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Vivien Lyra Blair Parents: Liz and Andrew Blair! Age, Job

Fans loved to see Vivien Lyra Blair in the recently dropped and long-awaited Obi-Wan Kenobi series. The 9-year-old has already won the hearts of millions of Star Wars fans. One fan wrote on Twitter that he actually teared up so many times watching Vivien because saw Carrie Fisher in her smile. Another commented that even Carrie would have been so proud of Vivien’s portrayal of Leia.

Vivien rose to fame in Bird Box. She was just five when she starred in this Netflix hit alongside Sandra Bullock. She was blindfolded throughout most of the movie but still managed to rise to fame. Ever since and she already has five years’ worth of acting experience to her name.

And now, considering Viven’s growing popularity, it’s only fair that we also tell you about her parents. In fact, because people everywhere are anyway telling stories about Vivien and her incredible talents, we are here telling you about parents who had before this been complete strangers to even Vivien’s fans.

Who Are Vivien Lyra Blair Parents?

Vivien Lyra Blair’s parents are Liz Blair and Andrew A. Blair. They are the ones managing their daughter’s career and social media accounts. And also they are the ones whom Vivien considers her hero.

When asked in an interview who is her adult superhero in film, Vivien said it’s her parents who are her favorite superheroes. Only then, she said, that she also loved Tech-No or Mrs. Vox.

Vivien’s parents also have time and again said on social media that they are really very proud of the person their daughter has become.

Meet Vivien Lyra Blair’s Father, Andrew Blair

One time on Father’s Day, Vivien Lyra Blair wished all the dads that make their kids as happy as her dad makes her.

Vivien Lyra Blair, in a rarely found picture, with her father Andrew Blair (PIC: Facebook)

There have been other occasions as well when Andrew appeared on his daughter’s social media. On his own, he introduces himself as a father, husband, musician, digital marketing guy, skateboarder, and tech nerd.

  • Andrew Blair Age

Andrew Blair was reportedly born in 1985. So, he likely reached the age of 36 in 2021.

  • Andrew Blair Job

On his alleged LinkedIn, Andrew Blair mentioned being proud to have been a part of building and managing teams for Comcast, NBCU, GSN, as well as my own agency Riverhorse Media. He said that he has led teams on social media campaigns for Disney, Netflix, Lionsgate, Neon Pictures, and The Audience Network.

Lately, in March 2022, he started working full-time as marketing director for Pineapple Express in Hollywood and Palm Springs. At the same time, he continued being the founder of his Los Angeles-based marketing and strategy agency called Riverhorse Media which he established in 2011.

Andrew also was formerly a director of marketing at Sony Pictures Entertainment and a social media manager at NBC Universal. And also back in the day, he studied at the University of Nevada; for not even a year in 2008 at the University of California; and for not even a year in 2012 at The Wharton School.

  • Is Andrew Blair On Instagram?

Andrew Blair did not seem to be on Instagram as of 2022. But he did help his wife with their daughters’ Instagram @vivienlyrablair.

And Andrew also occasionally stayed active on ‘Andrew A Blair’ Facebook.

Meet Vivien Lyra Blair’s Mother, Liz Blair

When answering “Who is your hero?” once, Vivien Lyra Blair had said it is her mom that she considers her hero. For someone so young, she also incredibly added that nothing would be possible without her mom. “I’m going to have to say that my hero is my mom absolutely because none of what I do now would be possible without her”, these were her exact words.

Liz is believed to take good care of her daughter and everyone in the family. And one can often spot her on Vivien’s social media sharings, during times like when Vivien and her mother go outdoors, dine outside or go shopping.

  • Liz Blair Age

Liz Blair was reportedly born before 1988. So, she likely reached the age of 33 in 2021.

  • Liz Blair Job

Unlike of Andrew, there was not at all information about Liz’s profession and career. Even her LinkedIn account could not be located, as of the time of this writing.

But the way she wrote “used to sing for lots, now just one” on her social media BIO suggests maybe she used to be a singer back in the days.

  • Is Liz Blair On Instagram?

Liz Blair could be found on Instagram @217blair as of 29 May 2022. And though she had 826 posts (and 277 followers) on the page, she chose to keep it on private.

Liz also occasionally kept her people posted on ‘Liz Blair’ Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Are Vivien Lyra Blair’s Parents Still Married?

Vivien Lyra Blair’s parents could be still married. In fact, as of 2022, there actually seemed to be good chances that this couple is still husband and wife. As Andrew also continued to introduce himself also as a ‘husband’ among other things. Also, both Andrew and Liz continued sharing glimpses of their life with their daughter on their respective social media.

  • How Many Kids Do Vivien Lyra Blair’s Parents Have?

Vivien Lyra Blair appears to be the only child of her parents. There was no evidence of Andrew and Liz with another child (as of 2022).

  • Where Do Vivien Lyra Blair’s Parents Live?

Both of Vivien Lyra Blair’s parents were based in Los Angeles, California (as of 2022). The city was also where Vivien was born.

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