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Cristina Mian Bio, Age, Maurizio Mian Ex, Net Worth

Meet Cristina Mian, who appeared on Netflix’s Gunther’s Millions. She is the second wife of Maurizio Mian. How old is she? Does she have any kids? What is her net worth?

Learn all about her in this article below.

Netflix Gunther’s Millions: Meet Cristina Mian, Maurizio Mian Ex-Girlfriend

Cristina Mian is the second wife/now ex-wife of Gunther’s Millions star Maurizio Mian. In the show, Cristina introduces herself as an ex-partner of Maurizio Mian. She says, “I’m Cristina Mian, I’m an ex-partner of Maurizio Mian and a member of The Magnificent 5. I met him in 2003 with Gunther.”

She then adds, “Later, he tells me, “If you want, if you like, you can try to be in my group.” And I say, “Oh, nice.” I love it because, all my life, I do film and music and I do dancing. And he says, ‘Wow, we can try together.’ ”

Cristina also opened up about The Magnificient 5. She said that the group would be five and sometimes six and added that it wasn’t a closed group. She added, “There were various houses. The people who tried to be part of The Magnificent 5 were interchangeable. Every so often, he would film us and collect information. He wanted to build something even bigger, something to get the whole world talking. An experiment in which he wanted to put a little bit of everything. It was a science experiment he wanted to present in a commercial way. So, Maurizio made a video presentation of the scientific project.”

There was also a discussion about ex-marital affairs which Maurizio had approved of as it was with the member of the group Fabrizio Corona. He talked about getting an oral s*x from Cristina and confirmed it was Maurizio’s ex-wife Christina. He also said that “this second wife who, at the time, bossed him around because she was still beautiful and because he was still in love with her.”

In March 2016, Cristina and Fabrizio ignited romance rumors when she showed up with him to celebrate turning 42 years old. They celebrated his birthday with VIP friends. At the time, OGG reported in 2016 that the pair were spotted together for a week. The outlet wrote, “Her name is Cristina Mian and she follows him practically everywhere. They were also together during the long Easter weekend in Forte dei Marmi. Then they moved to Rome to party…”

Maurizio Mian And Cristina Mian Kids

In the show, Cristina Mian opened up about having kids together.

“When I met Maurizio, the first thing he showed me and made clear was that he had a son, he was no longer with his partner…,” Christina said in the Netflix docuseries. “But after a friendship that had already started, and after various conversations over months and months, at a certain point, he said, ‘Look, we are very close friends, but with someone like you, I would like to have a daughter.’ I said, ‘Wow.'”

Together they welcomed a daughter named Joy Ann Mian. Her first IG post is of her and her daughter she captioned, “😉😉😉 with My Joy” which also happens to be her name. Joy was with her mother when Cristina was doing a movie. She captioned the post, “#italianbusiness💪🏼🔝😘😘 #primascenaperlamiabambina . I love you my girl 💗❤️😘😘👩‍❤️‍👩. #mammaefiglia🔝💪🏼👍🏼 . Together in an Italian comedy 🇮🇹💃.”

But, it is likely that Joy isn’t the only kid of Cristina Mian. She also appears to have a son named Angelo Natalizio (@xanjoyz), a mortgage broker. On the Christmas post from 2016, she had tagged him on the post and had commented, #mykids.

She nevertheless permitted their platonic connection to turn into an open romance because she wanted a baby girl as well, and they occasionally supposedly had safe encounters with other people.

Cristina then explained further, “With the birth of our daughter, this beautiful design was created so that this group of five [The Magnificent 5] can have children and can prove the children who are raised by them [as a unit] will be nothing but content and happy… I mean, for me, it’s a plus. It’s more, not less, you know?”

Yet, there were significant controversies that subsequently came to light owing to her public announcement deeming their newborn as “the daughter of Gunther” — she meant it sentimentally, but some took it seriously.

According to the four-part original, Cristina and Maurizio split up after a few years together on fairly friendly terms since they had no interest in ever starting a traditional family. They had reportedly been parenting their daughter together in harmony for 12 years at this point, indicating that the latter part didn’t truly change even after they separated.

The best thing for the former, however, is that none of it has had a bad effect on her infant daughter, as shown by the fact that she thanked her mother for their “perfect non-family,” as reported in “Gunther’s Millions.”

Cristina Mian Age

As of Feb 2023, Cristina Mian appears the age above 35 years old.

How Much Is Cristina Mian Net Worth?

Cristina Mian’s net worth should be above $10 million. She is a lifestyle blogger, businesswoman, and actress. According to her IMDB, she starred in a movie named Italian Business where she portrayed the role of Monica. On her IG, she also shares tips about running businesses.

Cristina has her own perfume business called Profumi Di Pantelleria. The brand’s bio read, “There where Venus is reflected in the freshwater, where the lava stone lends itself to architecture, on the island long disputed between Carthage and Rome, here the natural fragrances contained in the Perfumes of Pantelleria originate. A bouquet of herbs, flowers, spices, and aromas which, like the Mediterranean, unite apparently distant worlds.”

It concluded, “From bergamot to Provençal lavender, from sandalwood to white musk, from blackcurrant to jasmine, from peach blossom to rosemary. A sensory journey that traces the history of the island, which has always been a crossroads of peoples and traditions. And it is precisely this variety of notes from different origins and, at the same time, united by history and nature that makes Pantelleria unique. Like his Perfumes.”
Here is a link to find the location of the brand’s store.

Cristina Mian Height

Cristina Mian stands tall above the height under 5 feet 7 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Is Cristina Mian On Instagram?

Yes, Cristina Mian is on Instagram (@cris.mian) and

  • When Is Cristina Mian Birthday?

Every year, Cristina Mian celebrates her birthday on 15 June.

  • Where Is Cristina Mian From?

Cristina Mian is originally from Kyiv, Ukraine. She is now residing in Italy.

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