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Dan Link Bio, Age, Married, Parents, Job, N*ked And Afraid

Dan Link is competing for the third time on N*ked and Afraid: Last One Standing. Viewers of the show know very little about his personal life. But, here is where we fill the gap.

This article is about his marriage, parents, age, and job. So, keep scrolling down to read all about him.

Dan Link On N*ked And Afraid: Last One Standing

The stakes are being raised by the most recent N*ked and Afraid offshoot. Twelve of the toughest contestants from previous seasons of the Discovery Channel reality series were dropped in South Africa’s unforgiving Oribi Gorge for N*ked and Afraid: Last One Standing. To fight for a chance to win the $100,000 main prize, the candidates will engage in a multiphase challenge that will put their survival skills to the test.

Phase one of the challenge sees pairs of survivalists competing to survive for 21 days in the woods. Food, drink, a fire, and shelter must all be found by each pair on their own. But in a Naked and Afraid first, they’ll also need to work for the survival tools they’ll need, which are hidden in the surroundings. They’ll move to a different area every week to push their abilities to the utmost. A competitor’s partner is also eliminated if they decide to tap out at any time throughout the match.

The remaining survivors will participate in a group challenge in the second round of the game where they will face off against and with their colleagues. The show’s third and most intense segment is its conclusion. The three-day journey to extraction will be for everyone for themselves for the survivalists. The winner of the contest will receive the six-figure award and Naked and Afraid’s first perfect 10 Primitive Survival rating in addition to winning.

Among the 12 competing on the show is Dan, a marine biologist who is one of two survivalists who went from completing a 14-day fan challenge to finishing the 60-day legends challenge.

About the previous experience on the show, Dan had said, “The skin on my hands and feet was splitting open and my lips were so chapped and covered in scabs at one point that I thought I might be permanently disfigured.” But, he has made it to the final day. He said, “The feeling of accomplishment when you reach that final day is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.”

Dan Link Age

Born in October 1990, Dan Link is 32 years old as of May 2023.

Who Are Dan Link Parents?

Dan Link is the son of the late Mary Kay Link. Mary was one of the child seven children of Jim and Kay Link. She spent nearly 30 years as a nurse and nursing teacher, earning respect, accolades, and awards in her career.

After battling pancreatic cancer she passed away on 5 September 2009 at the age of 55. She was survived by her siblings: John(Charlene), Jim(Debbie), Bob(Robin), Betty(Pete), Tom(Maria), and Jane.

Other than Dan, Mary also has a daughter named Michelle.

Unfortunately, there is no information about his father.

Is Dan Link Married?

Dan Link has been married since September 2016. His husband and the love of his life is named David Serpa-Francoeur. Because Dan seeks a thrill in adventure his husband thinks that he should get insurance. It is not clear how long they were dating before tying the knot.

About his partner, David is the owner of The Barechested Arborist LLC. He is also a member of Oahu Members.

More about David, he is originally from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. You can find him on Instagram.

Dan Link Job

Dan Link was a former bartender at Ibiza Nightclub Wilmington. He also worked at Backpacking Life. From 2008 to 2010, he worked at Color Me Mine.

Later in 2014, Dan joined Peace Corps Volunteer at Peace Corps in Nicaragua. He had also worked as a field biologist in the uninhabited Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, where he camps for weeks on end to study endangered species.

As of 2023, he is working as an event photographer at WDKX Radio Station. He has been serving as a Research Technician at UNCW Center for Marine Science since 2011.

Dan is a 2008 graduate of Webster Thomas High School. He attended Monroe Community College and in 2012 earned a bachelor’s degree in marine biology from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

Under $800K Net Worth

Dan Link Height

Dan Link stands tall under the height of  5’11”.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Dan Link From?

Dan Link is currently residing in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is also a native of Webster, New York.

  • When Is Dan Link Birthday?

As per online reports, Dan Link’s birthday is on 10 October.

  • Is Dan Link On Instagram?

Dan is on Instagram (@dan_link_survives), Facebook (@Dan.Link.NAA & @DanLinkNakedAndAfraid), and on Cameo.

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