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Bling Empire Kim Lee Ex: Who Is Keith Ape? Age, Net Worth

Keith Ape is a rapper who was quite popular in his home country South Korea. But it was only after 2022 that he stepped into the international limelight, not as a musician, but as Bling Empire star Kim Lee’s ex-boyfriend — who allegedly “betrayed” her.

Learn all about him; his age, net worth, and more as you scroll down.

Meet Keith Ape, Bling Empire Kim Lee Ex

The name Keith Ape was first heard on Bling Empire season 2 after Kim Lee talked about a previous trauma from her past relationship. At the time, Kim had just broken off with Kevin Kreider, after she heard that Kevin was hooking up with another girl — just like her ex, Keith, who “betrayed” her.

Also, it was her past relationship with Keith that led Kim’s trust issues to run so deep. No wonder, she encouraged Kevin to take a lie detector test to prove his intentions with her.

However, Keith never confessed to cheating on Kim. But a lot of people have connected the dots and argue that such severe trust issues regarding infidelity don’t just pop up out of nowhere

Initially, Keith and Kim first connected through mutual friends, and since they were both private people, they immediately fell in love. But little did the Bling Empire star know that Keith would eventually become a reason for her heartache and trust issues.

“I was kind of like he did me wrong but I still held on. I’m damaged inside, I’m still in the healing process,” Kim explained to her mother on Bling Empire.

So, after a traumatic experience with Keith, Kim had finally opened up to Kevin Kreider by the end of Bling Empire’s season 1 and gave love a second chance by season 2, only to again be “betrayed.”

Prior to Keith, Kim was briefly involved in a romantic relationship with singer Dustin Breeding, a member of American R&B music group B5, in 2007.

Keith Ape Wife Now

Keith Ape has always been a private person. Even as of now, he keeps his relationship private. So, we’ve no idea who his wife is.

For all we know, he could still be enjoying the dating game as well.

Keith Ape Age

Keith Ape was born on December 25, 1993. That made him 28 years of age in 2022.

He is 5 years younger than his ex-girlfriend Kim Lee.

How Much Is Keith Ape Net Worth?

Keith Ape flaunted a net worth of above $1 million in 2022.

Going back to the start of his career, Keith was just 17 when he dropped out of high school to become a rapper. Landing a few gigs here and there, his exposure to the genre, got him compliments from many rappers including the likes of Nas.

He then went under the moniker Kid Ash and began posting his music to SoundCloud and YouTube, hoping for that big break.

Finally, a chance encounter with Cohort rapper Okasian landed him the opportunity he was waiting for. Not soon after he was signed to Hi-Lite Records and was making mixtapes with them.

So, after 5 years of making music for others, Keith, in 2015, realized his track “It G Ma” and this was the song that went on to become one of the biggest international hits to come out of Korea at the time. And not only in Korea, but the song also climbed charts in the US and everyone from Complex Magazine to the New York Times wanted a piece of him

Hi-Lite Records, founded by rapper Paloalto in 2010 has been shut down today. However, Keith was still involved with other labels including OWSLA, 88rising, UnderWater, and Cash Only the last we checked.

Also, he was in the group The Cohort alongside AM Kay, Bryan Chase, Coke Jazz, JayAllDay, Kangkook, Okasian, Oscar Lee, and Jeremy Quest.

In March 2022, Keith also released his single “All Alright” in collaboration with ZillaKami and SosMul.

Did you know: Keith was a huge fan of Keith Haring’s art.

Keith Ape Height

Keith Ape stands tall at a height under 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm).

Mentioning his district features, Keith has long hair, and a tattoo-covered body, and he always draws a small square cross surrounded by a circle on his left cheek.

Keith Ape Real Name

Keith Ape’s real name is Lee Dong-heon. His native name is “이동헌.”

Also, “Keith Ape” is his stage name. “KEITH symbolizes my refined image, and APE was added as a contrast,” he explained his name.

Previously, he used to go by the moniker “Kid Ash.” He changed it because the “Kid” part in his name had no meaning behind it.

Fun Fact: Initially, Keith wanted to use the moniker “SAVGEHARING.” But he decided against it as it was too lengthy.

Related FAQs

  • Is Keith Ape On Instagram?

Yes, find him on Instagram @chrt_keithape with over 273K followers.

Also, here’s his Twitter @keithape, Soundcloud @keithape, and Youtube @KeithApeOfficial

  • Where Is Keith Ape From?

He hails from Seoul, South Korea.

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