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Who Are Alex Miller, Arleen Hairbaedian, Sonia Acevedo?

Alex Miller, Arleen Hairbaedian, and Sonia Acevedo were among the three victims of Jamison Bachman, the subject of Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever. So, after the show, viewers must be curious about their whereabouts as of 2022. Learn about them in this article.

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Meet Worst Roommate Ever’s Alex Miller

Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever‘s Alex Miller met Jamison Bachman in a Starbucks in New York. She had put her apartment on Craig’s list and got the call from someone named Jed Creek AKA Jamison Bachman. He shared that he needed a place to stay because of his family matters.

He came to visit the place and immediately offered to pay $800 in check. Alex did notice that the upper left corner of the check was empty where it should’ve been his name and address. The check didn’t bounce so she didn’t have any problem. Soon they started living together but things started to change.

Jed refused to pay his utility bills and claimed his previous payment had it covered. One evening, he had taken the bulbs and screwed them into lams. A few days later, he took six chairs Alex and turned them into a table. After hearing that, Alex’s mother Susan did her background search on Jed and discovered that he was a person named Jamison Bachman.

They discovered articles on him from his previous incidents. Eventually, they kicked him out of their place.

  • Where Is Alex Miller Now?

Currently, Alex Miller still lives in Philadelphia surrounded by her family and friends. Though she is relieved that the matter didn’t take the wrong turn in her life, she has shared the guilt she had about Jed AKA Jamison’s suicide and the death of his brother Harry.

But, Alex is private about her whereabouts, however.

  • Alex Miller Age

In 2017, Alex Miller was 31 years old which makes her at least 35 years old as of March 2022.

  • Is Alex Miller On Instagram?

No, Alex Miller doesn’t seem to be on Instagram.

Meet Worst Roommate Ever’s Arleen Hairbaedian

Arleen Hairbaedian, who lived in Queens, New York, first met each other in Jamison Bachman in a local park. Their friendship took a romantic turn and she rented one of the rooms at her apartment to him. Although everything seemed fine at first, soon they started having quarrels over small things.

Jamison had rented the apartment for only two months but two months became six, six months became a year, one year became four. But, he only paid her one month’s rent. At one point they even got into a physical altercation and even filed restraining orders against each other.

Eventually, he kicked her out of her place.

  • Where Is Arleen Hairbaedian Now?

Arleen Hairbaedian shared that she has moved out of her old apartment onto a better life. She also mentioned that she is in a better place now and is quite content. She has learned her lessons and remains adamant about not getting a roommate ever again. When she met Jamison she was working as a professional dog walker.

Her current employment status remains unknown.

  • Arleen Hairbaedian Age

In 2018, when New York Magazine published the article, Arleen Hairbaedian was 43 years old. So, she is at least 46 as of 2022.

  • Is Arleen Hairbaedian On Instagram?

No, Arleen Hairbadeian doesn’t seem to be on any of the social media platforms.

Meet Worst Roommate Ever’s Sonia Acevedo

In 2012, Sonia Acevedo saw Jamison Bachman’s U-Haul outside her beachside condo in Rockaway Beach, Queens. She was struggling to make rent payments and thanked god when Jamison paid her with a $1400 check on the spot. They started smoothly and the first three months were as perfect as they could be.

They ate breakfasts together, talked about errands, pets, and politics. But shortly after he moved in one of Sonia’s cats died. His respectful demeanor and his comforting nature allowed Sonia to be welcoming. However, Sonia noticed that things in her rooms were misplaced and seemed calculated, and also their other roommate. But, he denied entering her room and came at her verbally.

Then, they started having fights and he even threatened Sonia with legal action. They fought verbally to the point that she even started barricading her room with a chair at night.

  • Where Is Sonia Acevedo Now?

Sonia Acevedo is quite private about her life. But, on the show, she mentioned she started prioritizing her needs over others.

  • Sonia Acevedo Age

Sonia Acevedo, 49-year-old in 2018, is at least 52 as of 2022.

  • Is Sonia Acevedo On Instagram?

No, Sonia Acevedo is also not on Instagram.

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