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Violet McGraw Parents: Colin And Jackie McGraw

Young Violet is an actress known for her work in a variety of both television and film since she got her debut created role in the television series Love in 2018.

Fast forward to today and she has fans all excited to see her in M3gan, a spine-chilling, campy horror that is set to be released at the beginning of 2023. The movie focuses on an AI doll named M3gan who’s been designed and programmed by a brilliant roboticist. She creates M3gan to befriend her orphaned niece, Katie, i.e., Violet’s character.

Having said that let us tell you that Violet is luckily not an orphan in her real life and has a lovely pair of parents.

Here’s what we know about them.

Who Are Violet McGraw’s Parents?

Violet McGraw’s parents are Colin and Jackie McGraw and she was born to them as Violet Elizabeth McGraw
on 22 April 2011. So, she turned 11 years old in April of 2022.

Meet Violet McGraw’s Mother, Jackie McGraw

Violet McGraw can be seen doing a great job handling all her kids’ social media accounts. So, she herself also appears on it from time to time. And from the look of things, she has a really great bonding with each one of them.

  • Jackie McGraw Age

Born likely on the 10th of March in 1971, Jackie McGraw turned 51 years old in 2022.

  • Jackie McGraw Job

Jackie McGraw has been the owner and party stylist of Jack and Kate since October 2012. This was the only thing mentioned on her LinkedIn, as of 2022.

  • Is Jackie McGraw on Instagram?

Jackie McGraw could be found on Facebook and on Pinterest (@mcgraw6) but not on Instagram as of 2022.

Meet Violet McGraw’s Dad, Colin McGraw

The last time, Violet McGraw was seen with her dad, Colin McGraw in the special screening of Jett at The Roxy Cinema in June 2019 in New York City. They looked adorable.

Like his wife, Colin is proud of their kids’ burgeoning acting careers. They take it as a blessing. During interviews, they also shared that they have plans to fund their college education.

Violet’s parents have clearly been very supportive of their kids’ acting careers. And since the kids are so young, their involvement in their careers is likely a huge reason why they have been able to come as far as they have.

As for Violet, M3gan is not the first role she has been able to land so far. In addition, The Haunting of Hill House, Black Widow, Dr. Sleep, Ready Player One, and Special Victims Unit are a few handfuls of some of the projects she has been attached to over the years.

Her breakthrough role was that of a young Eleanor Crain on the Netflix show The Haunting of Hill House.

  • Colin McGraw Age

Colin McGraw was born Colin Patrick Mcgraw in December 1972. So, she reached the age of 49 in 2021.

  • Colin McGraw Job

Colin McGraw has been working full-time as the financial services representative from June 2020 until the time of this writing (2022).

Before this, he was self-employed in sales and business development professional seeking telecommute opportunities.

As for his education, Colin studied Bachelor of Science in Management at the United States Military Academy at West Point from 1991 through 1995.

  • Is Colin McGraw On Instagram?

Colin McGraw could be found on Facebook only and not on Instagram as of October 2022.

But then, he and his wife also regularly featured on Violet and the other kids’ Instagram that is clearly being run by her parents. Pictures of the kids with their family, friends, and co-stars are sprinkled throughout their feed, on these pages.

Violet, a self-proclaimed “dog mom”, had 2,389 posts and 135K followers on IG @violetmcgraw as of 2022.

Related FAQs

  • Are Violet McGraw’s Parents Still Married?

Violet McGraw’s parents were still married and together as of 2022. As proof of it, they constantly appeared on each other’s social media at the time of this writing.

  • How Many Kids Do Violet McGraw’s Parents Have?

Violet is the youngest child born to her parents. There are three older siblings. The eldest is Jack and there are twins Madeleine and Aiden McGraw.

Like Violet, her older siblings are also off to making their mark in Hollywood. For this, the twins actually started by becoming Bradley Cooper’s character’s children in American Sniper, based on real-life Navy Seal sharpshooter Chris Kyle.

Violet’s mother also has talked during interviews that her youngest caught the acting bug after watching her sister on the show Outcast.

The matriarch also told GMA about how her family would often drive to LA from Northern California to attend the auditions and sets of her older kids and how Violet would tag along.

Violet herself also has been spotted talking about her siblings. She has discussed how she loves playing dress-up with her sister, about Aidan being the silly/clumsy one in the family, and as for Jack, she said he is a great brother and always takes care of her.

  • Where Do Violet McGraw’s Parents Reside?

As of 2022, Violet McGraw’s parents were inhabiting Santa Clarita, a California city north of Los Angeles. This is also likely where they raised Violet and the others.

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