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Wayne Varley Bio, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Street Outlaws

Wayne Varley is a legendary street racer. He was one of the OG cast of Street Outlaws ever since it premiered in 2013. But sadly, the guy disappeared from the show circa 2018, only to update fans years later that he was on the “road to recovery.”

So, what happened? Let’s get to know all about the racer and more as this Wayne Varley Bio proceeds.

What Happened To Wayne Varley From Street Outlaws?

Wayne Varley underwent open heart surgery in May 2018. This was the reason why he left Street Outlaws.

According to his wife, Wayne was in a lot of pain, vomiting, and mainly just sleeping and trying his hardest to get stronger. “It is only 2 days post open heart surgery so please understand that he is physically not able to respond to texts, calls etc. I am updating as I can and trying to respond to everyone as he loves all of you guys dearly and I know you all understand that first and foremost I need to be here for Wayne and help him with his recovery,” she updated fans via his FB on May 10, 2018.

Also, just a day before that, she shared that Wayne’s pain had been pretty unbearable and he felt nauseous and very restless. “They have upped his pain meds and are giving him something for the nausea,” she added.

Thankfully, Wayne had his wife by his side all along his suffering. “Truth, my beautiful wife never left my side the first time and again last 2 weeks love her forever and ever,” he wrote on FB in November 2021.

Later, via a  Facebook post in July 2022, he revealed he was on the “road to recovery” and again praised his wife for never leaving his hospital bedside and supporting him throughout the whole time. “She never left my side since then I’ve had multiple surgeries she never left my side,” he explained. “She is a god sent she still cares for me.”

How Much Is Wayne Varley Net Worth?

Wayne Varley flaunted a net worth of over $1 million in 2023.

This street legend started working on Ford cars just at the age of 12 in Yorkshire! At 16, he then moved to the US, got a job at Mcdonald’s, and saved up for his first car. However, along the journey, he adopted 8 and raised 9 children, which put a financial strain on him, thanks to which he started taking odd jobs on the side.

But Wayne never gave up on his passion for racing. Whilst working odd jobs, he also started hitting the streets hard after purchasing his 1980 Ford Fox Body Mustang — better known in the Oklahoma scene as The Gold Car.

For his Gold Car, Wayne never used anything other than a Ford engine, thus making it the only Ford engine on Street Outlaws.

Overall, Wayne’s raced the car for decades. But now, he’s stepped out of the driver’s seat and spends his time at Varley’s Auto and Performance where he does classic auto restoration, mustang performance, and general auto and small truck repair

As for the Gold Car, his son Tony is now the man behind the wheel. After a few changes to the car, Tony is confident he can restore The Gold Car’s old pride and glory at the top of “The List.”

The Gold Car with a 572 Cubic Inch Big Block Ford Engine and Wiseco High-Performance Pistons has amassed a bunch of followers on FB @TheGoldCar.

Wayne Varley Age

Wayne Varley was 63 years of age in 2023.

How Tall Is Wayne Varley?

Wayne Varley stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm).

His distinct features include — blue eyes, reduced hairlines, and an earring.

Wayne Varley Wife

Wayne Varley married his wife Denise Varley on October 1, 2021. The two tied the knot at least after 8 years of relationship.

“You know u got the right girl when you’re like, “Baby I’m going to hell” and she’s like, let me get my shit ….#ride or die, Denise,” the Street Outlaws wrote on FB.

His wife, Denise is into interior designing and decorating. Also, she’s into crafting and fitness. Describing herself, she wrote on FB, “NJ Girl in an Ok !!”

But Denise isn’t his first wife. He was previously married to Michelle Stettinger-Varley who was born in Feb 1964 in  New York, New York.

Wayne and Michelle share a son named Wayne Varley Jr. He is an Oklahoma City, Oklahoma native who attended Metro Career Academy. Now, he works at Harvest R Us, OnlyFans, and MedLine.

On Wayne Jr’s birthday (i.e. on Jan 26) in 2013, Wayne took to his FB to write, “To my son, I’ve watched you grow from a baby, to a child, to a young man, and all the way you have given me the most joy..a father could ask for. I love you so much. Happy birthday son have a great day.”

Trivia: Besides Wayne Jr, Wayne has 8 other children all of whom are adopted.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Wayne Varley Birthday?

Wayne receives his birthday wishes on November 25 and is of the Sagittarius zodiac.

  • Where Is Wayne Varley From?

Wayne hails from Oklahoma City, OK.

  • Is Wayne Varley On Instagram And Facebook?

Find him on Instagram @varleystreetoutlaws and Facebook @wayne.d.varley.

Also, here’s his Twitter @VarleyStOutlaws.

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