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Who Is MAFS Nashville Nicole Lilienthal? Her Age, Job

Married At First Sight series is headed to Nashville for season 16 and is set to return to Lifetime in 2023. As of now, we have been introduced to its 10 Nashville-based singles who make up the five hopeful new couples this season. So, among the cast members is Nicole Lilienthal and we shall now talk about her in detail in the rest of the writing.

Are MAFS Nashville Christopher And Nicole Lilienthal Still Together?

Nicole Lilienthal chose to come to MAFS Nashville because despite waiting for years, she failed to find the one. She opens up on the show that though she expected her happily married parents to be matchmakers for her, they also have not done so.

Nicole had therefore no choice but to completely put herself at the mercy of the Married at First Sight experts for an arranged marriage. She believes that their help and guidance are exactly what she needs to get out of her own way of finding a long-lasting relationship. So, when put in the hands of these specialists, they thought she would make a perfect match with 36-year-old Christopher.

Speaking of Christopher’s story, he decided to be a part of MAFS as has been after his own match since he moved to Nashville. He went on a handful of dates but often found that these women are not looking for something long-term. Incapable of finding a woman as willing to commit to marriage as he is, he saw no other way but to sign up for MAFS. But, with MAFS, he thought this to be an intriguing process and seemed confident that women involved in the process are just as ready for marriage as he is.

So, clearly, both Nicole and Christopher were hopeful the experts can help them find their one true love.

Now the question remains — “Are they still together?” or “Did they manage to stay married even after the show?”. Understandably, Nicole, as well as Christopher, must have signed the contract about confidentiality with MAFS to not give away any spoilers from the show until some time frame. So, until that certain time, one can only talk about the fact that Nicole acknowledged her relationship status as ‘single’ on social media.

Hence, so far, it was not known if the two are still together by 2022.

While the MAFS still has a success rate for couples that is lower than the number of divorces that result from the series. Still, fans have been hoping that some of these Season 16 couples, including Nicole and her guy, make it.

And even if these two do not end up together, their story is still going to be dramatic as is the norm with every MAFS pair.

MAFS Nashville Nicole Lilienthal Age

Nicole Lilienthal was 32 years old when she participated in MAFS Nashville.

MAFS Nashville Nicole Lilienthal Job

Nicole Lilienthal joined Compass, a real estate technology company in Nashville, Tennessee in February 2020 in a marketing advisor position. She then got promoted to senior marketing advisor in September 2021. She continued to work there full-time by 2022.

Nicole did several similar jobs in the past. The most recent one was at Time Out Group in New York City Area. Here, she handled the affairs of a senior marketing manager from June 2018 through January 2020. Before this, she was at Rodale Inc. as their integrated marketing manager, and even prior to that she was at Kmart Corporation handling affairs as their marketing communications specialist.

As for her education, she studied B.A. in Communication and Media Studies at Iona UniversityIona University from August 2007 until May 2011.

Is MAFS Nashville Nicole Lilienthal On Instagram?

Yes. MAFS Nashville Nicole Lilienthal could be found on Instagram by 21 November 2022. But, this account (@nicoley_woley) with 63 posts and 1,392 followers was kept private. So, from it, one could only tell that Nicole is a dog person and a pizza lover.

Nicole also entertained some 1K friends on Facebook.

MAFS Nashville Nicole Lilienthal Height

Nicole Lilienthal stands 5 feet and 6 inches in height. Despite agreeing to show up on a reality dating show, she has not shown herself that frequently on social media. But even from those rare glimpses, one could tell that she is a beautiful woman with a great fashion sense. Judging from the way she appears, she can even pass for a fashion model, a professional one.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is MAFS Nashville Nicole Lilienthal From?

MAFS Nashville Nicole Lilienthal had been staying in Nashville, Tennessee by 2022. However, it was not known if she was also born and brought up here.

Nicole also had not yet talked about her family background, who else is there in her family other than her parents, and things like that. In the reality show, she only revealed that she is exceptionally close with her parents. That was the reason why she always hoped that they would find her a husband. But, because they were also unreliable in that sense, she had to finally put herself out there in a reality show in search of the love of her life.

  • When Is MAFS Nashville Nicole Lilienthal’s Birthday?

MAFS Nashville Nicole Lilienthal’s birthday is on September 25th and that makes her a Libra.

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