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Vinesh Vasnani Bio, Parents, Height, Age, Indian Matchmaking

Indian Matchmaking returned back and so did Sima Taparia for a second season on 10 August 2022. When it comes to finding the right partner, Sima with 20 years of work experience is a go-to love guru. Now, meet Vinesh Vasnani, one of the season 2 cast members who like a few others thought of finding a perfect partner with Sima’s help and in Sima’s way.

Vinesh Vasnani On Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking

Vinesh Vasnani or simply Vinny since the very beginning makes it perfectly clear to the matchmaker that he is looking for someone who not just shares a similar lifestyle but also matches his energy. He says if he had to design the woman of his dreams, she would be 5′ 8″, family-oriented, ambitious, equally extroverted and introverted, and would have to get along with his dog, Baags.

He emphasized that career ambition and family aspects are the two most important in his criteria. Because he said his past connections largely fizzled out as a lack of parallel between the two.

But when it was Sima’s turn to speak, she revealed that she was worried if this client of hers was serious regarding the process because he is quite a “jokester”.

And finally, when the test day arrived, Vinesh’s time with neither Mosum Parikh nor Meena Rai panned out. He later shared that he did not feel a romantic spark with the former. As for Meena, she was the one who did not think they should go further.

Vinesh, however, was not yet done with Meena. So, he somehow manages to get LA-based Meena’s number and is excited to see her again. Meena unfortunately does not returns the sentiment and the guy is left “kinda hurt”. In fact, he also poetically described this feeling as like “getting stabbed in the heart with a plastic knife”. He said he had not felt this in a long time.

And at last, when all this happened, Vinesh confirms to his Netflix audience that this experience brought him to where he is “definitely single and not married and not with a kid.”

Vinesh Vasnani Relationship Status Now

So, was Sima able to help him? Did he find the match he was looking for from this experiment?

Judging from his online presence at this point, Vinesh appeared to be single. And he at least managed to stay in touch with Mosum Parikh. Yet, he was not at all always lamenting that Sima was not able to find him his bride. Vinesh is often seen having fun with friends and traveling and doing other activities for joy purposes.

Who Are Vinesh Vasnani Parents?

Vinesh Vasnani’s mother is Sony Vasnani, also known as Meena Gurbani. She seems to have been the homemaker of the Vasnani family most of her life.

Yet she also went to university (University of Delhi). Now (2022), based in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband and maybe even the kids, she was born and brought up in Indore of India. Also so you know, she reached the age of 60 in July 2022.

Then there is Ramesh Vasnani, Vinesh’s father who turned 65 in the November of 2022. Professionally, he is the CEO/Owner of HIKS Fashions of New York. His Facebook profile also reveals that in 1975 he graduated from L.B.S College of the University of Rajasthan. And before that, he went to Agrawal Senior Secondary School and Maheshwari Public School of Jaipur. Yes, he grew up in Jaipur, Rajasthan in India.

As for siblings, Vinesh has two brothers, Laveen Vasnani (turned 31 in December 2021) and Kishore “Kish” Vasnani (turned 38 in August 2022). Among the two, Kishore is the co-CEO at Nomad Lee, a brand for travel bags and accessories, and based in Miami. Of course, he is also happily married to Vanessa Jeswani, another founder of Nomad Lee.

Whereas less-known-about Laveen studied at the University of Georgia and was living around New York, New York as of 2022. Also, He could be found on IG @l_aveen.

Vinesh Vasnani Age

Born in 1987, Vinesh Vasnani reached the age of 35 in 2022.

Vinesh Vasnani Job

Vinesh Vasnami, as per his LinkedIn, is a Cyber Defense Specialist working around Miami, Florida, United States.

Since November 2015, Vinesh has continually worked as a director at Darktrace, which is a cyber security software company that claims to be the world leader in Enterprise Immune System technology.

Before that, Vinesh operated in sales at Tufin (Jan 2013 – Dec 2014), Reval (Dec 2014 – Oct 2015), and Kyriba Corporation (Nov 2011 – Dec 2012)

Between August 2010 and August 2011, Vinesh was in London, England working as an analyst at UBS Investment Bank.

And before all of this, Vinesh studied BBA (with a Finance major) at the University of Georgia – Terry College of Business (2004 – 2008).

Is Vinesh Vasnani On Instagram?

Yes. Vinesh Vasnani could be found on Instagram @vineshfresh and there were 51 posts and 1,150 followers as of 11 August 2022.

Other than that, Vinesh also kept his people posted on Facebook.

Vinesh Vasnani Height

Vinesh Vasnami stands above 6 feet in height and one can clearly see that he is very much into athleticism, as well as care for health and nutrition.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Vinesh Vasnani From?

To put in a few words, Vinesh Vasnami is a Georgia-born Indian-American and former New York-based. As of now (2022) and he was based around Miami, Florida.

  • When Is Vinesh Vasnani Birthday?

It is likely on the 30th of June of a day or days before that Vinesh Vasnami celebrates his birthday.

  • How Much Is Vinesh Vasnani Net Worth?

Vinesh Vasnani reportedly had more than an estimated $750K net worth as of 2022.

As for his salary, looking at ZipRecruiter’s calculation we can speculate that he earned an average annual pay of $92,080 or an approx. $44.27 an hour, $1,771/week, or $7,673/month working as a cyber security specialist in Florida.

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