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Wanelda Farmer Biography, Age, Son, Weight Loss, Sister

Wanelda Farmer is popular on Facebook and TikTok. She is married to her husband Gary but their marriage appears to be crumbling based on their recent TikTok. The West Virginia native also shares about her son and her sister in her posts. Who are they?

We discuss all of that here in this article below.

What Happened To Wanelda Farmer And Gary Farmer?

Facebook and TikTok content creator Wanelda Farmer published a lengthy TikTok around the middle of July 2023. She seized the opportunity to discuss her marriage to husband Gary Farmer, which was said to be in trouble at the time. Many thought that Gary’s drinking problem caused their tough time, or even that Gary had an affair with Wanelda when they were dating. Wanelda was hesitant to share the whole story, but she did wish to dispel some of the more lewd rumors about her marriage.

“I feel like there’s a lot of assumptions being made and a lot of conclusions being drawn that aren’t true and I hate for somebody to think something that isn’t true,” Wanelda explained in her TikTok.

First and foremost, she stated that Gary has no known alcohol-related concerns. No one has also cheated on the other party. Wanelda even remarked that she and Gary are “very civil” at the moment. And also, they apparently talk to each other on a daily basis.

She did, however, make reference to divorce in a manner that implied she and Gary were divorcing.

“Divorce can be nasty, separation can be nasty, break-ups can be nasty,” Wanelda admitted. Later on, she added, “Nobody knows what’s really went on in my home or what I’ve been through.”

Wanelda refused to go into further detail, claiming that “some things don’t need to be told.” She only explained on TikTok that there was no “big event” that precipitated their breakup. “Sometimes, things just don’t work out,” she relayed. “When you meet someone, I think people put on a different facade to a certain extent. And over time, that facade kind of drifts away and you go back to who you really are, who you are naturally. And that’s not always the person the other one fell in love with.”

Wanelda has since refrained from discussing the “dirty details” of their divorce, but she did note that their children have supported various parents throughout the ordeal. She did, however, unintentionally express some bitterness over the setback. In her TikTok, she stated, “For a woman to pick up and leave a home that she funded and leave 90 percent of her belongings there, that says a lot.”

While Wanelda has still stated “married” as her relationship status, Gary has changed it to “single.”

On January 1, 2018, Gary Farmer and Wanelda Farmer went on their first date. After dating for a little over a year, the pair was married on February 28, 2019.

Divulging a few details about their wedding night, Wanelda posted on her Facebook in 2020, “A year ago on this night I went to Michaels to find a dress to get married in. My THIRD marriage at that. my mom and Breezy went with me … it was a last-minute wedding but WOW it turned out more than perfect. Nothing will ever take that night from me .. I married Gary in my grandma’s barn… a barn a grew up in.. so many memories were made in that barn… as a child and as an adult. ”

She added, “Tomorrow is our one-year anniversary… my grandma entered a nursing home this week. I want so badly to be in WV with my family to help and be there for my mommy but I grew up and moved away. The last few weeks have been hard for my family in WV. I hate that I can’t be there every day but life’s about changing and nothing EVER stays the same. That’s a song actually… and music is healing.”

Wanelda concluded, “I found a dress. I felt beautiful in it. It was raining and cold but none of that mattered. I knew Gary would be the one I would be buried beside of I knew it the day I met him. Our life has been TOTAL CHAOS with sickness and drama but somewhere along the way I grew up and realized that life isn’t perfect it’s what you make of it… and I’m gonna make the best of it. Happy anniversary Gary!! Despite our flaws, we are killing it and I wouldn’t want anyone else beside me right now.

For Wanelda, it is her third marriage. Gary also had two broken marriages before he met Wanelda.

Wanelda Farmer Son

Wanelda Farmer has a son named Maverick Johnson. She had Maverick with her ex-husband Chris Johnson. Wanelda’s son has autism and he turned 9 on 2 October 2022.

In April 2019, Wanelda shared about Maverick writing, “THIS!!!! I am a mother of six and one of those six, the baby, Maverick….has autism. He is nonverbal …. I’ve never had a conversation with my child. I’ve never heard him say “mom” or “mommy” or “mama” I’ve heard him mimic sounds…. he is also very hard of hearing… have you ever tried to teach a child that can’t hear and has special needs how to speak, sign, or use one of the hundreds of “tools” out there designed for a child like mine? Exactly!! It’s HARD.”

Wanelda concluded, ” Nothing about raising this child has been easy! It’s a struggle-DAILY!! This month is Autism Awareness Month! Tomorrow is Autism Awareness Day!! I hope to do several videos this month on being the mother of an autistic child in hopes of spreading awareness and maybe relating with other mothers out there that deal with this as well. He is precious to me and it takes a village to raise our lil Maverick!!!”

Besides Maverick, they also shared a daughter named Maggie who turned 11 in November 2022.

Gary and Wanelda are parents to six children.

Wanelda had her two daughters Abigail KayLynn Triplett and Brianna Reese Triplett with her ex-husband Herbert Triplett. Her first-born daughter Abigail turned 23 in December 2022. Brianna Reese turned 18 in May 2023.

In 2020, Wanelda wrote of her children, “Jakob Farmer…. towering over me by 5” Now Abigail and Breezy have me by a couple of inches as well…. my only hope is Maggie. She’s gonna be a shorty like her momma!!!.”

Gary has two children from a previous marriage. His daughter Natalie turned 13 in January 2023. Meanwhile, his son Jakob turned 16 in October 2022.

Wanelda Farmer Age

Born in August 1977, Wanelda Farmer reached the age of 46 years old in 2023.

Who Is Wanelda Farmer Sister?

Wanelda Farmer has a sister named Heather Kirk.

Heather is a Family Nurse Practitioner at MedExpress, per her LinkedIn. She has previously worked for Ohio Valley Physicians, Logan Regional Medical Center, and WEST VIRGINIA HEART & VASCULAR INSTITUTE LOGAN INC.

Heather attended Berea College and Mountain State University.

Since October 1999, Heather has been married to her husband Chris Kirk. She is a mother to three children AJ Kirk, Garrett Jackson, and Zoe Kirk.

Wanelda Farmer Net Worth

In 2023, Wanelda Farmer’s net worth is below $500 thousand.

Wanelda Farmer Height

Wanelda Farmer’s height measures under 5 feet 4 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Wanelda Farmer Birthday?

Wanelda Farmer celebrates her birthday on 31 August.

  • Where Is Wanelda Farmer From?

Wanelda Farmer calls Chapmanville, West Virginia.

  • Is Wanelda Farmer On Facebook?

Yes, Wanelda Farmer is available on Facebook (@wanelda.hensley & @Neldahensley).

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