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Walker Scobell Parents: Peter (Dad) And Melissa Scobell (Mom)

The child actor, Walker Scobell stepped into the limelight with his portrayal of younger Adam Reed in Netflix’s The Adam Project in 2022. Being harshly treated by his own older self (Ryan Reynolds), Walker’s journey alongside Ryan has been praised for its heart and fun spectacle by many critics.

Well, if this lovely child has already captured your heart, you won’t be disappointed to learn about his parents as well. Keep reading and find out who Walker Scobell Parents: Peter (dad) and Melissa Scobell (mom) are.

Who Are Walker Scobell Parents?

Walker Scobell’s parents, Peter and Melissa Scobell are his inspiration and his heroes. They’ve always been supportive of his passion. No wonder, he always explains how he loves them “to the moon and back which is about 480,000 miles.”

We often get to see his parents over his socials; especially in celebrations and always with lovely captions. However, Walker said that he wasn’t “very good at writing those moving and inspirational paragraphs.” Thus, he kept them short on sweet.

On his mom’s birthday in 2021 (i.e on September 30), Walker took it to his IG to share a pic of her caption, “Happy birthday mom!!! I love you to the moon and back!!! and like I explained in my last post about dad, that is a very, very, very long way, love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Likewise, Peter and Melissa find themselves blessed to have had such a talented child. Besides The Adam Project, Walker also appeared in the film Secret Headquarters in 2022. Also, he’s graced the stage of Entertainment Tonight and Today that same year.

This child actor began his acting while he was still in elementary school. But it was only after a  trip to California, he decided to pursue a career professionally and started working on his craft.

He’s a big fan of superhero movies with favorites including Deadpool and Avengers: Endgame. And this was also the reason he was able to nail Ryan Reynolds’ impression in The Adam Project.

Meet Walker Scobell Dad, Peter Scobell

The Adam Project actor Walker Scobell was born to his father Peter Scobell. The father-son duo is very close.

To learn more about Walker Scobell’s dad, continue reading!

  • Peter Scobell Age

Peter Scobell was 44 years of age when The Adam Project premiered in 2022.

However, since his birthday is on March 31, he would be 45 just the next month.

  • Peter Scobell Job

Peter Scobell is a U.S. Naval SEAL-turned-song writer and recording artist.

He joined the military after training as a SEAL and being selected to attend the Naval Academy Preparatory School in 2003. Reportedly, at the Naval Academy, he set the freshman pole vault record at 16’3” which still stood at the time of writing this article. Also, he competed on the rugby team and participated in two NCAA tournaments.

So, after retaining from the military, Peter pursued his long-time passion for music and got the chance to record a song for the movie Hornet’s Nest. And thus, after meeting producer Cactus Moser and Wynonna Judd on the set, his musical career took off.

Peter then went on to record two albums and toured with Wynonna and Cactus.

A tribute to his fellow military man, one of his songs even honored the late Chris Kyle, a United States Navy SEAL sniper who served four tours in the Iraq War.

Besides music, Peter also frequently spoke on traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD and worked on behalf of returning veterans through various veteran nonprofit organizations. He even once presented a speech at the annual Points of Light Conference on Volunteering and Service 25th anniversary program in Houston, TX.

Also, Pete is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Valor Industries, a disruptive sports equipment manufacturer.

  • Is Peter Scobell On Instagram?

Yes, find him over Instagram @petescobellband.

Also, here’s his Facebook @petescobellband.

Meet Walker Scobell Mom, Melissa Scobell

Walker Scobell is equally close to his other parents — his mom, Melissa Scobell.

Here’s everything you need to know about Melissa:

  • Melissa Scobell Age

Melissa Scobell was born on September 30, 1975. That made her 46 years of age in 2022; a year older than Walker’s dad.

Also, that means Melissa had Walker at 33.

  • Melissa Scobell Job

Melissa Scobell was the “By-Laws Chair, Social Chair, and Vice Pool,” of the Lake Shore Country Club Board.

Besides that, we have no information on what her past jobs were.

As for her maiden name, it’s “Walker.” She is the daughter of Robert F. and Margie Walker.

Sadly, her grandmother Florence Belle (Shaw) Walker passed away in 2022 at the age of 97.

  • Is Melissa Scobell On Instagram?

Yes, here’s her Instagram @walkerheather3.

Related FAQs

  • Are Walker Scobell Parents Still Married?

Yes, Walker Scobell’s parents Peter and Melissa Scobell are still likely married.

Reportedly, they first met during their time at Fairview High School. But Peter is 1995) while Heather graduated in 1993).

  • Where Do Walker Scobell Parents Live?

As of 2022, Walker’s parents lived in Carbondale, Colorado.

They’ve moved over 10 times to be where they are.

  • How Many Kids Do Walker Scobell Parents Have?

Walker’s parents, Peter and Melissa Scobell share three kids — Leena (9th grade), Walker (7th grade), and Tanner (6th grade), as of 2022.

Their daughter, Leena is blessed with a beautiful voice and has performed beside her dad on quite a few occasions.

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