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Who Is Joy Ann Mian? Meet Maurizio Mian Daughter!

Joy Ann Mian is the daughter of Maurizio Mian. Her father is the subject of Netflix’s show “Gunther Millions.” In the show, Maurizio and his second wife admitted that they had a child together. But, they didn’t share other information about their kids.

So, get to know Joy Ann Mian. Keep scrolling down and find out more.

Meet Joy Ann Mian, Maurizio Mian Daughter

Maurizio Mian, the star of Netflix’s Gunther’s Millions, has a daughter named Joy Ann Mian. He welcomed his daughter with his second wife Cristina Mian. Her parents met each other in 2003. They got into talking after their first interaction and soon Maurizio welcomed Cristian to be in a group.

Maurizio continued, “If you like, you can try to be in my group,” alluding to the entertaining party of five young, hot people who, by the terms of the trust agreements, almost always had to be by Gunther’s side. She immediately decided to join the group named The Magnificent because of her passion for acting, dancing, and music.

“When I met Maurizio, the first thing he showed me and made clear was that he had a son, he was no longer with his partner…,” Cristina said in the show. “But after a friendship that had already started, and after various conversations over months and months, at a certain point, he said, ‘Look, we are very close friends, but with someone like you, I would like to have a daughter.’ I said, ‘Wow.'”

“There were various houses [we lived in across Italy and internationally],” Cristina revealed in the Netflix show. “The people who tried to be a part of The Magnificent 5 were interchangeable.”

Although she desired a baby girl as well, she nonetheless allowed their platonic relationship to develop into an open romance because they periodically purportedly had safe contact with other people.

She appeared first on her mother’s IG post on her mom’s first IG post. Her mom captioned the post, “😉😉😉 with My Joy” which also happens to be her name. But, it is likely that Joy isn’t the only kid of Cristina Mian. She also appears to have a son named Angelo Natalizio (@xanjoyz), a mortgage broker. On the Christmas post from 2016, she had tagged him on the post and had commented, #mykids.

Cristina then elucidated, “With the birth of our daughter, this beautiful design was created so that this group of five [The Magnificent 5] can have children and can prove the children who are raised by them [as a unit] will be nothing but content and happy… I mean, for me, it’s a plus. It’s more, not less, you know?” However, because of her public declaration referring to their infant as “the daughter of Gunther,” which she meant sentimentally but other people took seriously, there were substantial difficulties that later surfaced.

Her parents are no longer married.

Joy Ann Mian Age

Per her Pictures, Joy Ann Mian is under 14 years old.

Joy Ann Mian Job

No, Joy Ann Mian doesn’t have a job yet. Coming from an affluent family, she probably attends a private school and she is currently in middle school. With a millionaire father and mother, Joy surely enjoys a lavish lifestyle and frequent vacations.

Based on a post from her mother, Joy Ann appeared in the movie Italian Business alongside her mother.

Joy was with her mother when Cristina was doing a movie Italian Business. She captioned the post, “#italianbusiness💪🏼🔝😘😘 #primascenaperlamiabambina . I love you my girl 💗❤️😘😘👩‍❤️‍👩. #mammaefiglia🔝💪🏼👍🏼 . Together in an Italian comedy 🇮🇹💃.”

Is Joy Ann Mian Dating Anyone?

As far as we know, no, Joy Mian is single. Because she is in her mid-teens, there isn’t much that we can explore about her dating life. So, no, Jo Ann Mian doesn’t have a relationship.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Joy Ann Mian Nationality?

Joy Mian is Italian by nationality. She was born in Pisa, Italy.

  • Is Joy Ann Mian On Instagram?

Yes, Joy Mian is on Instagram (@mian_joyann). But, her profile is currently private.

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