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Who Are Daniel, Bradley, And Amber? Meet Robert Fratta Kids!

Meet Daniel, Bradly, and Amber, the three children of Robert Fratta. How old are they? Where are they now? After Robert was included as the suspect in Hulu’s new show The Lesson Is Murder, viewers were naturally interested to learn more about his kids.

So, keep scrolling down to learn more.

Who Are Robert Fratta Kids?

Robert Fratta is one of the subjects of Hulu’s new series The Lesson Is Murder reportedly hired two men to kill his wife’s ex-wife Farag Fratta while amid a contentious divorce and custody battle. Farah was shot twice in the head in her home’s garage in the Houston suburb of Atascocita.

The Texas ex-cop was convicted in 1995. Public safety officer Robert Fratta of Missouri City had long maintained his innocence. First, Robert’s conviction was knocked out on appeal, but he was re-tried in 2009 and convicted guilty.

Robert was ultimately given the death penalty and put to death on January 10, 2023, by lethal injection. People are curious about what happened to Robert and Farrah’s children even though justice has been done. After all, the kids were so young when Farrah was killed.

Andy Kahan, the director of victim services and advocacy for Crime Stoppers of Houston, said that Farah Fratta’s father, Lex Baquer, who died in 2018, raised Robert and Farah Fratta’s three children with his wife. Their last name had been Fratta but changed it to their maternal grandparents, Baquer.

Andy, Farah’s son, Bradley Baquer, and her brother, Zain Baquer, were among the witnesses watching her die.

“Bob was a coward in 1994 when he arranged the murder for hire of his estranged wife,” Andy said after the execution. “And 28-plus years later, he still was a coward tonight. When he was offered an opportunity to at least extend an olive branch to his son whom he knew was watching this. And he still chose the coward’s way out. He could have said: ‘I’m sorry.’”

None of Robert’s children stood in the first trial but took the stand during the second trial.

“This is the opportunity for them to find out,” Lex said of his grandchildren’s attendance. “They asked us many times (what happened).” Lex said the children haven’t had any contact with their father since he was put on death row. He said a family law judge determined that it wouldn’t be in the children’s best interest.

He said the children were particularly interested in seeing Guidry’s trial because he is accused of being the gunman.

Meet Daniel And Bradley Fratta, Robert Fratta Sons

Bradley Fratta aka Bradley Baquer, the oldest of three children was 7 years old when his mom died in 1994. So, in 2023, he is 36 years old. At that second trial, Bradley also testified and described how Fratta had driven him and his siblings back to the house where their mother had been killed. “I saw yellow tape everywhere,” Bradley shared. “I had no idea what was going on, I was confused.”

He is currently out of the spotlight.

Daniel, Bradley’s younger brother, was born in July 1988. He is currently 34 years old. In 2019, Daniel was a fugitive wanted by the U.S. Marshal’s Service on multiple felony charges including the sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl in 2014. The girl’s father said Daniel taunted him at a restaurant shortly after learning about his daughter’s assault.

Daniel was arrested for aggravated sexual assault and aggravated assault in 2016 but later released on bond. “What made him dangerous is that while he was out on bond he committed two more felonies — two more aggravated assaults,” said Alfredo Perez, Deputy U.S. Marshal.

Daniel previously testified telling the jury that he visited Robert in jail two years ago and didn’t care to go back. Robert looked down when he testified. He said, “There have been times I wish I had my mom. I wish I had a dad, too.”

Per his alleged LinkedIn, he was working at Rocket Parking as a general manager.

Meet Amber Fratta, Robert Fratta Daughter

Amber Fratta who goes as Amber Baquer is the youngest of three children of Robert Fratta born in May 1990. She is 32 years old in 2023.

In 2023, Amber is around 30 years old. Throughout her testimony, she referred to her father as Bob. “I have memories of eating with Bob and my brothers. I remember Bob getting a phone call,” Amber testified at the time.

At the time of her mom’s death, Amber was only 4 years old. Amber testified she has visited her father only once and that was in 2008.

“I was hoping for him to fess up, but I knew it wouldn’t happen,” Amber said. “It was frustrating. Seeing his daughter break down and crying, I thought he would have some sort of emotion. He didn’t. It was really frustrating.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Robert Fratta Kids Reside?

Per the public records, all three children of Robert Fratta seem to be residing in Humble, Texas.

  • Are Robert Fratta Kids On Social Media?

Only Daniel among the three kids of Robert Fratta seems to be on social media. He is on FB.

  • Do Robert Fratta Kids Appear On Hulu’s The Lesson Is Murder?

No, Robert Fratta’s kids haven’t appeared on Hulu’s The Lesson Is Murder.

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