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Who Are Charles Cullen Daughters? Meet Shauna And Her Sister Saskia!

Meet serial killer and subject of The Good Nurse’s Charles Cullen’s daughters. Who are Shauna and her younger sister? Where are they now? How old are they today?

Find the answers below in this article here.

Who Is Charles Cullen?

Charles Cullen was born in West Orange, New Jersey as the youngest of eight children. His father, who worked as a bus driver and was 56 at the time of his birth, died on September 17, 1960, when he was only seven months old. His mother was a housewife. Two of his siblings died young in adulthood.

At the mere age of nine, Charles tried to kill himself by drinking chemicals from a chemistry set. That was the first of his 20 attempts on his own life. On December 6, 1977, his mother died in a car accident during which one of his sisters was behind the wheel, leading to him dropping out of high school. In April of the following year, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy and was assigned to the submarine corps. He served on the USS Woodrow Wilson, an attack submarine armed with Poseidon missiles, and eventually became a petty officer third class.

Charles Cullen was detained on December 12 after the authorities had been looking into him for two months. He was accused of trying to kill Jin Kyung Han and murdering Reverend Florian J. Gall. Cullen offered no opposition at all and not only admitted guilt on both counts but also admitted to committing further murders while working as a hospital employee in the past.

He admitted to 29 murders and six attempted murders between April and July 2004, while he acknowledged that he couldn’t recall all of his killings. Although some estimate his overall number of killings to be above 40, it is extremely likely that he has actually committed many, many more.

Charles is presently incarcerated at the New Jersey State Prison in Trenton, New Jersey, serving a term of life in prison without the chance of parole after entering a plea agreement with the prosecution to escape the death penalty. His murders and the fact that he moved undetected between hospitals in the United States had an effect on the legal framework for hospitals in that country.

Hospitals now face tougher fines for failing to report suspicious deaths, have better legal defense options when disclosing subpar staff performance, and are now required to run criminal background checks on all employees as well as register their fingerprints.

How Many Daughters Does Charles Cullen Have?

Charles Cullen was previously married to his ex-wife Adrienne Taub. They married in June 1987 and eventually divorced in 1993. The couple shared two daughters, the oldest has been known as Shauna. According to History Vs Hollywood, the younger daughter is named Saskia.

According to Morning Call, Charles was described as a loving father but an uncaring husband. His ex-wife accused Charles of stuffing one of their Yorkshire Terriers into a bowling bag. After it was publicly announced that Charles was a serial killer, his wife did everything to keep their daughter away from the spotlight.

Before the harrowing revelation of his murders, and after his divorce, Charles and Adrienne were provided joint legal custody. He has also bestowed unsupervised visits and an active role relating to his kids’ education and health.

But in 2022, it appears Charles’s daughters changed their names.

Meet Shauna, One Of Charles Cullen 2 Daughters

Charles Cullen’s oldest daughter known as Shauna now goes by the name Casey Cullen. Born in 1988, Casey Cullen is currently 34 years old. She is serving as Vice President of Global Sustainable Design and Operations Lead- Corporate Real Estate at Barclays since May 2022.

Shauna previously worked at, Mace, Thornton Tomasetti. and Cosentini Associates. She also worked at C L Cullen Sustainability Consulting, Solid Wood Construction, The Willow School, and Trailside Nature and Science Center.

Shauna holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Vermont and a Master’s Degree from The City College of New York. In 2022, she is a married woman and her husband is named Matthew Robert.

What Do We Know About Charles Cullen’s Other Daughter, Saskia?

Charles Cullen’s youngest daughter Saskia is now known as Jillian Cullen. Born in December 1991, she is currently 30 years old.

Saskia AKA Jillian is currently working at Greater Raritan One Stop Career Center as Career Navigator. She joined the job in September 2022. She had previously worked at REBUILD THERAPY AND TREATMENT SERVICES, Alternatives. Inc., and National Park Services.

Moreover, as a student, she worked at SUNY Potsdam, SUNY Potsdam Human Resources, New Jersey State Museum, and Trailside Nature and Science Center.

Saskia earned BA in

Saskia is a mother of one child.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Charles Cullen Daughters Reside?

Charles Cullen’s older daughter Shauna AKA Casey resides in Cranford, New Jersey. His youngest daughter, Saskia, resides in Middlesex, New Jersey.

  • Who Plays Charles Cullen Daughters On Netflix’s The Good Nurse?

Charles Cullen’s daughters’ roles haven’t been listed in Netflix’s The Good Nurse.

  • Have Charles Cullen Daughters Given Interviews?

No, Charles Cullen’s daughters never gave any interviews.

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