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Who Is Joshua Coakley? Meet Stephanie Kurtzuba Husband

Ever been to the Hudson Theatre at New York City’s Times Square? Well, Joshua Coakley is its head of properties. What’s more, he’s even married to the Blue Bloods star Stephanie Kurtzuba.

Get to know him better as this article proceeds.

Meet Joshua Coakley, Stephanie Kurtzuba Husband

Joshua Coakley first met actress Stephanie Kurtzuba at Houston’s Alley Theatre, thanks to their overlapping profession. Dating for a while, the two then married in 2005 and went on to have two kids together.

Their son, Calvin turned 15 on September 26, 2022. “Happiest of birthdays to the beautiful young man who made me a mom. Having the honor to parent these children has been the privilege of my lifetime and I am humbled by that honor. Thank you, Universe for sharing these souls with me,” Stephanie wished him a happy 14th birthday on IG.

Also, she added a blessing, “May you grow to be proud, dignified, and true. And do unto others as you’d have done to you. Be courageous and be brave and in my heart, you’ll always stay forever young.”

On the other hand, Dexter, their youngest child, turned 13 on October 6, 2022, and Stephanie didn’t write a caption for him.

Now, coming back to Joshua, he is Stephanie’s “truest love, (her) one and only, and the man who brought (her) all the love (she) ever dreamed of and more.” The actress is more than grateful for this “gift from Cupid.”

Showcasing their picture, Stephanie took it to her IG on Valentine’s day 2020 to write, “Happy V-day, y’all. May we ALL find that person who makes us feel cherished every day of our lives because we all deserve it!”

Also, the Blue Bloods star mentioned that Joshua was the “absolute best” dad and thank him for everything he did for the family.

For those who don’t know who Joshua’s wife is, Stephanie is a film and television star popular for her role as “Kimmie Belzer” in The Wolf of Wall Street. Also, she’s known for her role as “Elaine Black” in Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, and “Olivia Suconik” in The Good Wife.

Joshua Coakley Age

Joshua Coakley was 46 years of age in 2022. 

He is 4 years younger than his wife Stephanie who was born on March 20, 1972.

Joshua Coakley Job

Joshua Coakley is the Head of Properties for the Hudson Theatre —  just off New York City’s Times Square, founded in 1903. There, he is responsible for all hand props, furniture, draperies, and set dressings plus maintaining the magnificent theater’s 975 seats and artwork.

“Everything that comes into the building, from wardrobe to wigs and make-up, all goes through me. I put the pieces together to fit seamlessly. Theater is the art of storytelling, and the goal of the props is to help the show tell its truth, to envelop you in that world.” Joshua described his job.

So, how did Joshua get into theater? Well, he was intrigued by his older siblings who took dance lessons. Eventually, he got into dance and then migrated to the theater. Even at his high school, Saint Ignatius, Joshua would participate in speech and debate to keep his passion burning. “The biggest thing I got from Saint Ignatius was the ability to ask the right questions and continue digging until I got a satisfactory answer,” he recalled.

Later, he went on to study theater at Marquette University. But after realizing how hard it was to become an actor, he dropped out and started working as a technician in several children’s museums. There, he discovered how much he loved the intersection of education and play, developing exhibits, and hands-on construction.

Finally, through a series of serendipitous events, Joshua found himself working as a props carpenter at a St. Louis theater, and later jumped ship to Houston’s Alley Theatre.

His skill for props comes from his apprenticeship under a props master at Lyric Theatre. But Joshua credits most of his ability to his willingness to take on any challenge. “I can look at a phone from the 1920s, take it apart, repair it and make it work for the stage. Or if I can’t fix it, I can recreate it,” he added.

Sadly, after the 2020 pandemic, Joshua was out of commission work for 22 months.  He then sold his house and took his family cross-country in a rental RV, visiting family and national parks.

Trivia: Joshua’s most memorable show was Billie Elliot at the Imperial in 2008 — his first Broadway show and with his wife in the cast. 

Is Joshua Coakley On Instagram?

No, Joshua Coakley isn’t on Instagram or any other social media.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Joshua Coakley Birthday?

Joshua celebrates his birthday on July 20 and is of the Cancer zodiac.

On his 44th birthday, Stephanie took it to her IG to write, “Happy Birthday my love. You are the reason for it all… #hubby #partnersincrime #forever.”

  • Where Is Joshua Coakley From?

Joshua Coakley grew up near Cleveland’s Collinwood neighborhood, in St. Jerome Parish. He then moved to NYC for work. There, he got married, had kids, and after the 2020 pandemic, he moved to Hawaii and then to Denver before finally returning to work in NYC. 

As of 2022, he resided in Maplewood, NJ.

  • How Tall Is Joshua Coakley?

Joshua stands tall at a height of around 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm).

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