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Meet Tonya Darnell, Kylan Darnell Mom! Her Age, Job

Kylan Darnell, the Miss Teen Ohio USA who went viral on TikTok during the University of Alabama’s 2022 sorority recruitment, won the special title of “Fan Favorite” in the Miss Teen USA pageant on 1 October 2022. She also was placed in the top 16. With this new development life, Kylan has found for herself even more fans.

Before being crowned, Kylan had competed in this pageant three times but had never been lucky to advance further than the semi-finals. So, even this time, she was talking to other girls backstage that it was either going to happen, or it was not going to happen, and even if it did not happen, she would move on with her life and everything would be okay.

Having said that we wish to tell you all about Kylan’s mum, Tonya Darnell — how she supported her daughter through all of it and more.

Meet Tonya Darnell, Kylan Darnell Mom

Kylan Darnell, who is majoring in news media and minoring in sports broadcasting at the University of Alabama, looks just like her mother, Tonya Darnell. Yet, we seldom see them together on the internet.

Most of Kylan’s sharings on Instagram (@kylan_darnell) and other platforms are more about her professional endeavors and less about her personal life.

In August 2022, she accepted a bid from Zeta Tau Alpha and has since continued to share her college life on social media.

On TikTok, lately, Kylan was vocal over how surreal it has been to be at the Miss Teen USA conference. Other girls, Faron Medhi from Nebraska was crowned Miss Teen USA 2022, and Jenna Beckstrom from Idaho was named runner-up.

Tonya Darnell Husband And Kids

Tonya Darnell got married to her husband on 14 February 1998 and the union has continued since then. So, the two now share four gorgeous children, two sons, and two daughters.

Cole, the eldest, graduated from Wheelersburg High School in Ohio in May 2017. Then much younger Kylan was one of the many to congratulate her brother on this attainment.

Cole, with the full name Aaronson Cole Darnell, was born on 26 July 1998. So, he turned 24 in 2022. Also, he was likely living around Franklin Furnace, Ohio as of 2022.

Then, there is Izzy, Karis Isabella Darnell, who like her sister is also into pageantry. Ohio-based Izzy also loves Baseball and is used to putting “bunches of nonsense” on her TikTok (@darnell). Here, she also goes around as Kylan’s “Lil” sister as Kylan is more popular among them. Here, Izzy also once revealed that her first name “Karis” was the second option to her sister’s name. She showed her fans her mum’s text where she is seen telling her how after she named Kylan everyone said to her that she missed the boat as they liked Kari’s better.

Anyway, the youngest in the family is another son.

As for 5’7½” tall and light-blonde Kylan, she was born to her parents as a Leo on 17 October 2000. So, she turned 21 in 2022. Among other things, she has modeled for Henri’s Cloud Nine prom and pageant clothing brand. Like her brother, she also attended Wheelersburg High School, that is before receiving scholarship offers from Yale and the University of Alabama.

As for her worldwide fame, she got most of it, for her Bama Rush TikTok videos joining Zeta.

So like that, Tonya’s family comprises of six people, including her. And to this point, the most anonymous one among them is Tonya’s husband. Even his name remained to be found. So, understandably, his career, job, and family background were also not known.

Tonya Darnell Age

Born in 1976, Tonya Darnell reached the age of 46 in 2022.

What Is Tonya Darnell Maiden Name?

Before Tonya decided to adopt ‘Darnell’ as her last name, her name was Tonya Nicole Conn or just Tonya Conn.

Who Are Tonya Darnell Parents?

There was not anything known about Tonya Darnell’s parents. But, the internet did tell us that these people with the names Mary Darnell, Johney Conn, Linda Conn, Jimmie Conn, Amber Conn, J Shad Conn, James Conn, Teresita Applegate, Aaron Wayne Darnell, Aaron Darnell Sheila Applegate, Mark Applegate, and James Applegate. Among these may be the names of also her parents.

Also, we particularly know that her parents-in-law are Michael Gail Darnell and Patricia Ann Darnell of Franklin Furnace, Ohio.

Tonya Darnell Job

Tony Darnell seemed to have been a homemaker most of her life. No doubt, under her guidance and support her kids are doing so well in life.

Even on LinkedIn, Tonya mentioned being a homemaker at “Darnell kidz” also reflecting her role as a “momager” to some kids’ showbiz and to others who have other plans.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Tonya Darnell From?

Franklin Furnace, Ohio has forever been home to Tonya Darnell. She not only was born and bred here, she also chose to live here afterward.

  • When Is Tonya Darnell Birthday?

Tonya Darnell’s birthday is May. So, she is either a Taurus or a Gemini.

  • Is Tonya Darnell On Instagram?

Tonya Darnell could not be found on Instagram and a few other social media platforms as of October 2022. Of course, her Facebook account is an exception.

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