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Who Is Alex Ruttenberg? Meet Meredith Marks Nephew

Award-winning jewelry designer and the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Meredith Marks recently told how she prioritized her mental health after hitting the breaking point in 2021. In an exclusive interview with Page Six, she reflected on her nephew Alex Ruttenberg’s battle with addiction among other things. Below is an article on Meredith’s nephew Alex Ruttenberg.

Know about Alex’s age, job, parents, and most importantly if he has recovered from his addiction problems and mental health issues.

Meet Alex Ruttenberg, Meredith Marks Nephew

After Meredith hit breaking point last year, she disengaged from everything as she usually does in such cases. At the end of 2021 winter, she left Utah and did not return back for about 5 or 6 months.

Since Meredith needed time and space to process everything that was going on, she fled to Provence, France, where she found her zen. Meredith told, “It was a very spiritual journey for me. I left. I just needed time to decompress and heal myself,” to Page Six.

According to the RHOSLC star, her nephew Alex’s experience with substance abuse came in tandem with his mental health struggles. Alex was going through a difficult time for a long time, but it culminated in 2021.

Per Meredith, Alex also went to different places to seek help. He even attempted to take his own life however fortunately his family was there to save him.

Reportedly, Alex’s mental health problems started when he was much younger when his parents divorced and chose to cope with maladaptive behaviors like lying and abusing.

Only in 2021, Alex went to rehab six times and was in control of his mind and feelings at the time of this writing. He thinks, ” Anyone willing to put in the work for treatment deserves a chance. Not every day is perfect, but I still wake up looking forward to the next one.”

At the fashion week, Meredith hosted in April 2022 in partnership with Park City Fashion Week, at Salt Lake City’s Museum of Contemporary Art to benefit the ADR Foundation, a nonprofit created by Alex and his mother, Myra Ruttenberg, Alex detailed his treacherous path to sobriety and stability.

ADR Foundation was created to assist other families in navigating the emotional recovery process. “The goal of ADR is to help others with their struggles. My sister is really working towards finding the right facilities to donate to right now,” Meredith told during the fashion week.

Alex Ruttenberg Age

At the time of this writing in 2022, Alex Ruttenberg was above 23 years of age.

Who Are Alex Ruttenberg Parents?

Alex Ruttenberg’s parents are Geoffrey Ruttenberg and Myra Ruttenberg. They separated from each other while Alex was very young.

Alex’s father, Geoffrey Ruttenberg, was 55 years old in 2022. As per his Facebook profile, he studied at Tufts University. By profession, he is a real estate developer and Head Soccer Coach at Lincoln Park High School.

Geoffrey has more than 14 years of coaching experience. In his coaching career at Lincoln Park High School, he guided LPHS Girls’ Varsity Team to a 14-3 record, the Conference Title, and the Quarter-Finals in the CPS Playoffs. He also led the Boys’ Soccer Team to back-to-back Conference Championships in 2015, and 2016 and an undefeated CPS Playoff record in group play spanning those same years.

Talking about Alex’s mother, Myra Rosenberg was 53 years old as of November 2022. She is one of the founders of the ADR Foundation For Mental Health and Addiction alongside Alex.

Myra went to the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts for her undergraduate studies. After graduation, she found success as a business owner and event planner.

Growing up, Myra felt the effects of divorce concerning her parents and understands how challenging the change can be for all parties. To cut it short, Mura has a strong understanding of people and their emotional makeup. Her goal with the ADR Foundation is to provide the resources she struggled to find while ensuring that the financial aspect does not prevent those in need from finding support.

Furthermore, Alex also has one sister, Lily Ruttenberg, in her family.

Alex Ruttenberg Job

Alex Ruttenberg and his mom Myra Ruttenberg founded ADR Foundation for Mental Health and Addiction in 2022. The mother and son duo decided to take some action when they discovered there were some cracks in the mental health and addiction recovery world.

As told earlier, Alex got his passion for helping others through his own struggle with addiction and mental health.

Alex Ruttenberg Relationship Status

Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about Alex Ruttenberg’s personal life. Meredith’s nephew does not post anything about his love life anywhere on the Internet. That’s pretty much why we don’t know his relationship status as of 2022.

Is Alex Ruttenberg On Instagram?

Unfortunately, Alex Ruttenberg does not use Instagram. He is also unavailable on other social media platforms.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Alex Ruttenberg From?

Alex Ruttenberg hails from Chicago, Illinois.

  • When Is Alex Ruttenberg Birthday?

Sorry to say this, but we don’t know Alex Ruttenberg’s birthday.

  • Has Alex Ruttenberg Appeared On RHOSLC?

No, Alex Ruttenberh has never appeared on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

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