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Who Is 90 Day Fiance Nouran? Meet Nicole’s Best Friend!

90 Day Fiance Nouran is a star of the show now who appeared on the show as Nicole Sherbiny’s best friend. However, there are a lot of gaps to be filled related to her age, last name, job, and more.

Worry not as we’ve got it covered. Keep scrolling down to learn more.

90 Day Fiance: Meet Nouran, Nicole’s Best Friend

The relationship between Nicole and Mahmoud this season is very important to the TLC show’s viewers. Three weeks after they first met, the couple was married. The two’s marriage hasn’t been without its challenges, though. Among other difficulties, the Californian beauty has found it difficult to adapt to her Egyptian husband’s religious practices.

Mahmoud also demands on meeting any Egyptians Nicole makes friends with. In a current 90-Day Fiance episode, Nicole grants his dream by introducing him to her friend Nouran. The encounter, nevertheless, wasn’t great and left Mahmoud and Nouran feeling resentful.

In a meditation class, Nicole made the acquaintance of Nouran. At lunch, she quickly introduced herself to Mahmoud.

Nouran admits right away that she found Mahmoud’s insistence on seeing her odd. Mahmoud responds by stating that Egyptian men enjoy being informed of all of their wives’ activities. Mahmoud responds that his Californian wife had never interacted with anyone in Egypt prior to him, to which Nouran disputes that Nicole is “mature enough” to have the ability to evaluate others.

When Nicole tries to calm Mahmoud down, he becomes irate as well. The two clash over Nicole’s probable attendance in a coed yoga session with male students.

“I am not going to feel comfortable if she stretches around men,” Mahmoud adds.

Nouran questions this, arguing that the guys who attend classes are there to practice yoga, not to gawk at Nicole, the star of 90 Day Fiance. She also says, “So now you’re blaming the wrongdoings of men on Nicole, or on women? Because men are looking and staring and fantasizing, then women should accommodate to that?”

They also discuss the Quran’s teachings and briefly discuss donning a hijab. Mahmoud is also asked by Nouran to cite the Quranic text that states that women must cover every portion of their bodies, but he is unable to do so.

When asked what she thought of Mahmoud, Nouran said “He’s very stereotypical.” She adds, “The typical Egyptian man … he feels safe in this zone and feels like there’s a threat outside of this zone because he doesn’t know anything else.”

Also unimpressed by Nouran is Mahmoud. He refers to her as the “worst girl” he has ever met. In order to be a Muslim, he claims, one must adhere to all laws. “I hate people that take the parts you like and lose what you hate.” Mahmoud also expresses that he doesn’t trust her.

Although Nouran was unable to win Mahmoud over, she left a lasting impression on the 90 Day audience.

“This woman is QUEEN ENERGY,” one fan said about her.

“Nouran is my favorite person from 90 Day Fiancé the other way,” a second fan wrote.

“I really don’t know what Nicole thought was gonna happen with this Mahmoud and this Nouran thing but chillllleeee it was entertaining for us at home,” a third fan hilariously wrote.

90 Day Fiance Nouran Age

Reportedly born in 1990, 90 Day Fiance Nouran is 32 years old.

What Is 90 Day Fiance Nouran Last Name?

The last name of 90 Day Fiance is Salah.

90 Day Fiance Nouran Job

Per 90 Day Fiance Nouran’s Instagram bio, she is a mobility and movement coach, pole dancer, retreats curator, and founder and program manager of Cairo Cycling Geckos. She has five years of experience working as a pole dancer.

Nouran started traveling when she was 19 years old. She hailed from a conservative family but she wasn’t allowed to travel before then. So, she traveled solo 12 years ago and she took a vow to herself that by the age of 30, she will be done traveling to 30 countries abroad and finishing up Egypt entirely.

Nouran stated that she doesn’t travel to have fun and that all of her visits were missionary. She also started a blog called “See the world through my eyes,” and shared all her creepy stories around the world, along with the conferences, trainings, camps, and diplomas that she took part in.

Nouran also started including people on my trips, because she wanted people to experience what she experienced which she found very valuable and soul-fulfilling. Moreover, she has been catering retreats. Some of the places she has been to are Sinai, Siwa, Serabit Elkhadim, and Ras Sudr among other places.

Furthermore, she has been to 20 governorates, such as Minya, Qena, Sharqia, Gharbiya, and Kafr Elsheikh, and toured them thoroughly. She met locals in each city, stayed at their houses, visited every mosque and church, every museum and palace, had a bike ride in the whole city, visited their villages, ate their food, and learned about how women are raised and treated in each one.

Nouran has a LinkedIn. We discovered her Facebook which contains a few details about her job. She is an Art Curator at TAM. Gallery – The Arts-Mart Gallery.

Talking about her education, Nouran studied Interior design at Career Gates, The British Training Institute. She minored in Marketing at MSA University and also attended Middlesex University.

Is 90 Day Fiance Nouran Married Or Dating Anyone?

No, 90 Day Fiance Nouran was unmarried. Additionally, she appears single according to her social media posts. She is very reserved about her dating life and hasn’t shared much on that front.

Is 90 Day Fiance Nouran On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, you can find 90 Day Fiance Nouran on Instagram ( and Facebook (@nouran.salah.313).

Related FAQs

  • When Is 90 Day Fiance Nouran Birthday?

Noran from 90 Day Fiance celebrates her birthday on 19 April.

  • Where Is 90 Day Fiance Nouran From?

90-Day Fiance Nouran is currently based in Cairo, Egypt.

  • How Tall Is 90 Day Fiance Nouran?

90-Day Fiance Nouran stands tall at the height of 5 feet 8 inches.

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