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Who Are Rapper Blueface Siblings? Meet Andre And Johence!

Meet two siblings of rapper Blueface, Andre and Johence. After the glimpse of episode 5 of Crazy In Love, fans are willing to learn more about the rapper’s two siblings.

Here you’ll learn about their age, job, and current marital status. Read all about Andre and Johence as you scroll down this article.

Crazy In Love: Who Are Rapper Blueface Siblings?

Rapper Blueface is one of the three children born to her mother Karlissa Saffold. A brand new season of Crazy In Love dropped where a few family members of both the rapper and his girlfriend Chrisean appeared. The couples’ Sunday-released television show includes episodes with several of their family members, including Blueface’s brother.

When 4th episode aired on 8 January, fans got a glimpse of highlights from Episode 5 at the end of the episode. In episode five, Blueface is shown reuniting with his mother and brothers. According to the episode 5 preview, Blueface and his family are having problems, and on January 15 when the episode airs, a fight breaks out between him and his brother.

Blueface has two siblings; a brother named Andre and a sister named Johnece.

Meet Andre Harvey, Rapper Blueface Brother

Andre L Harvey is the older brother of rapper Blueface.

Karlissa posted about her son’s imprisonment writing, “They said my son deserved to do 17 years for aiding and abetting manslaughter for being a gang associate. I wonder what God is saying to those who are aiding and abetting abortion and gay marriage. What will your sentence be? since y’all say he deserved it for voting to promote a murderer.”

Andre also talked about his imprisonment and said, “I am 16 and hang with people from my neighborhood, I’m not a member of the crip party yet but I do associate with some. I didn’t have a gun and I had no idea the person I was with was going to get into a gunfight and cause someone else demise.”

  • Andre Harvey Age

Reportedly born on 17 April 1991, as of January 2023, Andre Harvey is 31 years old.

On his birthday in 2015, Karlissa took to her Facebook and wrote, “Happy birthday to my oldest son Andre Harvey. He is the reason my life and destiny is directed in the path of righteousness. I thank God for my son and his sacrifice, which has given me and my children the strength, courage, and will to succeed. Andre is the best example God could have blessed us with. I am more proud than the father from the parable in Luke 15:11!! 24 “My son was dead, but now he is alive again! He was lost, but now he is found!’ So they began to celebrate”. I love Andre L. Harvey, my son;).”

  • Andre Harvey Job

At the age of 15, Andre Harvey was imprisoned. So, he was in middle school when it happened. He was released on 12 September 2019, so he served 13 years and was 28 years old for aiding and abetting manslaughter.

After returning 13 years later, Andre had trouble landing jobs. Karlissa shared about his problem finding a job in November 2019. She wrote, “Mr. Harvey is home after 13 years of prison and hasn’t been able to land a job. He has been turned down by LA Fitness, Walmart, Valvoline, UPS, and a host of other companies after his background check. He has decided to take matters into his own hands to be able to provide for his wife and himself, He has started a mobile detailing business with the support of his wife and brother.”

She added, “However he needs help with another piece of equipment that surprised him today after being unable to complete a job for a new customer. If you would like to bless him with a donation for prison reform please text Amen in the comments and I will send you the cash App link for the donation. Remember all donations can be used for your taxes. Crown Mobile detailing is out of Bakersfield California, Brought to you by my son, Andre Harvey.”

Andre attended West Ranch High School and later studied at the College of the Canyons.

  • Is Andre Harvey Married?

Yes, Andre Harvey is married now. His wife is named Katie Harvey with whom he tied the knot on 6 January 2018. The couple shares a daughter together.

Meet Johence Miller, Rapper Blueface Sister

Johence Miller is rapper Blueface’s sister.

  • Johence Miller Age

Johence Miller was born on 10 May 1994 which makes her 27 years old as of January 2023.

  • Johence Miller Job

According to Johence Miller’s LinkedIn, she worked as a food server at Papadeaux Seafood Kitchen. Before that, she worked at Papasito Mexican Grill & Agave Bar as a food server. She wrote in her LinkedIn bio, “Food service is not only a job but a passion for me. I can remember my very first job working at Carl’s Jr. at 17 years old. I have now progressed on to food server where I provide exceptional customer service and make new friends, I hope to one-day open m own restaurant.”

Johence completed high school at Golden Valley High School in 2012. She was also a former Bell-Jeff girls’ basketball standout who played at Cal State Northridge. Standing tall at 5’9”, she played the role of shooting guard.

  • Is Johence Miller Married?

Yes, Johence Miller has been married since 4 July 2021 and was previously engaged in October 2020.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Rapper Blueface Siblings Reside?

Rapper Blueface’s siblings are residing in Los Angeles, California.

  • Are Rapper Blueface Siblings On Instagram?

No, Blueface’s siblings are not on Instagram but have Facebook (@andre.harvey.9822) and (@johnece.miller).

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