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Walker Scobell Net Worth, Siblings, Height, The Adam Project

Meet actor Walker Scobell who stands out as young Adam Reed in a 2022 American film The Adam Project starring Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, and Jennifer Garner.

Production on the film first began in 2012 with Tom Cruise attached to star. However, it fell into development hell until Netflix acquired the distribution rights and dropped it on 11 March 2022.

Following the positive reviews from critics for the performances, Shawn Levy’s direction, and visuals, fans have been especially intrigued and curious about Walker Scobell, of whom we are going to talk about now.

Walker Scobell On Netflix’s The Adam Project

The plot follows fighter pilot Adam Reed (actor Ryan Reynolds) who goes back in time and encounters his younger self played by none other than Walker Scobell.

So, Walker lays the same character as Reynolds at different periods of his life in the sci-fi action comedy film.

As the story unfolds older Adam reluctantly enlists Walker’s character to help to repair his jet which he needs to look for his wife, Laura, who was supposedly killed in a crash while on a mission in 2018. (Of course) the mission is also likely to prevent a dark future. And before that happens, viewers get to enjoy Walker’s character confront Adam with his long-held traumas from the past.

Anyway, Walker just wowed Shawn and Ryan by nailing the Deadpool star’s impression from the movie. His director was also amazed to see Walker keep up with Ryan when it came to improvised dialogue.

By the end of it, Walker also formed a “buddy” like friendship with Ryan as they spent a lot of time together when they were not filming. And now the budding actor can not talk about him in his interviews. He shared that Ryan taught him every single thing.

Walker Scobell Net Worth

Walker Scobell reportedly held $150K as his net worth by March 2022.

The same year, he got The Adam Project, Walker also appeared in the film Secret Headquarters.

Walker learned to love acting in elementary school drama class and through his experience in a middle school play. Then, after a trip to California, he decided to do it professionally. (Of course, it was his parents getting all things done.)

A huge fan of superhero movies, he had started watching the likes of Deadpool ever since he was 7. So, as he started acting, he always thought he would someday work with Robert Downey Jr. and meet Stan Lee. He had counted them as his goals. (We guess he can only accomplish one of these dreams now.)

Speaking of his school and academics, Walker was originally just going to do real school. But with his career getting busier than ever, his mom decided to do homeschooling and get him the best teachers.

And whenever Walker is not filming and doing school works, he takes great joy in some of the more extreme sports such as snowboarding, skateboarding, and parkour.

How Many Siblings Does Walker Scobell Have?

Walker Scobell’s parents Pete and Heather Walker Scobell both graduated from the same high school (Fairview High School). By the time Heather was in the 5th grade, his sister Leena was in the 7th, and his brother Tanner in the 3rd grade, the family had already moved 9 times (since 2005). At this point, the family was based in Fairview, Butler County, Pennsylvania.

A family portrait, with much younger Walker Scobell pictured in the center back in 2015 (PIC: LinkedIn)

So, yes. Walker is a middle child and there are three young Scobells in the family. And born into a military family, the kids have lived all over from sunny California to the mountains of Colorado.

Walker Scobell Height

Brown-haired and blue-eyed Walker Scobell stood 4 feet 11 inches tall when he started in The Adam Project. (So you know, this film that we are talking about wrapped filming in March 2021.)

Where Does Walker Scobell Live?

As of the time of this writing, both of Walker Scobell’s parents were based in Carbondale in Illinois. So, because Walker lives with them he also lived somewhere in Carbondale.

You may also like to know that Walker’s dad Pete is not only a celebrated member of the elite Navy SEALs but also a talented songwriter and musician. He had recorded “Hearts I Leave Behind” also featuring Wynona Judd which in its time reached the top of the country music charts.

Walker’s mother, who turned 46 in 2021, on the other hand, was on the board of members at Lake Shore Country Club Board.

Lastly, let us tell you that Walker’s grandparents are Margie and Robert F. Walker of Fairview.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Walker Scobell?

Born on 6 January 2009, Walker Scobell turned 13 years old in 2022.

  • Is Walker Scobell On TikTok And Twitter?

Walker Scobell did acquire a Twitter handle @WalkerScobell where he claimed to be also on TikTok @walkerscobell_. However, the account no longer seemed to exist.

Walker however could be found on Instagram @walker.scobell where he entertained 48K followers as of 14 March 2022.

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