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Victor Gonzalez Bio, Family, Height, Girlfriend, Love Island

Victor Gonzalez believes that nothing in life is worthwhile if one does not take risks. In tune with that thought, he decided to leave his country, family, and friends to pursue a higher goal in life some four years ago. And so it paid off well also as he graduated Summa Cum Laude, being a double athlete in wrestling and rugby. One more risk he took just recently when she signed up for being a cast member for Love Island USA Season 5. That is how we know him and in this writing, we are going to tell you more about his journey of pursuing love on a reality TV show and more.

Victor Gonzalez On Love Island USA Season 5

Victor Gonzalez, nicknamed Victor Rahl, admitted to being a ‘big softie” despite his intimidating appearance, in the trailer of Love Island USA. Describing himself as a “book boyfriend”, he also dropped the fact that he is in the midst of writing a romantic novel. Victor then talked about liking romance novels and Disney movies.

He exchanged that people often think he looks like Jason Momoa and sometimes he sees it too. However, he stressed that he also wants people to know that despite his appearance, he is a very gentle man.

What’s also interesting about Victor is the fact that he is the only person not born in the USA on this season of Love Island USA.

To the cameras on the show, Victor also gushed that his celebrity crush is Emma Watson and he is therefore always looking for someone like her. “A fairytale princess,” he confirmed. He said he would love someone with a great personality, also someone who is confident and can look him in the eye.

Victor Gonzalez Girlfriend

Victor Gonzalez’s relationship status as of July 2023 was not understood. If he was dating anyone, he did not say so, even not on social media.

But, until around 2019, he was so much in love with his then-girlfriend Blanca Scuba. Glimpses of them together can be seen on Victor’s social media pages even today.

Bianca, who also is from Madrid, Spain studied at the Complutense University of Madrid. She and Victor looked quite happy back then. One time on a social media post, Victor gushed about how Bianca already made him go up in a balloon in Turkey, ride deadly roller coasters, on a cable car in Nepal, and on a chairlift that sounded like a submachine gun. He said he hates her for that but ends up loving her more afterward. A year before in July, they also had lovey dovely been to Nepal to attend what looked like a friend’s wedding.

Anyway, this affair with Bianca seems to be in the past now. Also, it appears, Victor did not get picked by any girls on the Love Island show. For that, not just Victor but even viewers watching him were quite disappointed. As soon as he entered the villa though, one of the girls had immediately called him Tarzan and Aquaman.

How Old Is Victor Gonzalez?

Victor Gonzalez was reportedly born in 1994. So, he reached the age of 28 in 2022.

Victor Gonzalez Family

Victor grew up in a traditional family with two parents and a sister.

His mother is Beatriz Garcia Gaston (on IG @beatrizgarciagaston). She is from Madrid, Spain and there she also married Vicente Gonzalez Aracil, Victor’s dad. They appear to be together and still married, as of 2023.

Just on 13 July 2023, Victor was seen wishing her on her birthday writing “Today is the birthday of this wonderful woman that I am proud and lucky to call mother…”.

Victor is just as fond of his father Vicente Gonzalez Aracil. More than once, we have seen him say things like “I have the best father in the world!!” on his social media posts.

In his family, Victor also has a younger sister, who is not just married but also has a baby girl. With baby Aria, Victor has often been pictured amid uncle duties.

Victor Gonzalez Job

Always very passionate about wrestling, Victor Gonzalez competed for many years and eventually earned a scholarship in the United States. Winning a National Wrestling Championship in Spain made that possible for him.

In addition to wrestling, Victor also plays rugby.

He also has been asked to work in children’s parties as Aquaman. But, while the job sounded fun, he thought it would get a bit awkward, especially when the moms would want to take more pictures with him than their kids do.

Not to miss, Victor also can be seen modeling every now and then. For a while now, he has been represented by MILES MODELS in the United States. He is said to be “a real treat” to work with by many photographers. He had his 1st editorial work/1st cover in South Africa last year in May.

How Much Is Victor Gonzalez’s Net Worth?

Victor Gonzalez reportedly had nearly $250K net worth as of July 2023.

Victor studied Exercise Sciences at Life University between September 2019  and June 2022. So, he now has a Bachelor of Science – BS, Kinesiology and Exercise Science. Before that, he got his Associate’s degree in Health and Physical Education/Fitness (September 2013 – June 2015).

Victor Gonzalez Height

Victor Gonzalez stands 6’3″ (1.90 meters) in height. Also, so you know, his hair is brown and his eyes are green.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Victor Gonzalez From?

Victor Gonzalez originally hails from Madrid, Spain. As of 2023 though, he had been residing in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • When Is Victor Gonzalez’s Birthday?

Victor Gonzalez’s birthday is on August 1st, making him a Leo.

  • Is Victor Gonzalez On Instagram?

Yes. Victor Gonzalez can be found on Instagram. As of 20 July 2023, the account @victorrahl included 467 posts and 18.5K followers. Here he described himself as a book boyfriend, an athlete, and an adventurer. At the same time, he also quoted here “If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough.”

In addition, Victor enjoyed 224.6K followers on TikTok @victorrahl and just some 1K on ‘Victor Rahl (Victor Rahl)’ Facebook.

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