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What Is Danni Baird Doing Now? Is She Married Today?

Southern Charm returned with new old drama on 23 June 2022 and so did Dani Baird among other Southerners. When Season 7 finally came to a close, viewers had seen Danni dangerously close to a breaking point. So, what is she been up to ever since? Find out in this writing called ‘Danni Baird Bio’.

What Is Danni Baird Doing Now?

Most of Danni Baird’s time on Southern Charm has been split between guarding her friend/frenemy Kathryn Dennis or yelling at Kathryn to do better.

Danni, however, has never been moved up to full-time cast member and has always been labeled a “friend” of someone. She was originally presented by former cast member Cameron Eubanks but grew close to Kathryn and Leva Bonaparte through the seasons.

She has been on the sidelines since Season 1, she seems to have the power of a full cast member.

Anyway, Danni seemed to be having a great time outside of the show. In June 2021, she took to her social media that she just closed on her first house. She thanked her real estate agent for helping her locate a dream home. Plus, she appreciated her parents for being emotional North Stars during an incredibly stressful time.

After Southern Charm season 7 wrapped, Danni Baird kept a relatively low profile on social media, but we’ve still managed to find a lot of information about what she’s been up to.

Around the time, Southern Charm season 8 was being filmed, there were rumors that Danni was back with the rest of the cast. While she did not attract a lot of attention in season seven, she actually confirmed the rumors after filming wrapped during an appearance on a podcast.

Is Danni Baird Married Today?

Once a runaway bride Danni Baird still had not been married as of 2022.

She got engaged to her boyfriend, Todd Baldree in July 2016. But, only weeks before they were supposed to get married Danni ended her engagement (in August 2017).

A year later, Danni opened up to The Daily Dish that the main reason for calling off the engagement was such that she had moved to Greenville where his kids lived and where his main residence was. About three hours away from Charleston, she said she was just not happy and was not working. Todd’s “crazy” business schedule also did not help. So, she cited this basic life circumstance caused her to take that very difficult decision. And when Danni was telling all these, she had remained incredibly close with her ex-fiance. In fact, she was actually doing a painting for him at one point.

What Does Danni Baird Do For A Living?

Danni Baird makes living selling her paintings at the website called DB Designs. Her art, so far, has featured a range of subject matter, including succulents, gemstones, and sunsets. She once revealed that her artwork starts at $50 and that some pieces are a lot more expensive.

It was after leaving her job in the wine and spirits industry that Danni started to pursue her career as an artist. She has been pursuing a full-time career as an artist since at least 2018.

How Much Is Danni Baird’s Net Worth?

Danni Baird reportedly had a net worth of approximately $400,000 as of 2022. There also have been reports that she has a net worth of between $1 million and $5 million. Her Southern Charm earnings over the years also should have bumped up her overall fortune.

A good amount of Danni’s money also comes from selling artwork.

Only last year in June, Danni also bought her own first house and offered small peeks at the home in the photos she posted on social media.

Danni Baird Age

Danni Baird was born on 14 May 1984 in her hometown of Bel Air, Maryland. From there she went on to live in several places such as Birmingham, Alabama, Tampa, Florida, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Wilmington, North Carolina, before landing at her current city in Charleston, South Carolina.

Danni Baird Teeth

People on the internet were actually obsessing over her teeth and eyes.

Among many other instances, during December 2020, episode, fans took to social media to express concern over the reality star’s well-being after she appeared to be dealing with an eye twitch.

Some of these fans seemed worried for her that the twitch could stem from a nervous tic. Meanwhile, Danni still has not publicly addressed her fans’ concerns over her eye, thus leaving many to continue speculating online.

As per her well-aligned and perfect size white teeth, they loved it just for the way they looked.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Danni Baird?

Danni Baird stands 5’6” tall and other than her height fans also seemed to like her other features.

  • Who Are Danni Baird’s Parents?

Danni Baird’s parents are Joanna Baird (mom) and Gregory L Baird (dad) of Charleston, South Carolina.

The matriarch Joanna could be found on Instagram at @joanna.baird; she turned 63 in October 2021, and she studied at the University of Virginia and Culpeper County High School. She seemed to have happily stayed in marriage with Gregory who turned 63 in February 2022.

As for siblings, Danni has a brother named Matt Baird (on Instagram @mattgbaird) and a sister Tara Baird (on Instagram @tlbaird).

  • Why Did Danni Baird Collapse On Southern Charm?

Back in December 2016, Danni Baird scared and surprised her friends when she passed out at a restaurant called The Porch. The incident famously was documented in an episode of Southern Charm. Just before she passes out, she is heard saying that she does not feel well. Dani’s fiance Todd Baldree was also there when the incident transpired. Later, Daily Mail reported that Danni had suffered dehydration, fainted, and was taken to a hospital.

As per IMDB, she appeared in 74 episodes of Southern Charm from 2014 through 2021.

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