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Waz Addy Bio, Age, Real Name, Married, N*ked And Afraid

Australian survivalist Waz Addy is back for N*ked and Afraid: Last One Standing. Here are a few updates that are related to his personal and professional life. The answer unfolds as this article proceeds.

So, tag along and read all about him.

Waz Addy On N*ked And Afraid: Last One Standing

Waz Addy is one of the 12 contestants on Discovery’s newest installment of the popular show N*ked and Afraid called Last One Standing. The stake is high with $100K in line and 11 competitors he has to “out-survive.”

Phase one of the challenge sees pairs of survivalists competing to survive for 21 days in the woods. Food, drink, a fire, and shelter must all be found by each pair on their own. But in a Naked and Afraid first, they’ll also need to work for the survival tools they’ll need, which are hidden in the surroundings. They’ll move to a different area every week to push their abilities to the utmost. A competitor’s partner is also eliminated if they decide to tap out at any time throughout the match.

The remaining survivors will participate in a group challenge in the second round of the game where they will face off against and with their colleagues. The show’s third and most intense segment is its conclusion. The three-day journey to extraction will be for everyone for themselves for the survivalists. The winner of the contest will receive the six-figure award and Naked and Afraid’s first perfect 10 Primitive Survival rating in addition to winning.

He previously appeared on Naked and Afraid XL where he appeared on 16 episodes.

Waz Addy Age

As of May 2023, Waz Addy is 42 years old. He was born in January 1981.

What Is Waz Addy Real Name?

While the name is quite unconventional, Waz Addy is apparently his real name.

Waz Addy Family

Waz Addy hailed from Sydney, Australia. In April 2020, Waz was back in his hometown to celebrate his dad’s birthday. He even posted a clip of the family at the dinner table playing games.

Waz explained in the post that he took his dad for granted. He missed admiring his father although he saw his dad doing things for others rather than himself. Waz wrote, “He got up early, he worked hard, he came home late, he provided, he sacrificed and he parented. In each and every one of these moments, this man put in an effort that showed the world how much he loved life and everyone around him.”

Waz added admired his father writing, “if I turn out to be half the man that he has been for decades then I’ll have won. I love this man and everything he has contributed to my life. the world is a better place because he is in it.”

The survivalist grew up with three siblings. He has three sisters: Peta Addy, Sara Judd, and Chelsea.

Waz Addy Job

Waz Addy has a full-time occupation as a survivalist and is also helping with a non-profit organization called Veterans Without Orders (VWO). Veterans Without Orders is a nonprofit organization that provides clean water to underserved communities and is run by veterans. Our objective is to carry out sustainable humanitarian projects all around the world while continuing to serve humanity.

Many of the first VWO members worked in the Civil Affairs Corps where they gained extensive experience in need analysis, solution development, and collaboration with regional partners. Our strategy draws inspiration from the U.S. Army Civil Affairs Team idea, which focuses on identifying crucial needs for locals in conflict or emergency situations.

Furthermore, Waz started his career right after high school (’98) joining the police force where he worked his way up to Detective Senior Constable in the Gangs and Organized Crime squad. Waz relocated to California in 2005, where he worked as a SCUBA instructor while studying to fly helicopters. He began working as a contractor for the Department of Defense in 2008, instructing the US military. Before relocating to the United States in 2012, Waz spent five years back on Australia’s Sunshine Coast.

How Much Is Waz Addy Net Worth?

Waz Addy’s reported net worth is under $650K.

Is Waz Addy Married?

Waz Addy is soon-to-be-married which means he is currently engaged. Additionally, Waz’s Facebook states that he is engaged to his fiancee Laura Klug. Waz can’t get enough of posting his beautiful fiancee on his socials.

Waz and Laura got engaged in May 2022. He announced the big news via a post and wrote, “This angel of a human has come into my life and changed me forever. she lifts me up and keeps me safe. she supports me and brings me a peace I don’t know if I deserve. but most of all she loves me unconditionally in the most pure and beautiful way.”

As an appreciation post for his fiancee, Waz dedicated a post in July 2022 where he gushed about his “beautiful and amazing angel”. He shared in the post that she gives him “strength and support, light and love, compassion, and kindness..”

Laura is available on IG, FB, and TikTok.

Waz was married once before. He and his ex-wife Jordana Addy shared two daughters Tayla and Baylee. Tayla is 15 years old and celebrates her birthday on 20 June. Baylee turned 10 years old on 30 April 2023.

Jordana and Waz were married in October 2006.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Waz Addy Birthday?

22 January is the day Waz Addy celebrates his birthday.

  • How Tall Is Waz Addy?

Waz Addy stands tall above the height of 6 feet.

  • Is Waz Addy On Instagram And Facebook?

Waz Addy uses several social media accounts. Some of them are Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

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