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What Is YouTuber Dream Real Name? His Parents, Gay

YouTuber Dream just revealed his face but what is his real name? Who are his parents? More importantly, is he gay? Here’s what fans have to say about these questions.

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YouTuber Dream Face Reveal

Minecraft YouTuber Dream has a massive fan following. However, he chose to remain secret and never revealed what he looked like until his recent face reveals on 2 October 2022. He was among the other Minecraft YouTubers who have kept their identity hidden until recently.

Throughout the years, he has been actively posting Minecraft content on YouTube and has a huge fan following, 30.6 million to be exact per the current number. And they never stopped making guesses regarding his real identity. There have also been lots of hints and teasers over the years.

In June 2021, Dream announced that he would eventually reveal his face. He had created hype by revealing his face to fellow content creators one after another. He lifted the iconic mask to share his face with the world after generating plenty of hype online. Dream shares in his recent face reveal that it is awkward talking to the camera for the first time.

Dream asks himself from the P.O.V of his viewers, “A lot of you are probably wondering why now?” Long story short, GeorgeNotFound Dream’s best friend was flying out to “meet for the first time.” Rather than having to hide away, Dream finally wanted to “start doing things” out in public. “Get out in the world, meet creators, be a person,” he joked.

On the content side of things, that means fans can expect to see more “IRL content” from Dream and his friends as they meet up with other personalities. Though for now, he doesn’t “plan on adding a face cam” to his ongoing Minecraft videos.

What Is YouTuber Dream Real Name?

The real name of YouTuber Dream is Clay. The name Clay has been dropped a few years before the face reveal. On his Twitch streams, his fellow streamers TommyInnit and GeorgeNotFound would call him Clay to get his reaction.

Who Are YouTuber Dream Parents?

As of the time of the face reveal, the only thing that is currently we know of is that his first name is Clay. About his parents, currently, there is no information available related to them.

However, sources have revealed that he has a sister named 15-year-old sister named Drista (nickname) who is also a streamer. Her name is a combination of the words “Dream” and “Sista,” which TommyInnit gave her. Dream has also mentioned her in a few tweets, revealing that she enjoys Harry Styles and One Direction. Drista has frequently appeared in videos and on-stream performances on the Dream SMP through Dream’s account. Given that certain unlawful things (like Punz’s or Foolish’s shulker boxes) are mentioned in the SMP, her trips may be considered canon.

Moreover, the two siblings reportedly have one older sibling and a younger one who are currently mystery figures.

Is YouTuber Dream Gay?

Despite his fame and massive fan following, YouTuber Dream has never leaked any of his personal details in the past that includes his sexual orientation. He never shared anything about his sexual orientation and if he is gay or not. However, fans on Twitter have claimed that he is gay.

Prior to the face reveal, Dream tweeted, “Will be premiering my face reveal video on YouTube in around 2 hours. My next tweet will be a picture of me and my best friends finally being together.”

One follower Tweeted, “I LOVE GAY PEOPLE SO MUCH”. The replied tweet currently has 4749 likes.

But after the face reveal there were a plethora of tweets that claimed that he was gay. One wrote, “sorry for saying you queerbaited you are clearly gay @Dream.” An older fan added, “Another gay white man. How disappointing smh.”

In the same way, another added, “Dream looks really gay. #dreamfacereveal @Dream.” 

However, these are all speculations and he is yet to confirm his sexuality.

Does YouTuber Dream Have A Girlfriend?

It is not clear if YouTuber Dream has a girlfriend or not. As already stated, he is very private about his personal life. So, even if he has a girlfriend, he might not share details any time soon, based on his track record. Regardless, we assume that he is currently single and thriving.

Meanwhile, his face reveals announcement tweet has started another rumor. Fans think that he is secretly dating his “best friend” @GeorgeNotFound. One Twitter user posted in September, “dream and George are together!!.”

Another tweeted after the face reveals, “Just kiss George already.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Was YouTuber Dream Born?

YouTuber Dream’s birthplace is unclear but he is currently residing in Orlando, Florida.

  • How Much Is YouTuber Dream Net Worth?

According to Dexerto, YouTuber Dream’s net worth is roughly $3 million.

  • How Tall Is YouTuber Dream?

YouTuber Dream likely stands tall around 6 feet 1.5 inches.

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