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Violet Clark Age, Job, 90 Day Fiance Clayton Clark Mother

90 Day Fiance Clayton Clark has a mother named Violet Clark who is reportedly living with him. Violet might be in the center of all the drama that unfolds in TLC between Clayton and his girlfriend Anali.

Find out about her age, job, and current residence here.

90 Day Fiance: Meet Violet Clark, Clayton Clark Mother

When Clayton Clark was introduced for the new season of 90 Day Fiance, viewers also got to learn about his mother Violet Clark. As told in the bio, his mother was living in the closet in his one-bedroom apartment. For their relationship, it could be a major challenge, as Violet has no plans to get out any time soon.

Other than Clayton, Violet also had a late son named Jeremy Clark. He was born in Oxford, Ohio on May 2, 1979, to James D. and Violet Durham Clark.

Jeremy graduated from Connersville High School in 1997 and obtained his HVAC certification from Lexington, Kentucky’s Bluegrass Community Technical College. Jeremy was a United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America member and a journeyman carpenter. He was a self-taught locksmith who enjoyed interacting with people on the CB radio under the call sign Killowatt.

Jeremy enjoyed playing outside with his son and working in the garage. He joined the First Church of God and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Lexington, Kentucky. He loved spending time with his family and friends, going camping, and fishing during his free time. For his generous heart, Jeremy will be remembered.

Violet also has another son named Joshua Clark who is 43 years old. He is living in Connersville, Indiana.

Then there is a daughter named Brandi Nichole Clark.

In 90 Day Fiance, Clayton explores his relationship with his girlfriend Anali. In reality, an app for language learning is how Anali and Clayton first connected. Although the majority of their relationship was long distance, the two clicked right away and did meet up a few times in the real world. In actuality, the pair had only been dating for a short while before their TLC appearance. They nevertheless decided to be married in spite of that. So, in order to travel to the USA and, ideally, wed Clayton, Anali applied for a K1 visa.

However, Anali’s transition to the US was anything from simple. She had to work particularly hard to become proficient in English given the linguistic barrier between the two nations in order to be able to support herself there. Her main worry, though, was the apartment she would have after getting married. Anali was shocked to learn that Clayton had no plans to leave his house, especially after learning that her prospective husband’s mother also didn’t appear to have any such intentions.

Anali had to weigh her expectations against her realities given Clayton’s apparent reluctance to leave home and his mother behind. Even though she made an effort to avoid the topic of space before moving to Kentucky, it wasn’t until then that she seemed to fully comprehend the gravity of the situation, leaving her to wonder if, even after they got married and became a married couple, she would still have to fight for a place in her husband’s life and his home.

While Anali and Clayton appeared to be affectionate enough, many questioned whether the two could stay together given the realities of their circumstances. Clayton’s apparent unwillingness to comprehend Anali’s need for her own space, after all, did not appear to bode well for their marriage. Anali was unsatisfied that she could have to share a home with her mother-in-law and that she had to struggle for a spot in her own husband’s family.

Anali couldn’t help but worry how she could make her relationship work given that she was far from the comfort of her own home and that the language barrier was making things even more difficult. The two ladies in Clayton’s life also appeared to be causing him conflict. He also complained that Anali’s father did not even know that he existed, and that she had not yet told him why she was traveling to the United States.

What Happened To Violet Clark Husband?

Violet Clark was married to her husband James Dean Clark. Sadly, he is no more. James was 64 years old when he passed away on 26 November 2020 due to heart complications.

James Clark was one of Roxie Huber Clark’s six children and was born on June 27, 1956, in Connersville. He served his duty in the United States Marine Corps during the Vietnam War and graduated from Connersville High School in 1976. James worked for Ford Refrigeration and its heirs until his retirement in 2007.

Moreover, James was an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and held the position of First Counselor for Sunday School. James, a self-taught musician, played in various local bands and was well-known for his harmonica playing. In addition to singing, he loved watching westerns, going to Kentucky and Gatlinburg, and hanging out with his family and friends.

However, Clayton was not mentioned in his obituary, suggesting that the 90-Day Fiance is a stepson of James.

Violet Clark Age

Born in March 1960, Violet Clark is 63 years old as of October 2023.

What Is Violet Clark Maiden Name?

Violet Clark used to go by the last name Laws which could be her maiden name.

Violet Clark Job

One LinkedIn which likely belongs to Violet Clark suggests that she is a team lead/lead cook. She was working at Aramark in Lexington, Kentucky.

Besides that, Violet hasn’t shared any details.

Related FAQs

  • Is Violet Clark On Instagram?

Yes, Violet Clark is available on Instagram (@violetclark04 & @violet.clark0). She is also on Facebook.

  • When Is Violet Clark Birthday?

Violet Clark’s birthday is in March.

  • Where Does Violet Clark Reside?

Violet Clark is residing in Lexington, Kentucky.

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