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Who Is Mizkif Dating? Is Maya Higa Still His Girlfriend?

Mizkif — who was rallying public support from his followers to ban gambling content on Twitch — got mashed in controversy after Trainwreckstv (another streamer) accused him of covering up s*xual assault allegations for his friend CrazySlick.

As a result, there’s now an internal investigation going on, and fans are once more interested in Mizkif’s dating life.

Is Maya Higa Still Mizkif Girlfriend?

No, Mizkif and Maya Higa broke up in Septmeber 2021.

Back then, Mizkif even made an official statement about the breakup, which read, “We want you guys to know that Maya and I have decided to break up. We both want to be very clear that there was no event, no cheating, no drama that led to this decision.”

So, this means there’s no bad blood between the two now.

In a video, the former couple also admitted that their breakup was “mutual and amicable” and noted that they still “care about each other so much.” Furthermore, they thanked their fans for “supporting (them) through these past two years” and they were “super grateful” for it.

Looking back, Mizkif and Maya started their love story in July 2019 after first meeting online. Then followed dates and vacations, and by the looks of it, they indeed seemed like a match made in heaven.

What’s more, the former lovebirds were already dreaming about getting married. Yes! In an interview with Newsweek, Mizkif revealed that they “might get married in a few years.”

Sadly, the duo then broke up two years into their relationship.

Naturally, long-time fans of Mizkif and Maya were then devastated the hear the news.

“Despite me not liking Miz too much, it is pretty sad cause Maya seemed to bring out his redeeming qualities and they seemed healthy. I hope what Miz is saying is true and that it wasn’t a breakup due to something negative,” a user wrote.

While another wrote, “It’s a breakup, it will always suck but I wouldn’t blame anybody, #Maya is right to be sad about it, and also #Mizkif has the right  to move on with his life.”

For those who don’t know much about Mizkif’s ex-girlfriend, Maya Elaine Higa is a Twitch streamer, conservationist, falconer, wildlife rehabilitator, and singer. She was born in California on May 24, 1998, to a Japanese father and an American mother. 

Youngest of her siblings, Maya attended California Polytechnic State University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in agricultural education and communication in June 2020.

But while CrazySlick started streaming playing games, Maya started her streaming career composing various activities such as music and falconry.

Now, she flaunts over 300 followers on Twitch, IG, and Twitter.

During the “2022 Mizkif s*xual assault controversy”, alongside Mizkif, Maya was also accused of covering out the incident.

Who Is Mizkif Dating? Is It Alinity?

Mizkif didn’t reveal his girlfriend in 2022. But we’re pretty sure it’s not Alinity!

So, how did the rumors begin? Well, it all started with click baits and jokes.

For instance, in May 2022, Mizkif wrote that he “had a baby” with Alinity. But it wasn’t a human baby. “For the next week, Alinity and I are going to have a baby. If this baby doesn’t get attention for 15 minutes, the baby dies. If the baby dies while it’s with me, I owe Alinity 1,000 subs. If the baby dies with Alinity, she owes me 1,000 subs,” Mizkif explained the virtual game.

Also, the next month, Mizkif joked on steam that he was dating Alinity. “I’ve been dating Alinity. I f*ck Alinity every day. She is my girl,” he confessed only later to reveal that Alinity was by his side all the while.

Besides Alinity, Mizkif was also shipped with Emiru after Emiru moved to OTK gaming house in Austin, Texas. And though they never dated, Mizkif’s ex, Maya was compared with Emiru over the internet all the time.

Seeing this, Maya broke down over a stream saying “Dealing with a break-up in the public eye is hard enough. And in less than two months being replaced in every way but romantic is hard enough. And then having thousands and thousands of people comparing the two of you all the time is hard enough.”

“It’s exhausting. It’s everything…it’s our f*cking race, our hobbies, the way we interact with Miz, our mannerisms, our f*cking everything. It’s so exhausting,” she added.

Fortunately, in Dec 2021, Maya, then, apologized to Mizkif and Emiru for the breakdown. The trio is on good terms now.

Mizkif Height

Mizkif stands tall at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm).

Yes, he’s definitely a lot shorter than what he appears on the screen. Even Pokimane thought that Mizkif was around 5 feet 9 inches.

Mizkif Net Worth

Mizkif flaunted a net worth of over $900 thousand in 2022.

Reportedly, his Twitch and Youtube earnings, then, were around $35-50k and $20-40, respectively, per month. And not to mention all the sponsors and brand deals he got. He was making handsome money!

Even the streamer admitted that he had around $500,000 after taxes in 2020.

One time, Mizkif also unveiled the remarkable sum of $106,755.83 before describing it as “very, very, very, very, very low.”

Related FAQs

  • Who Are Mizkif Parents?

Information on his parents wasn’t shared.

  • Does Mizkif Have A Sister?

Mizkif has a sister named Emily Rinaudo.

His sister, Emily is an OnlyFans star who garnered over 240K followers on her IG @emjayrinaudo_, and 162K followers on Twitter @emjayrinaudo_.

In Dec 2020,  Emily even graced one of Mizkif’s streams.

However, multiple fans have claimed that Emily is not Mizkif’s sister. 

“I found out they’re not related and his last name is not even Rinaudo, I couldn’t believe it and had to google Mizkif enterprises to check the founder’s name. We’ve been tricked, we’ve been backstabbed and we’ve quite possibly, bamboozled,” a fan wrote.

But though Emily might be his sister or not, we can confirm that Mizkif has a brother.

  • What Is Mizkif Ethnic Background?

Mizkif allegedly flaunts mixed ethnicity.

But many fans believed that he was white. Turns out, he’s just light-skinned.

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