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Who Is Jacob Breinholt? Meet Reagan Baker Ex-Husband!

Get to know Jacob Breinholt, the ex-husband of Swiping America star Reagan Baker. Learn about his current relationship status, job, and more via this article.

Keep scrolling down and learn more as this article proceeds.

Meet Jacob Breinholt, Swiping America Star & Hair Stylist Reagan Baker Ex-Husband

Reagan Baker met her ex-husband Jacob Breinholt in 2005. Reagan claimed that the ex was “obsessed” with getting married to her. In fact, when Reagan was 22 they got married in Las Vegas, Nevada. She admitted throughout the broadcast that she was aware of the error of her ways even at the time.

Reagan gave birth to a lovely child named Piper Jane when she was 23 years old. Piper is currently 16 years old. She was born in May 2007.

Reagan learned that Piper had Cerebrocostomandibular syndrome not long after she was born; it turned out that Piper was one of the most severely affected people to have been identified with the disorder and had survived delivery. Piper has been residing in several long-term care facilities in and around New York since she spent seven months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) due to her condition.

While Reagan is on HBO Max’s show dating show, Jacob also shared about getting into the dating scene in a blog. He said, “When I finally returned to the dating game, after a rather lengthy and ugly divorce, I was almost positive that I would be seen as damaged goods. I soon discovered that people who are looking for a serious relationship tend to look for ways to weed out those individuals mired in hookup culture.”

He added, “Again, no judgment there. But with all of the modern ways to meet people, it can be difficult to discern what prospective mate’s intentions are until one has already potentially wasted a significant amount of time and energy.”

Jacob is also in a relationship and added that “being divorced” is a fact that actually helped him and his current partner identify each other as people who were serious about finding a lasting relationship.

In 2023, Jacob is still in a relationship with his current partner Britt. He has mentioned his girlfriend in various posts on his blog. Based on the blog posts, they have been dating for more than half a decade.

Jacob Breinholt Age

Jacob Breinholt is 46 years old as of this publication in June 2023. He was born in October 1976.

Jacob Breinholt Job

Jacob Breinholt’s first reported job per his LinkedIn was working for Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP as Global Finance/Corporate in 2006. Following his serving in that role for 4 years, he started working in financial services for a year. After quitting her job, she joined Brookfield Asset Management as Compliance Officer.

Then, after a little over a year of working in that role, Jacob quit his job in April 2014. A month later, Jacob joined Realty Finance Trust. He worked there in the role of Vice President, Associate General Counsel and till October 2016.

Jacob joined the current company that he is working with as a vice president and counsel at Benefit Street Partners Realty Trust. He was promoted to Director and Counsel in 2019 which happens to be his current job.

As for his education, Jacob attended the University of Utah (Class of 2002) and earned his Juris Doctorate from Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University.

Similar to his ex-wife, Jacob also writes a blog called Jake.News and is also a contributor to Fatherly.

Is Jacob Breinholt On Instagram?

Yes, Jacob Breinholt is on Instagram (@shotbyjake).

Jacob Breinholt Family

Not much is known about Jacob Breinholt’s family. Some of the people Jacob was related to are Suzanne Breinholt. Meanwhile, Susan Baker and Joe Baker, the parents of his ex-wife Reagan Baker named their daughter after Ronald Raegan. They raised her in a strict Mormon household in Utah. She was homeschooled, the HBO Max star claims, and in addition to learning to read the bible, she also picked up numerous practical skills like sewing and baking.

Reagan admitted that she is an extrovert and that she found it difficult to socialize as a child. When the school bus came close to her house, she would actually lean up against the window and daydream about what she would have done if she had been one of the children on board.

Reagan moved to New York at the age of 20, abandoned Mormonism, and fled Utah. She has since made a complete 180-degree turn in her life and completely embraced her extroverted side. Reagan strives to continue being her best self despite the many hurdles life has undoubtedly presented to her.

Joe is a former Professor Emeritus of Economics Southern Utah University at Southern Utah University. He attended Farmington High followed by the University of Utah.

Regarding her siblings, Raegan has two sisters Jody and Kelly. She also has two brothers Nathan and Jesse.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jacob Breinholt Birthday?

Jacob Breinholt celebrates his birthday on 18 October.

  • Where Is Jacob Breinholt From?

Jacob Breinholt hailed from Utah. He now resides in Brooklyn, New York.

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