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Vivien Lyra Blair Age, Height, Net Worth, Family, Young Leia

American child actress Vivien Lyra Blair otherwise known for her appearance in Bird Box debuted in the much-awaited Obi-Wan Kenobi as a younger version of the iconic Princess Leia. And the viewers could not help but notice her and applaud her for the job. Her new admirers took to Twitter to write things like how the young performer perfectly embodies Leia’s spirit, wit, and intelligence.

For someone so young, Vivien is already giving advice to young girls her age. She once said that she wants girls to know they can be the hero of their own stories.

Now, read through this ‘Vivien Lyra Blair Bio’ and read through all that you have been pondering about this delightful, darling young girl.

Meet Vivien Lyra Blair, The Actress Playing Young Leia In Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan Kenobi is a television miniseries created for the streaming service Disney+. It premiered on 27 May 2022, featuring the Star Wars character of the same name.

The new series was scheduled to run for six episodes until June 22. In the first viewers are introduced to Vivien as a young Princess Leia (Leia Organa) who is kidnapped by bounty hunters. Leia, as you must already know, is Luke’s twin sister and a princess on Alderaan. She also has a sidekick droid called Lola.

So, from the very start, Vivien quickly steals the show as young Leia. In episode 2, Obi-Wan heads to Daiyu to find Leia, rescues her, and quickly tries to get out of Daiyu. While Leia runs off instead believing Obi-Wan is there to kidnap her. So, Obi-Wan ends up saving her using the Force. And like that, Obi-Wan and Leia are able to escape but not before Obi-Wan finds out that Anakin Skywalker is alive.

Vivien Lyra Blair Career

Vivien made her on-screen debut in 2017 in a film called Band Aid. Then, she starred in the limited series Waco before finding her role in Bird Box alongside Sandra Bullock.

So far, Vivien also had roles on Station 19, The First Lady, and a few more. (Of course) she also played Guppy in the Netflix movie We Can Be Heroes.

How Much Is Vivien Lyra Blair’s Net Worth?

Vivien Lyra Blair reportedly had more than $200K as her net worth as of 2022.

Within a couple of years, since Vivien made her debut in the industry, she already has five years’ worth of acting experience to her name.

Vivien Lyra Blair Age

Vivien Lyra Blair was born in 2012. So, she reached the age of 9 in 2021.

She was just a six-year-old when was named PETA’s youngest-ever spokesperson. In an adorable video released in partnership with PETA at the time, she had declared being a vegetarian since birth. And as a result, Vivien said she has always loved animals so much and that she would never think of doing anything to hurt them. At the time, she also was already taking care of three rescue animals. She said cats are her favorite.

Vivien Lyra Blair Family

Vivien’s parents are Liz Blair and Andrew A. Blair. They are the ones managing their daughter’s career and social media accounts. And also they are the ones whom Vivien considers her hero.

When asked in an interview who is her adult superhero in film, Vivien said it’s her parents who are her favorite superheroes. Only then, she said, that she also loved Tech-No or Mrs. Vox.

Her father introduces himself on social media as a father, husband, musician, digital marketing guy, skateboarder, and tech nerd. Also, on his LinkedIn, he mentioned being proud to have been a part of building and managing teams for Comcast, NBCU, GSN, as well as my own agency Riverhorse Media. He said that he has led teams on social media campaigns for Disney, Netflix, Lionsgate, Neon Pictures, and The Audience Network.

With that being said, there was so far no evidence of Vivien having any siblings.

Is Vivien Lyra Blair On Instagram?

Indeed! Vivien was on Instagram @vivienlyrablair. And though she had as many as 212K users following her on the platform, she had not yet posted anything there. This and her other accounts (@vivienlyrablair.official on TikTok with 12.5K followers, on Twitter @vivienlyrablair, and on ‘Vivien Lyra Blair’ Facebook) were managed by her parents.

Vivien Lyra Blair Height

The cutest Vivien Lyra Blair stood around 4’5” tall at the age of 9. She was several years behind before attaining her fuller height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Vivien Lyra Blair From?

Vivien hails from Los Angeles, California.

  • When Is Vivien Lyra Blair’s Birthday?

Vivien’s birthday is on the 4th of June and her zodiac sign is therefore Gemini.

  • Are Vivien Lyra Blair And Nathan Blair Related?

It is unclear if Vivien is related to Nathan Blair.

Nathan Blair, like Vivien, is from the industry and they were costars in We Can Be Heroes. On Instagram @nathan_blair_la, 16-year-old television and film actor is also known for his roles in Best. Worst. Weekend. Ever. (2018) and Legion (2017).


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