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Callie Quinn Bio, Age, Instagram, Worst Roommate Ever

Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever has brought four harrowing stories that will certainly make you think twice before getting a roommate. One such story is of Texas native Callie Quinn who visited Chile after college. There she meets Danish marathon runner Youssef Khater, a housemate who almost ended up taking her life back in 2011.

So where is Callie Quinn now? What is her story? Read all of it below.

Callie Quinn On Worst Roommate Ever

Callie Quinn is the victim of one of the subjects Youssef Khater from Netflix’s true-crime series Worst Roommate Ever. She met Youssef in Santiago, Chile who had just moved in and already found him arrogant. Her passion for abroad living sprouted after her trip to Galapagos Islands while in high school.

In March 2011, Callie boarded a flight for Santiago with the hope to stay a year or two. She had landed a job at Bridge Linguatec Institute to teach English. After sharing the 12-bedroom hostel, she bonded with her housemates including Youssef. Although he talked big, he seemingly had a big heart too which made her gravitate toward him.

In July, Youssef announced that he had purchased two new condos downtown and offered her and Molly, a friend she made while in Chile, she didn’t think twice. The pair handed a $1000 security deposit to Youssef and prepared to move in. But the day before, Callie arranged to meet Youssef at eight in the evening on a street corner downtown.

Youssef arrived thirty minutes late. It was their first-time one-on-one and Callie enjoyed his company. He got a call from Sabi their former roommate to whom he owed money. He had also received money from two Mexicans. That night, Sabi called Callie three times asking why she hasn’t arrived home yet.

Then, they went to one of Santiago’s oldest tire shops Vulcanización Escoda. There he attacked Callie on the back of her skull. After she fell to the ground, he had his hand around his neck. Youssef went to the boarding house and after a while, Callie came back filthy. Three days after arriving at the hospital Callie was discharged.

Then, Callie learned about his past scams, the money she had paid as a security deposit. But, two days before her 24th birthday, they captured him using money as bait to lure him in. Although he refused to admit it at first, he finally admitted that he had struck Callie on the head. But, he hadn’t intended to kill her and buried her to hide her from the night’s soccer fans.

Where Is Callie Quinn Today?

After the harrowing incident, Callie Quinn survived and made a full recovery. She fought for her justice which only got him 600 days in prison. As reported, she has since been diagnosed with PTSD and she is especially uncomfortable around people with big eyebrows.

Callie seems to be doing okay these days. She’s also determined to share her story with the world now so that no one else falls for Youssef’s manipulations.

Callie Quinn Age

Born on 11 August 1987, Callie Quinn is 34 years old as of March 2022.

Callie Quinn Job

She’s reportedly back in Texas, where, after receiving the proper qualifications to combine her passion for teaching and science, Callie currently works in the healthcare industry. Before her time in Chile, she had attended the University of Texas and studied Geography.

Is Callie Quinn Married?

Several online background checking sites had her name listed on their profile and most of them had included their maiden name as their last name. So, Callie is likely not married as of March 2022. She also seems to have erased all the digital footprints from the internet so it was impossible to unravel information on her marriage.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Callie Quinn From?

Callie Quinn hailed from Canyon Lake, Texas. But, she has also lived in Wheeling, WV. Both of her parents Jeff Quinn (@jeff.quinn.7773) and Elaine Quinn (@elaine.quinn2) are on Facebook but neither of them is either friends or even mentioned Callie in their socials.

  • Is Callie Quinn On Instagram?

No, Callie Quinn doesn’t seem to be on Instagram or any of the social media platforms. So, for safety reasons, she might’ve wiped off all of her social media presence.

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