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Claim To Fame X Bio, Age, Famous Relative, Real Name

Meet X from Claim To Fame, a celebrity guessing game.

ABC’s Claim To Fame is a one-of-a-kind show where contestants have to guess who their fellow contestants are related to. In the Claim to Fame house, clues are hidden everywhere, from the statues and paintings to the Clue Wall, which contains pictures and 3D images of objects having to do with each celebrity relative. At the end of each episode, the contestants vote for which of the bottom two finishers will become the Guesser in the Guess-Off.

The “guesser” is selected by the contestants themselves and the selected person will choose a “guessee”. If the guesser correctly answers who the guessee’s famous relative is, then, the latter won’t be eligible to move forward in the next episode.

Otherwise, the guesser who isn’t able to name the famous relative correctly will be the one eliminated from the show.

Meet X, One Of The Contestants On Claim To Fame

X is one of the 12 contestants who appeared on the show as someone who has a famous relative. So, who is X and who is his famous relative? Let’s explore a few clues and try to unfold the identity of her Claim To Fame.

Maxwell, the grandson of Chuck Norris, was disqualified for using a cell phone inside the house, and Michael, Zendaya’s cousin whose real name is Cubb Coleman, was also eliminated. Whoopi Goldberg’s granddaughter Amara, Louise, Simone Biles’ sister Adria, and Brittany, Brett Favre’s daughter, are among the participants whose identities have been made public.

Claim To Fame X Real Name

Claim to Fame X’s real name is Reginald Lamar Cox or M. Lamar.

Claim To Fame X Famous Relative

Dominique, one of the contestants of Claim To Fame, guessed that X aka M. Lamar is a twin brother of Laverne Cox because she is her huge fan. And yes, she is right.

Laverne and X are identical twins born in Mobile, Alabama. Laverne has featured her twin brother on her IG a few times and also gave interviews together in several magazines. In 2014, when she appeared on Conan on TBS, she also talked about her twin brother being mistaken for her.

Laverne also shared that her character’s pre-transition was played by Claim To Fame X. She told the story about X doing a radio show and how he was mistaken for Laverne in a subway.

Laverne has shared how thankful she was for her strong bond with Lamar during her transition. The support came easily because X also recognized himself as a part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Career-wise, they are very supportive of each other. During an interview between the two which was published on Huff Post, Laverne said, “I remember seeing you at Marymount Manhattan College in a performance do a dance and then a monologue afterward and I thought, This is what you should be doing — acting”.

Laverne acknowledges that X is the one person who really comprehends her and her experience as a trans woman and as an actress and that he is the one person she runs her ideas and plans by. She stated: “I love my brother so much … in so many ways, he’s been my moral compass over the years. Like, I run things by him and he’s … we’re twins, so we’ve literally known each other our entire lives.”

She continued, there’s a wonderful bond that we share, and there’s a tremendous amount of respect that we have for each other as artists and as human beings. So I’m really grateful that I got to share a little bit of this show and this moment with him.”

Is Claim To Fame X On Instagram?

Yes, the Claim To Fame X is on Instagram (@lamar_m_lamar). He is also on Facebook (@m.lamarmusic).

Claim To Fame X Age

Born on 29 May 1972, Claim To Fame X is 50 years old.

Claim To Fame X Job

Reginald Lamar Cox or Claim To Fame X is a singer-songwriter, countertenor, multimedia artist, and performer by profession. He grew up singing as a soprano in his church’s choir. He uses music as a medium to comment on the legacies of slavery, Jim Crow, slave ships, and lynching.

Prior to leaving Yale to concentrate on music, X attended the San Francisco Art Institute to study painting and Yale to pursue a master’s degree in sculpting. He traveled to New York primarily to study voice with La Gran Scena Opera Company’s lead soprano and company founder Ira Siff.

His solo performance work made its way to Abrons Art Center, PS 122, Dixon Place, The Chocolate Factory, B.A.AD., and Joe’s Pub, among others. His newest piece, “Speculum Orum: Shackled To The Dead, Requiem for Voice and Piano,” premiered at Cathedral Church of Saint John The Divine.

X also coined the terms “Negrogothic” and “doom spirituals” to describe his aesthetics and work. He told The Vice, “I started using the term Negrogothic because I was reading about the Gothic novel in which there’s this blending of romance and horror. That seemed to be this thing that I had been doing in my work for a long time. And a more obvious thing: I’m a goth kid. I’m very invested in goth, metal, and punk subcultures and taking them with me”.

His career has taken him to venues like African American Art & Culture Complex in San Francisco and Wellcome Collection in London,  the Funkhaus in Berlin, Germany; and Warehouse9, in Copenhagen.

Lordship and Bondage: The Birth of the Negro Superman, a composition by X for the Living Earth Show. The Jerome Foundation funded the grant for X in 2016.

As for his TV show gig, he portrayed the role of “Sophia Burset” before her transition in Orange Is The New Black.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Claim To Fame X Relationship Status?

Claim To Fame X is reportedly in a long-term relationship with a man and he is open about it. But, he doesn’t like the term gay and he prefers queer but even that term doesn’t suffice his sexuality. X told HuffPost that he doesn’t believe in sexual orientation rather he believes in sexual practice.

X has been dating his boyfriend Sabin Michael Calvert and they also performed together in New York. Sabin did the projections, animations, and illustrations for X. Sabin is working with him as an art director.

  • Where Is Claim To Fame X From?

Claim To Fame X was born and bred in Mobile, Alabama. He moved to New York in 2006. At the age of 17, he first moved to San Francisco.

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