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Walter Schumacher Sons: Odin, Bodhi, And William Schumacher

Meet Walter Schumacher Sons — Odin, Bodhi, and William Schumacher.

Here you’ll learn about their mother, their age, and their job along with their relationship with each other. We also touch on the topic of whether they appear on their father’s Discovery show or not.

Delve into this article to learn more about Walter Schumacher’s boys.

Who Are Walter Schumacher Sons?

Discovery’s “Bee Czar” explores the life of Walter Schumacher who has been harvesting and protecting bees for over a decade. In the trailer of the show, viewers learned that he is the single dad of two kids. Odin and Bodhi, his sons, appear on the teaser, and Odin speaks, “He is special. Almost people would just figure out the best way to do it. He finds the weirdest way to do it.”

But, Walter’s eldest son is William Schumacher. Learn about all three of his sons below.

Meet Walter Schumacher Younger Son, Odin Schumacher

Odin Schumacher is the youngest of Walter Schumacher’s three sons. As already stated he appears on the teaser of Discovery’s TV show. Odin is very athletic. He loves spending time on the beach, playing with poisonous animals, climbing walls, basically anything he feels challenging.

  • Odin Schumacher Age

In January 2022, Odin Schumacher turned 10 years old. He celebrates his birthday on 19 January.

  • Who Is Odin Schumacher’s Mother?

Odin Schumacher’s mother is Tina Lee.

  • Is Odin Schumacher On Instagram?

No, Odin Schumacher doesn’t have an Instagram account. However, he has been featured on his father as well as his paternal grandmother’s Facebook post.

Meet Walter Schumacher Middle Son, Bodhi Schumacher

The middle son of Walter Schumacher is Bodhisattva Schumacher. He seems to be featured on the show as he appeared in the teaser.

  • Bodhi Schumacher Age

Bodhi Schumacher turned 13 years old in October 2021. He celebrates his birthday on 15 October.

  • Who Is Bodhi Schumacher’s Mother?

Bodhi and his younger brother Odin are the sons of Tina Lee.

  • Is Bodhi Schumacher On Instagram?

Like his brother, Bodhi Schumacher also doesn’t have an Instagram account. He too features on his father’s Facebook account, most recently on his 13th birthday.

Meet Walter Schumacher Older Son, William Schumacher

One other son Walter Schumacher didn’t mention on the teaser of the show was his eldest son William Schumacher. However, William is also featured in the teaser. The producer asks him, “Do you think he has a special connection with the bees?” William replies, “I think that he believes that he has a special connection with the bees.”

  • William Schumacher Age

Born on 7 January 1996, as of 2022, William Levi Schumacher is 26 years old.

  • William Schumacher Job

According to William Schumacher’s IG bio, he is working as the Chief Operating Officer of the American Honey Bee Protection Agency (AHBPA). He graduated college as the class of 2017. Right after that, he packed his bag and traveled to Europe. He went to Amsterdam, Netherlands.

A few days later, William posted on his Instagram that he had started working at a Christian hostel in Amsterdam. They invited him to go see @switchfoot. Then, he traveled to Italy and stayed there for almost a month. Then William moved to Hungary, followed by Greenland, Holland. By December 2017, he was back in Amsterdam.

  • Who Is William Schumacher’s Mother?

On Facebook, William Schumacher has stated that his mother is Nina Marlow.

Nina works at Sarah Lively Middle School campaign. After her separation from William’s father Walter, she seems to be in a relationship/married as she attended her son’s wedding with a partner. They have been together at least since July 2018.

Williams’s mother is an actress at Gaslight-Baker Theatre.

  • Is William Schumacher On Instagram? 

Yes, William Schumacher is on Instagram (@william_schumacher) and Facebook (@old.cheesy).

  • William Schumacher Wife

William Schumacher is married to his wife Meredith Schumacher (@merrr___). They tied the knots in May 2019. They were first spotted together in April 2018. Meredith wrote on her IG post, “He makes me laugh. I think I’ll keep him around.” She is a 2019 graduate of St. Johnsbury Academy.

In early February 2019, Meredith wrote on her IG, “almost two months being engaged to you.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Walter Schumacher Sons Live?

Walter Schumacher’s sons William, Odin, and Bodhi live in Austin Texas.

  • Are Walter Schumacher Sons Close?

Yes, All three sons of Walter Schumacher are very close to each other. On National Siblings Day 2017, he posted pictures of his two younger brothers on his Instagram.

  • Do Walter Schumacher Sons Appear On Discovery’s Bee Czar?

Yes, it appears all three sons of Walter Schumacher appear on Discovery’s “Bee Czar”.

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