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Atz Kilcher First Wife: Who Is Lenedra Carroll?

Alaska: The Last Frontier is a pretty popular show which follows Atz Kilcher Sr. and his family as they navigate life out of Homer, Alaska. While Atz and his children — especially Grammy-winning Jewel Kilcher — become the headline of the news, his ex-wife Lenedra Carroll is usually less talked about.

Learn everything about her — from her job to where she is now — in the article below.

Meet Lenedra Carroll, Atz Kilcher First Wife

Reportedly, Atz Kilcher and his first wife, Lenedra Carrol, initially married in the late 60s. They gave birth to three children — Shane Kilcher, Atz Lee Kilcher, and Jewel Kilcher. Together with her husband, Lenedra released two albums.

However, Lenedra and Atz divorced in 1982, when their daughter Jewel was only 8 years old. After her divorce from Atz, Lenedra got married to Bonnie Dupree.

As per Bonnie’s Instagram, the two are still together and in love. Recently, the couple has been traveling together and were in Boston. Sharing a picture of herself and her husband from Boston, Lenedra wrote, “Enjoying as much local cuisine here in Boston as we can fit in. Great coffee, real pizza, and chowder and lobster rolls.”

Talking about Lenedra’s kids with Atz, Shane is the Project Manager of the Cleanwater Project. He appeared on Alaska: The Last Frontier along with his other family members from 2011 to 2017 until he broke his back after falling from a latter. Furthermore, Shane has four children with his wife Kelli Kilcher, whom he married in 1990.

Another Lenedra’s son, Atz Lee Kilcher, describes himself as a “homesteader, family man, and lover of the land.” He has been appearing on Alaska: The Last Frontier since the show’s inception in 2011.

Atz Lee suffered a nearly fatal accident in 2015, breaking his arms, shoulders, ankle, hip, and ribs and puncturing his lungs, when he fell off a cliff while hiking in Otter Cave near Homer, Alaska. However, fortunately, he recovered a little more than a year from the accident. Atz Lee is married to his wife, Jane.

Lenedra and Atz’s daughter, Jewel, needs no introduction. Her debut album, Pieces of You (1995), became one of the best-selling debut albums of all time, going 12-times platinum. Some of her other popular albums include Spirit, 0304, Lullaby, and The Merry Goes’ Round, to name a few. As of 2022, Jewel had sold over 30 million albums worldwide.

Where Is Lenedra Carroll Now?

We did not know what Lenedra Carroll was doing as of October 2022 except for enjoying the time with Bonnie Dupree. The couple was residing in New York at the time of this writing as per

Lenedra Carroll Net Worth

Jewel’s mother, Lenedra Carroll, was a musician herself. She released two albums with her then-husband Atz. Later, she released an album called Beyond Words and a single named Daybreak Song.

Quitting her music career, Lenedra became the manager of her daughter Jewel. Early in Jewel’s career, the pop singer had to stop calling her manager “Mom” and address her by her first name so people in the music business would take them seriously.

The daughter-mother made join appearance at least two or three times a year, usually at more exclusive nonprofit events.

Together, Lenedra and Jewel co-founded Higher Ground for Humanity, which is a global humanitarian organization, in 1998. The ClearWater Project was one of its programs, which aimed to provide drinking water in Honduras, India, Tibet, and Mexico.

Also, in 1998, the two were sued for $10 million by a former manager of Jewel named Inga Vainshtein who claimed she was wrongfully fired. She further alleged that Lenedra was behind her firing.

In case you did not know, the Alaska native is also an author. She has written a memoir titled The Architecture of All Abundance: Seven Foundations of Prosperity. The book details her life navigating the entertainment industry and managing her daughter’s growing career.

Lenedra told that she wrote the book because people asked her to tell her rags-to-riches story and to explain how she and Jewel managed their values while working in the entertainment industry.

Things did not end well for Lenedra and her daughter Jewel as the latter accused her mother of mismanaging her finances and leaving her penniless.

Lenedra Carroll Age

Lenedra Carroll’s age was 72 in 2022.

Is Lenedra Carroll On Instagram?

Yes, you can find Lenedra Carroll on Instagram @lenedra_carroll. However, she is not active on the platform and had made only 1 post as of October 2022. Jewel’s mother also uses Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Lenedra Carroll From?

Lenedra Carroll was born to her parents Jasper Jewel Carroll and Arva Carroll. She grew up in Alaska with her three siblings.

  • How Tall Is Lenedra Carroll?

Lenedra Carroll’s height is above average for a woman. She stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall.

  • Does Jewel Have A Relationship With Lenedra Carroll?

Lenedra Carroll once managed her daughter Jewel’s career for several years until she signed with Eagles manager Irving Azoff.

Jewel accused her mother of mismanaging her earnings and leaving her penniless even though she was hitting newer heights in her career every day. Following that, their relationship turned sour.

“I honestly didn’t trust anyone with my brain. And so I was kind of on my own, trying to figure out how to heal again,” Jewel expressed her feelings after the kind of things that happened between her and her mom.

Reportedly, the two have not seen each other since 2003.

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