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Thomar Latrell Simmons Age, Job, Carlee Russell Boyfriend

Thomar Latrell Simmons is the boyfriend of Carlee Russell who went missing not far from her home in Hoover, Alabama. After Carlee’s disappearance, people turned heads towards Thomar and some of them alleged his involvement in the foul play. However, Thomar denied all the allegations.

So, who is Carlee’s boyfriend Thomar? Below we’ll unfold details about his age, job, family, and current residence.

Meet Thomar Latrell Simmons, The Missing Alabama Woman Carlee Russell Boyfriend

Thomar Latrell Simmons and Carlee Russell have little to no information regarding their relationship on social media. So, it is unclear how long they have been dating each other. Thomar found himself in hot water after a few followers of the story accused Thomar of his involvement in Carlee’s alleged kidnapping on 13 July.

However, Thomar has denied all the allegations made against him after Carlee returned home on July 15.

“I have been going nonstop since I received the call that she was missing on Thursday night. I know she would’ve done the same for me, so I wasn’t going to give up until I saw her face again!” Thomar wrote.

He added further, “I was straight tunnel vision, even when I would get on social media on my downtime & see some of the false allegations & assumptions about me having something to do with her abduction would have me discouraged at times, but I didn’t give up & kept my faith!”

In a lengthy post, Thomar posted online he started by thanking “my lord & savior Jesus Christ for saving my girlfriend’s life!” He also thanked whoever came out to Hoover Met to join the search party.

Thomar concluded the post with, “Once again I can’t thank you guys enough for helping us bring Carlee home! God bless you all.’ ”

According to officials, a woman from Alabama who went missing after reporting to a 911 dispatcher that she observed a toddler strolling by himself on the side of a highway has returned home. The infant had been missing since Thursday night, when Carlethia “Carlee” Nichole Russell, 25, contacted 911 and reported seeing it along the side of I-459 South.

According to the Hoover Police Department, Carlee made a stop after making the call to check on the toddler and to phone a relative who had lost touch with her, even though the line was still open. Police said that when they arrived on the scene, they did not find Russell or the child but did discover Russell’s car and some of her things, such as her wig, phone, and purse.

According to a news release from Hoover police on Saturday afternoon, Carlee was reported to have returned home on foot at about 10:45 p.m. on Saturday. When police and firefighters arrived on the scene, she was taken to a nearby hospital where she received treatment and was later released, according to authorities.

It’s unclear where Carlee was since Thursday and no further details were provided. Police said they were able to take “an initial statement” from Russell. “The details of that statement are a part of the ongoing investigation which is expected to continue over the next few days,” the release said.

Police said they are investigating traffic camera footage as part of the investigation. “That footage is still being analyzed as part of the investigation in conjunction with the 911 call to accurately determine the timeframe,” the release stated.

Thomar Latrell Simmons Age

Born in December 1997, Thomar Latrell Simmons turned 25 in 2022.

Who Are Thomar Latrell Simmons Parents?

Thomar Latrell Simmons is the son of Thomas Simmons and Charetta Simmons. His mom is currently 52 years old. Meanwhile, his dad is 56 as of this article in 2023.

Charetta is the daughter of Alexander Young and Ruby R. Young. Thomar lost his maternal grandfather on 29 April 2010 at the age of 71. Charetta came from a large family. She has six sisters Ruby R. Young; daughters, Kewanee Bryant (Michael), Ruth Lewis (Bradley), Jacqueline Lewis (Kenneth), La Wonica Young, Tondalaya Woods (John), and Elaine Grayson (Arlester) and two brothers Pastor Demetrius (Barbara) and Anthony Young (Tracey).

As for Thomar’s own sibling, he has one sister named Mya Simmons. Mya attended McAdory High School and Jefferson State Community College. She is the CEO of @bhaddiescollection_. You can find her on IG and TikTok.

Thomar Latrell Simmons Job

Thomar Latrell Simmons is a first-generation graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, as he revealed in a December 2022 Instagram post.

“Let your dreams be bigger than your fears, your actions louder than your words, and your faith stronger than your feelings,” Thomar captioned a photo in his graduation gown.

It is unclear what Thomar does for a living.

When Carlee Russell went missing she returned home from her job at the Woodhouse Day Spa in the Summit. She had a part-time job there and took nursing classes at Jefferson State Community College to become a registered nurse.

Moreover, she also holds a bachelor’s in psychology from AUM.

Thomar Latrell Simmons Height

Thomar Latrell Simmons’s height is under 6 feet.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Thomar Latrell Simmons From?

Thomar Latrell Simmons calls Birmingham, Alabama his hometown.

  • When Is Thomar Latrell Simmons Birthday?

Thomar Latrell Simmons celebrates his birthday on 21 December.

  • Is Thomar Latrell Simmons On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Thomar Simmons is on Instagram (@tee_sims28) and Facebook (@thomar.simmons).

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