all about one of the new faces, Venita Aspen.

Venita Aspen On Southern Charm

Unlike fellow new full-cast members (Chleb Ravenell is Kathryn’s boyfriend and Taylor Ann Green is Shep’s girlfriend), Venita does not already seem to be related to Southern Charms‘ forever people.

Venita instead comes to the show as someone known around Charleston for her glamour, immaculate parties, and head-to-toe perfect outfits. Viewers shall see her find her footing with the group. Among many things, she will be trying to reconcile her issues with Kathryn. She is also expected to not see eye to eye with another season newcomer, Olivia Flowers, who is the one Austin has his sights set on.

Venita Aspen’s Net Worth

Venita Aspen reportedly had more than $500 thousand as net worth as of May 2022.

A jack of all trades, she is a full-time model and influencer, and a businesswoman. She has been modeling since she was a young girl and she thoroughly enjoys the job. But, recently she also fused her work as a model and stylist to create the Aspen Agency with the goal of making everyone feel included. She claims her latest venture allows brands with tighter budgets as well as brands with larger budgets to feel like they are getting the same worth and practices despite the fact they will be paying a different dollar amount.

And now with new responsibility added, Venita describes her career right now, balancing modeling and the Aspen Agency, as wild and thrilling.

At the same time, Venita also continued creating content for her ‘Venita Aspen’ blog. And before becoming the executive producer of her own company, she worked as a model coach assistant at Charleston Fashion Week, as a blogger at STYLEPUBLIC, and as a manager of development at United Colors Of Fashion, Inc.

Does Venita Aspen Have A Husband?

Venita Aspen was not yet married and she, therefore, had no husband. But there was a time when she openly dated this man named Alexandar Van Dyke. This was maybe around 2014 or before that. And she may be in this relationship until at least early 2018.

Back then, Venita used to frequently gush about how he was the most caring and supportive man she ever knew.

But, it is all in the past now. It was January of 2018, the last time they appeared together on Venita’s social media. However, memories of him still remain. She had not already deleted them (as of 2022).

Also so you know, around 2014, Venita also told a local newspaper that she was having a baby soon with her boyfriend. But, if eventually, she gave birth to one, she may be decided not to tell.

Venita Aspen Family

Venita Aspen bides by many a couple of rules and philosophies in life. Her natural motto is to never ever be afraid of the word ‘no’, to not look at it as a definite answer, and look at things as “it’s just not meant for me right now”. She believes everything comes back full circle, one just needs to have enough patience to wait for it. And all this she may be adopted/acquired from her parents, her family.

She is a third-generation Charlestonian and was adopted. Venita said she still has the blanket she was wrapped in when she was adopted. Her mother, she said, had not washed it, not even once.

Venita seems to have grown up pretty well with a dotting mother and all. Vi Mitchell is her adopted mother who back in the day served in the US military. “Ain’t no mama like the one I got”, Venita often writes on her social media. Also, it’s actually her tattoo having “badass of a” mom who inspired her fashion choices.

Venita Aspen Age

Reportedly born in 1993, Venita Aspen reached the age of 28 in 2021.

Is Venita Aspen On Instagram?

Indeed! Venita could be found on Instagram at @venitaaspen and had around 73.5K followers on it. Here, she mostly shared her expertise in fashion and beauty, traveling, and food recipes. (Speaking of her passion for cooking she actually is a  trained chef and model.) She was active also on two separate ‘Venita Aspen’ accounts on Facebook.

Venita Aspen Height

Venita, with a big infectious personality, smile, and unique style, stands below 5′ 7″ tall in height. She describes her fashion sense as playful as she, masculine at times, and sporty, and looks to Janelle Monae as her biggest style icon.

Beautiful Venita also defines her aesthetic as “ever-changing”. And from the look of things, she is not trying to stick to the same thing and dresses.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Venita Aspen From?

Venita Aspen is a Charleston, South Carolina native.

  • When Is Venita Aspen’s Birthday?

Venita Aspen’s birthday is on the 16th of October, making her a Libra.

  • What Is Venita Aspen Last Name?

Venita Aspen had not yet revealed her last name.

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