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Who Is Andi Owen Husband, Glenn Karpf? His Age, Job

Despite making $1.2 million in extra compensation, MillerKnoll CEO Andi Owen did not think twice before admonishing her workers complaining about bonuses. This certainly did not do her good. This very video clip of her scolding employees for being in a “pity city” for not getting bonuses went viral. The video clip surfaced just weeks after Andi’s company announced it would be closing its Wisconsin manufacturing plant, ending 162 jobs in the process. People have since taken to social media to criticize her choice of words and her perspective in general. Amid all the chaos, we are here to tell you about her husband instead. Who he is and more.

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Meet Glenn Karpf, Herman Miller CEO Andi Owen’s Husband

Herman Miller CEO Andi Owen’s husband whom all of you have wanted to know so much is Glenn Karpf. As of April 2023 though, it was not clear if or not they have been still together and married. Both of them have seemingly made efforts to not bring their private life out in public.

So, Andi and Glenn’s relationship details have simply not reached the media and public’s ears thus far.

Glenn Karpf Age

Glenn R Karpf was born in 1965. So, he turned 57 years old in 2022.

His wife Andi, full name Andrea R Owen, was also born in the same year in May.

Glenn Karpf Job

While it is not yet verified, Glenn Karpf is believed to be an animator and visual effect coordinator. A seeming profile of his on IMDB goes on to tell that he worked as a CG character animation coordinator in 2002’s Spider-Man, as a visual effects coordinator in The Patriot (2000) and Stuart Little (1999), and as a digital effects coordinator in Godzilla (1998). These are all of his filmographies listed on IMDB and a few other places on the internet.

As for his wife, most of us are already aware of the fact that she is the CEO of Herman Miller‘s parent company MillerKnoll. In the company whose shares have gone down by some 1.6% since the bonus complaints case, Andi also is a member of the Board Of Directors. She notably played a major part in combing Herman Miller and Knoll together to assemble the corporation MillerKnoll. It is since August 2018 that she has been serving there as the President and CEO, being accountable to nearly 11,000 employees.

If you don’t know, Herman Miller is an American company producing various pieces of furniture, from office equipment to home furnishings. One of their best-selling is the Aeron Chair, which can be found in offices worldwide. MillerKnoll was only established later on in 2021. It has since grown to include brands including DWR, Colebrook Bosson, and Edelman Leather.

The company’s most current proxy filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, show that Andi took home a base salary of $1.1 million in 2022. And that is not all. She was also paid nearly $1.4 million in stock awards, $867,000 in options awards, and $1.3 million in non-equity incentive plan compensation. meaning, she took a massive $4.98 million in 2022, for her own sake.

This explains why people were so offended by her canceling workers’ bonuses. While taking a massive bonus herself, she asked everyone to stay nice and kind and get out there to get her another $26 million in business, she certainly did not look good to those looking to get inspired from the internet.

Is Glenn Karpf On Instagram?

No. Glenn Karpf not only was not on Instagram but he also could not be found on other social media platforms, as of 19 April 2023.

Andi on the other hand did have an Instagram account (@andiowenhm).

Glenn Karpf Family

Here are a few things that we collected about Glenn Karpf’s family.

Glenn Karpf’s father is Roger Karpf. Also, his brother Paul M. Karpf is no more. According to his obituary, Paul was born on 20 October 1967 and passed on 3 March 2019. That means he lived his life until the age of 51.

Also, on his father’s side of the family, Glenn’s grandmother is the late Carole Betton Karpf who passed away at the age of 82 in February 2006. AKA “the Mrs. Karpf of Palm Beach, Florida, and Verona, New Jersey”, her beloved husband/Glenn’s granddad, Norman R. Karpf, predeceased her in November 1992.

Other relatives of Glenn that we know of are his aunt Barbara Palmer and cousins Geoffrey Palmer, Jane Newton, Nancy Kornbluh, and nieces and nephews Scott Newton, David Newton, Adam Kornbluh, Sarah Kornbluh, Max Palmer, and Freddie Palmer.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Glenn Karpf Reside?

Glenn Karpf has been residing around Grand Rapids it seems. If you don’t already know, it is a Michigan city on the Grand River, east of Lake Michigan.

  • When Is Glenn Karpf’s Birthday?

Glenn Karpf celebrates his birthday in October. We don’t yet know the exact date. In case he was born between October 1st and October 22nd, that should make him a Libra, an alleged seeker of security and harmony. Otherwise, he should be a Scorpio. Scorpios are known to remain discreet and even secretive.

If we were to judge Glenn alone by his trait of maintaining an air of mystery around him, he should definitely be a Scorpio.

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