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Whitney Bates Parents: Meet James And Lynn Perkins!

Whitney Eileen Bates (née Perkins) rose to fame after marrying Zach Bates, the eldest child of the famous Bates family. People have known her for her appearance alongside Zach and his extensive family on Bringing Up Bates show.

In this writing, we shall tell you all about Whitney’s parents, who they are, and what they have been up to.

Who Are Whitney Bates Parents?

Whitney Eileen Perkins was born on 21 September 1993, to James Perkins and Lynn Perkins. Then, when she turned 13, she was placed into foster care for unknown reasons. She was after that taken in by Johnny and Lydia Owens, the parents of her friend Laklee Owens who had recently died in a car accident.

When Whitney was 16, the Owen couple was granted full custody of her. Due to her age though, Whitney chose not to change her last name to Owens.

As of now, it was not understood why Whitney was fostered by Johnny and Lydia.

Meet James Perkins, Whitney Bates Father

Fans of Bringing Up Bates may recall hearing about the passing of Whitney’s biological father, Jimmy Carl “J. C.” Perkins/AKA James Perkins, on 27 November 2021. That year, he suffered complications after a procedure and ended up in the ICU. After that, he was placed on a ventilator and dialysis as his organs began shutting down and soon he passed away at the age of 68.

Whitney had taken to her IG to thank everyone for taking the time to pray for her daddy and for her family. After that, she gushed about her deceased dad at great length. There has never been a better, more loving, more forgiving, happier, Christ-honoring father than her dad, JC Perkins, she said. She also added that this man loved her and her mama more than anything in this world. According to her, Zach and their kids were also the apple of his eye.

James, as per his obituary, was a devoted Deacon and a Joyful servant of the Lord. They say he was a faithful member of Long Hollow Baptist Church.

James was clearly very proud of his daughter Whitney. On his Facebook, he used to invite people to reach out to Whitney for all their real estate needs.

As for James himself, he owned and operated Perkins Drywall Company in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Meet Lynn Perkins, Whitney Bates Mother

Whitney Bates’s mother’s full name is Terry Lynn Berry Perkins. She was born in April 1958 and so she turned 65 years old in 2023.

As of September 2020, Lynn did not have a Facebook account or accounts on other platforms. Yet, she did occasionally appear on Whitney’s. On Mother’s Day, for instance, Whitney sharing this picture of them together from her wedding referred to Lynn as her “amazing and gorgeous mama”. She said Lynn is the strength and passion that blows her away. She continued to write “Your thoughtfulness for others is unbelievable and the relentless love you have for me and everyone around you is incredible! I literally love you so much!!🥰 You’re truly the BEST.. today and every day of the year!”.

Related FAQs

  • How Long Were Whitney Bates Parents Married?

Whitney’s late dad before passing away in November 2021, had met his mama, Lynn, over 40 years ago. Speaking of the dates, these two got married in 1986 and were married for 35 years until one of them chose to leave in 2021.

Also, once on a FB post in January 2016, Whitney’s dad talked about the three most memorable services that he was a part of. One, he said, was the one he got saved in, 2 the one Whitney got saved in, and 3 the one he met Lynn in.

  • How Many Kids Did Whitney Bates Parents Have?

Whitney Bates is her biological parents’ only child. While her adoptive parents adopted a total of eleven children, including Whitney.

It is believed that when Whitney was 13, she was removed from her parents’ custody for undisclosed reasons. This had resulted in their fall out and Whitney was taken in by her adoptive parents. Whitney refers to them as her adoptive parents, but it is not clear if she was also legally adopted by them.

Today, by the look at Whitney’s social media exchange or what’s been shown on Bringing Up Bates, it appears as though she is no longer as close with her adoptive parents. But then, there must be a lot going on outside of Bringing Up Bates. And lately, Whitney must be very occupied in her own life as just on 15 August 2023, she and Zach welcomed a fifth baby, Lily Jo Bates.

Whitney and Zach have known each other since meeting for the first time at a local Sonic in 2011. In July 2013, they entered an official courtship, and in September of that year, they were engaged. In January 2019, the two renewed their vows. This memorable event of their life was even documented in an episode of season 8 of Bringing Up Bates. Beautiful Whitney had her dad walk her down the aisle and her mama there to help her get ready.

  • Where Did Whitney Bates Parents Live?

Whitney Bates’s dad is no more, while her mom contained residing in Jacksboro, a city in Jack County, Texas, in the United States.

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