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Wanda Satterthwaite Age, Job, Rymir Satterthwaite Mother

Get to know about Wanda Satterthwaite, the mother of rapper and businessman Jay Z’s alleged love child. Who is she? Where does she live? What does she do for a living?

Read all about it in this piece below.

Meet Wanda Satterthwaite, Jay-Z’s Alleged Love Child Rymir Satterthwaite Mother

Rymir Satterthwaite, an alleged love child of Billionaire rapper Jay-Z has filed a court order to make him take a DNA test, according to a report. DailyMail reported that the 30-year-old man said that he’ll stop at nothing for the 24-time Grammy winner to acknowledge his existence, and insists that that’s all he wants from him.

“This is not going to be over until justice is served,” Rymir told Daily Mail. “I just want to live my life and, when it is all said and done, I hope that Jay-Z would want to be a part of my life if that is God’s will. I won’t stop fighting for this until I win. And I will win because the law is on our side.”

According to the outlet, Jay-Z, the actual name is Shawn Carter, supposedly had Rymir with Wanda Satterthwaite in the early 1990s during their intermittent relationship. The publication claims that by the time Satterthwaite was born in July 1992, the rapper had broken up with Wanda, leading her to name Robert Graves, her high school sweetheart, as Satterthwaite’s father.

Rymir shared that Wanda told him Jay was his biological father when he was 8 years old. Wanda originally sued the rapper for child support in New Jersey in 2011. Because it was initially filed in the wrong state, the lawsuit was ultimately dismissed and was never re-filed.

Sadly, Wanda passed away in 2019 and insisted until the day she died that Jay-Z is the father of her son, Rymir. Wanda made the bombshell claims in a document dated February 25, 2015, claiming that she and Jay-Z had ‘protected sex’ but that the ‘protection collapsed’, that they had met through a common friend, and that they had spent the night together at the rapper’s aunt’s apartment in Brooklyn.

The accusations made by all parties involved, including Wanda, Rymir, and Rymir’s godmother Lillie Collie, to whom Wanda granted custody after falling ill and being unable to care for her son, has been consistently refuted by Jay-Z’s legal team.

Wanda claimed in the affidavit that Jay-Z was known as “Rock” at the time of her encounter with the rapper, which was a precursor to his billion-dollar business, Roc Nation. She states in the affidavit that Jay-Z did not know her by her own name, Wanda and that she went by the nicknames “Carmel” and “Precious.” Wanda claims that she first met Jay-Z in 1992 when she was 16 years old and a senior in high school.

Born and reared in Brooklyn, New York, Jay-Z was 22 years old. The only person who was aware of the alleged encounter, according to Wanda, was her friend Kaleesha Allen, who signed the declaration as an eyewitness.

The affidavit continues with Wanda alleging that Jay-Z and his friend – who was not named in the document – ‘returned two weeks later to see’ her and Kaleesha, but that Kaleesha was not there at the time because she was ‘having problems at home’.

“Shawn asked me to leave with him, but I told him I could not because my mother would be upset,” she wrote. “I never saw him again until a year later on television, but I had no idea of his real name until later and did not know how to reach him.”

His fresh motion, which covered 29 pages and highlighted particular arguments from the case, was denied by the Supreme Court. The court ruled that it lacked the authority to unseal trial court records or to reopen cases in the appeals court. Then, on May 8, the Appellate division refused a motion Rymir had submitted. He declares that he will now appeal to the District Court.

Wanda gave Rymir’s godmother Lillie Coley custody of her kid in 2011, and Lillie has been advocating for Rymir ever since. Lillie told, ‘I was just trying to help my goddaughter’s child have a relationship with his father.’ Recounting how Rymir was forced to accept the fact that his mother was dying at the time, Lillie added, “It was so hard on him because he was ripped away from his mom and had no one to call dad.”

Wanda hasn’t updated her FB since March 2019. Her last FB post read “That’s true.” She was also engaged at the time.

Does Wanda Satterthwaite Have Any Other Kids?

No, Rymir Satterthwaite seems to be the only child of Wanda Satterthwaite.

Wanda Satterthwaite Age

At the time of her death in 2019, Wanda Satterthwaite was 42 years old.

Wanda Satterthwaite Job

On her Facebook, Wanda Satterthwaite has shared that she works in Pennsylvania. However, she avoided divulging details about her job and workplace. Her FB also states that she left Susquehanna Twp High School in 2006.

As for her son, Rymir has worked as a line cook at Red Lobster. He is also an aspiring rapper.

Is Wanda Satterthwaite On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Wanda Satterthwaite is available on Facebook (@wanda.satterthwaite.79).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Wanda Satterthwaite From?

Wanda Satterthwaite was living in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania at the time of her death. She is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  • When Is Wanda Satterthwaite Birthday?

Wanda Satterthwaite’s birthday is in June.

  • How Tall Is Wanda Satterthwaite?

Picture shared on her Facebook revealed that Wanda Satterthwaite stood tall at the height of 5 feet 6 inches.

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