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What Is David Dahmer New Name? Is He Still Alive? Age

Meet David Dahmer, the younger brother of notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. Although David keeps himself away from the limelight, he has been mentioned here and there. It has been shared that David has changed his name. So what is David’s new name? How old is he now?

Learn everything about David, his family, and other details in this piece.

Meet David Dahmer, Jeffrey Dahmer Brother

David Dahmer is the younger brother of Milwaukee serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. When the former was born after seven years Jeffrey was born to his parents Lionel and Joyce Dahmer in December 1966. As reported, his parents’ relationship was already strained at the time.

Lionel, his father, was often away from home because of his work, and his mother suffered from mental illness, the family was falling apart by the time David was born. Jeffrey who was shy and who kept to himself believed that David was getting all the attention. Nevertheless, he loved his brother dearly and was bestowed the honor to name his brother, thus his name David.

In 2004, David and Jeffrey’s parents were interviewed on the TV show Larry King Live. The titular host interviewed Lionel and his second wife Shari Dahmer and there they discussed David who preferred privacy after police unraveled his brother’s gruesome murder of the first 11 victims.

In the interview, Lionel told that David has changed his name and asked for privacy. Lionel said that they “enjoyed themselves as brothers.” But they had different personalities as David has been described as “very ebullient and outgoing.” David’s demeanor annoyed Jeff but he loved him very much.

Jeff never dumped his anger on his brother though he was upset and never used physical force on him. By far that is all that has been shared about David and his relationship with Jeff.

Is David Dahmer Still Alive?

Yes, David Dahmer is likely still alive and living in anonymity.

What Is David Dahmer New Name?

David Dahmer preferred privacy after his brother’s heinous crime was brought to light. Dahmer, the name itself became a twisted cultural icon, the go-to serial killer for late-night jokes, so he opted to give himself a new name to avoid all the attention and likely hate from the outside world.

Discovering David’s “new name” could be easy with the internet, and many people have already done it, but the decency would be to respect his privacy and not make it public, for him and for the peace of his family.

David Dahmer Age

Reportedly born in 1966, David Dahmer should be around 55 years old in 2022.

Who Are David Dahmer Parents?

David Dahmer was born to Lionel and Joyce Dahmer.

Lionel was a chemist who later switched his career to teaching students in colleges. Lionel was born on 29 July 1936 in West Allis, Wisconsin, USA. Joyce, on the otherhand, was born on 7 February 1936 in Columbus, Wisconsin, USA.

On the outside, the Dahmer family had nothing going wrong, but inside the family the story was different. David’s father believed that his wife relied on prescription drugs ever since she got pregnant with Jeffrey. Lionel even called Joyce “mentally unstable,” and claimed that she would often choose not to go close to Jeffrey for fear of infecting him. Naturally, this led to a rift between Lionel and Joyce, and the two often found themselves embroiled in verbal altercations.

In his book A Father’s Story, Lionel shared that after her second pregnancy, Joyce started to overdose on medicine, including laxatives, sleeping pills, and morphine.

While Lionel worried for their unborn child and could not tolerate such behavior, Joyce argued that the medications helped her calm down and keep her agony at bay. Despite the fact that David, their second child, was born healthily, Joyce and Lionel’s marriage was in danger, so they decided to file for divorce, which was granted on July 24, 1978. According to the Los Angeles Times, the divorce was bitter. “Their divorce was granted on July 24, 1978, after each charged the other with ‘extreme cruelty and gross neglect of duty,'” the newspaper reported.

Later, Joyce was also given custody of David, while Lionel was given visitation privileges and was required to pay alimony.

Later in December 1978, Lionel married his second wife Shari Dahmer.

As for Joyce, she died of cancer on 27 November 2000. She also gave several interviews sharing what it was like as a mother of a serial killer. David’s mother worked with AIDS patients in California. “She first managed a retirement residence before becoming a case manager for the Central Valley AIDS Team in 1991,” reported. “She worked in the field of HIV and AIDS treatment in the Fresno area.”

The Los Angeles Times reported, “A Wisconsin native with a master’s degree in counseling, Flint moved to Fresno in the late 1980s, managing a retirement residence before becoming a case manager for the Central Valley AIDS Team in 1991.”

Jeffrey had also described Joyce as a great mother and his killings had nothing to do with her. “I still love my son. I’ve never stopped loving my son. He was a beautiful baby. He was a wonderful child. He’s always been loved,” Joyce told during her Hard Copy interview.

Is David Dahmer Married?

According to David Dahmer’s step-mom Shari, David Dahmer is married and has two kids with his wife.

David Dahmer Job

Currently, there is no information regarding David Dahmer’s job.

Related FAQs

  • When Did David Dahmer Give His Last Interview?

David Dahmer never publicly revealed himself for interviews.

  • Is David Dahmer On Instagram And Facebook?

No, David Dahmer is not on any social media platforms with his birthname but could be on the platforms with his changed names.

  • Who Plays David Dahmer In Netflix’s Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story?

According to Netflix’s Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’s IMDB, Tenz McCall portrays young David Dahmer.

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